Scam letter(s) from Faith Gettinger to Nick (USA)

Letter 1
It's nice hearing from you again and I'm glad you are a child of our living God, thanks for the compliments Nick. God bless you
I want you to know that you caught my attention through your mail and words of encouragement... I'm so sorry for not been able to write back to your mail asap, it's takes me about 20 - 30 Minutes to get down to the cafe from the missionary camp- where I live... I'm sorry for not been able to get back at you asap, hope you understand?

Here is a Lil about me.
Well, I hate to say this, I don't really like to talk about my past because it was a very unpleasant one. But I will tell you all that happened to me in the past and why I have chosen to correspond to you.
My mom was a half UK and US citizen, but Dad was a born Columbia (US) He met my Mom in a summit back in those days, we had a very happy time then. But my Mom always traveled based on her mission trips, and really traveled to 35 countries around the world before she retired. I lost my Mom in a car accident at the age of 8 years, lost Dad few years after Mom died. I left the states to with my aunt to Canada, where I joined the missionary group call winners foundation in my church. I became a full missionary at the age of 18 years, It was all I could do in Calgary-Canada, it keep me happy to keep the memory of my Mom fresh. My Mom especially was very loving and teachable who made me know most of what I knew today. I missed their love and that's exactly why I want an a man who understands the rhythm of love, someone who can cuddle, snuggle, hold hands together. I have always thought of having a very strong relationship that will be void of arguments, disagreements and complaints, but of a loving and faithful relationship. And I am glad to know that you agree with some of my point in my profile, and I hope you are Lil firm- if not firm in your relationship with God.

I worship with the Baptist Church, and I joined the missionary group. They are involved and in charge of the missionary trips and decide where to send you at any time. I am at the peak of my career, thus that I will be retiring soon. I choose to retire soon because I want to settle down and have my family, I want to move on with my life and hopefully with the family that God gives me. I won't be going back to Canada after everything, my Aunt is now married and resides in Greece with her husband. it's been a long time I heard from her since she moved to Greece!

My dreams and aspirations! Well in 10 yrs, I want to be able to stand before the congregation and share a testimony of the God given Family I must have had at that time. I want to watch my children grow, while I grow with my spouse [would be], in faith, understanding and love. In 20 yrs I hope to be to have an orphanage that will accommodate at least 2 kids from every country of the world. Too much of a dream eh? If I could achieve that, I will be very happy that at least, I have left something to benefit others. Just to let you know, I was born in Firestone Park, CA. Which I have a home back in Firestone Park, left by parents. I hope I will hear from my aunt sooner or later, because she would know more about my parent property. But am hoping and willing to join my husband to be any where he wants me.

I am not too much of a good writer like you are, but I am glad to share this Lil story of mine with you... Thanks for dropping me a line and I sincerely hope to hear from you again. I did attach some of my pictures to this mail, hope you like them and I will be looking forward to yours as well...Okay

God Bless!
My Regards,
Faith Gettinger!
Letter 2
Hello Nick,
Sometimes I do wonder how wonderful and mysterious it is, when everyone goes to bed at night and gets to wake up into another morning making it a new day. This makes me wonder and ponder. It's a new day again and morning time here. How are you doing and how is work going and family, I hope things are working out fine for you? unlike mine over here!

Nick, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you as soon as possible. It's just because of the problems I'm having out here with the ineternet cafe I use to read and reply your mails. I'm happy to read from you today and I'm happy to find myself so connected to you, but somehow I think it's just because of your simplicity, transparency and also because I find it easy to get along with you even if it's not just more than emails. Across the seas in a far away land here in Nigeria, sits alone this lonely girl who waits there each and every day for her and her true friend will be talking from mails. The two confide and tell all the feelings kept inside. The smiles of icons is all they see, yet she tells him,"You belong to me". The weary hearts between the two, lays heavy on them when they feel blue (my favorite color), but when they hear from each other via emails, they seem to be happy just one more time. One day soon, the two shall meet in person, and oh that day will be so sweet. But till that day, when the two will see, she just keeps saying ,"You belong to me Nick". So you are not dreaming, this is reality. This is straight from my heart to you!

Nick, I'm sorry I couldn't read and reply you mails for the past few days now. I couldn't check my mail not until this moment, becasue I wasn't allowed to do so by the internet cafe management. All because I couldn't afford the internet subscription fee of 250$ for 24 hours internet access!

Nick, I need your assistance, because I'm facing **** with the Internet cafe management I'm using here in the rural area I'm. How I wish you were here this past 3 days and this afternoon to see what I went through with the cafe manager before I could be allow to send you this mail! Let me share with you what happened. which I knew the dead (Mom) won't be happy with me for this. It's been 3 days now- that I have been having troubles with the management of this Internet Cafe I use in reading your mails and reply!

I get bored after the day work here. So I was introduced to this dating site (Yahoo Personal) by a colleague of mine which is in Kenya, she told me about how she met the love of her life (Husband) through yahoo personal last year May. Which they are now married with a baby boy. So I decided to join the train like she did, I registered with Yahoo Personal as she directed, So I met you shortly after my registration has been approved as she said. Which am kind of curious about getting to met someone through the Internet, but I gave it a try and it turns out to be true, which left me with much surprises, can this be true, real etc... I never believe this is real not until we exchange mails!

Back to my problem, I registered here in the Internet cafe with out a penny. Which I begged the cafe manager before I'm allowed to use the computer, after which I do normally come to check and reply your mails everyday. Not until yesterday evening, that I was stopped to use the computer and there is no any other Internet cafe around, and if there's I have no money to subscribe with them. I had to deposit my gold bracelet with the cafe manager, because that's the only way he is ganna let me read and reply your mails. Which is the only means for me to stay connected with you.

I said the dead will be angry with me for what I have done, because the bracelet was given to me by my late Mom, before she died which I have been keeping for years before now. Now I have no penny on me and I don't have any other way to pay to stay connected to you online, and most importantly to get back my Bracelet from the cafe management.
Not until I'm paid my gratuity after my retirement, and that will be when I get to the states! Because we will be paid in the states after retirement! Dear, I'm writing you this mail to ask for a Lil favor from you to help me out in this situation I'm, because the cafe managert his pestling me about the money, that; he can't keep holding on to my Bracelet. All he want is the money, and as I said earlier there is no means for me to get the money! This is the reason why I want you to intervene, by helping me with a loan of 250.00$ so as to pay and have back my Bracelet. And I will pay back as soon as I get back to the states after my gratuity has been paid!

I really hope you understand all I've said so far?
Nick, I get a funny feeling like I’ve known you before now, Your mails to me are so casual and speaks more than it's contents. It was just a few days ago that we ran across each others profile, read about our characters, even smiled back at your genuine smile. I want to get to know you better to see where it can lead, so maybe if you’re down with me, like I’m down for you. We can agree to overture this Internet entity and we’ld look out for each other. There ain’t nothing we can’t do like Bonnie and Clyde. I’m ready to go down for the ride provided you are truly. ARE YOU? well, let's see.

Wishing you a very great day ahead of you and hope to hear from you real soon.
Lot's of thoughts!
Faith Gettinger!
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