Scam letter(s) from Lilia Burundukova to Stephen (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Stephen!

Thank you for taking an interest in me and answering me. It was a pleasant present for me in the end of the day. I came to the Internet cafe and saw that there is a message from you. This made the dull lonely evening shine :-)
I hope my letters also bring you enjoyment, I will do my best to brighten your day.
I hope you are not against? :-)
Thank you for telling me about yourself, it is always interesting to get a message from so far abroad and I listened to my interpreter very carefully listenning to the each word of your letter to understand it correctly!
It is so interesting how computer era changed our lives - and gave us a chance to find happiness!
I would like to ask you a question: just one but a roomy one :-) the question is: what do you like and dislike in a woman? What traits get you mad and what traits melt your heart? I am curious to know your tastes ... and I will be waiting for the answer with goose-pimples going on my skin - because if I don't suit into your ideal description I will be upset :( But it seems to me that we are a match - it's what the intuition is telling me and this is why I started writing to you.
Dear (I hope you are not against me calling you dear?), I believe that the destiny gave us a chance. Who knows, maybe it is a lucky chance, maybe not - but I think it is worth to try? And what do you think?
Oh yes, and I will answer my own question, because you may also want to know my tastes :-) Well, I'm not very selective, I believe there must be a "click" between people.
It is difficult to express but I hope you got the idea ... there happens some coincidence in your views, thoughts and feelings, and you just feel that you have met the right person.
It's a difficult thing to put into words, it doesn't actually depend upon age, race, appearance or nationality. Most of all it depends on the inner content of a person, so to say :-)
But I can outline some things that I don't like. They are: lies, dishonesty, betrayal... distrust and cruelty. This is what I don't accept. I like humorous men, I love giving energy to people and making them laugh and smile, I like sociable persons and I do like intellectual men with whom it is interesting to talk. But not too abstruse and boring, you know :-)
And the main thing that attracts me is the look, the expression of your eyes. I think it was something in that expression that made me stop on your profile :-)

you are wondering why a woman like me did decide to look for my future special one abroad?...It's rather difficult to explain this... To my mind, it's not so important where does your destiny live. But what is really of great significance - is to find that somebody very special. Somebody who can be the personification of your dreams and thoughts. That is more important for me and where that person are from. I am dissapointed in our men. Men here are not gentle and can't be true men. It is very hard to explain but i'll try. They don't know how to treat a woman. They don't know how to care about her, how to make her happy. They don't like to do presents and even forget to bring a flower on the holiday. They don't respect women at all. They think that women are not so clever as they but at the same time they are not clever at all. They can't earn money and to pay for the family.
They very often leave a woman with a child and don't help her to bring up his son or daughter. Tt is terrible. don't you think so? They don't help a woman in her house work. They can only lay on the sofa and demand something. They are not ready to secrifice something for the sake of her.
They prefer to drink with their friends but not to invite a wife to the restorant or just to organize a romantic evening at home. It is foolish to wait from them a surprise or at least attention.
Sometimes men even beat their wifes, scream at them. It is terrible. They can't give a woman life full of love, respect. They think only about themselves and are not ready to listen to their women. They can't understand that woman want at least a few romantic moments, some care and love. Dear I can talk about our men very long. It is terrible that a woman can't find a man in her own country and have to look for it in other places. I don't want to say that every men are the same but the most of them.

Well, dear, I am feeling tired after the working day and I'll be going home, to prepare something tasty. I wish you could be here to try it :-)
Wishing you the best,
Letter 2
Hello my dearest man in the whole world Stephen!!!!
Are you ready for the coming weekend or it's appeared unexpectable for you, as for me???
I am totally not prepared for the two days of rest. In fact as you know for me weekend is not considered as full rested days. My week divided into two parts: first part which consists of 5 days I work at work, and other 2 days I am working at home.
You must be don't know but doing house chores is a very difficult work too.
To keep the flat in a cleanness is a very long and very difficult work, which takes a lot of energy. And to prepare dishes for the whole next week is also not so easy, as first of all it is needed to go to the supermarket to buy some food provision, then come and put it into the fridge and then to start to cook. And after cooking there is so many plates to wash!
Of course it is possible to sleep longer in the morning, but in the evening after all wok is done I am also so frustrated and so exosted and tired, so there is no any welling to go out for fun.
But any way I am really must make myself to go to the cinema, as I haven't seen *** and City yet.
And of course I will be sitting in the cinema along, eating popcorn and dreaming how would it be great if you were near with me, and we together saw this film and you would hold my hand..
yousay taht you have visited Ukraine,but when? and what city you have been to???
I send oyu my kisses for the whole weekend
Yours Lilya
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Stephen As always, it is pleasant to receive from you letters my dear, grateful for it. Your letters always do me happy and cheerful. When you pay to me the attention, it means,that you well concern to me. It is always pleasant to realize it. With letters, we become closer, in fact it is communication which does us joyful and happy in this mad world. I am sorry I was not able to write you yesterday , as I have told you I needed to visit hospital, so there was a great queue, so when i fortunatelly entered the door of a doctor, so i already missed my chance to go to the internet cafe :((( You know how strange it is today here. I woken up and realized that there is no sun! There are so many clouds, andbecause of this sky is grey. And it is the first day during the summer time when it is not so hot. Of course temperature is also very warm, but as sun doesn't shine so it is much cooler. In fact it is the first time when it is possible to walk the streets, and I really enjoyed walking from my work to the internet cafe. I always use the bus to reach it, but today I feeled so excited just to walk this road bt fet. It is rather long way, but it was a part of exercises. And now I feel really strange- after walking I feel a lot of energy inside, but my feets feel tired, as docotrs said i have a law immunitet, so maybe because of this.... But this weather makes me feel sad, I start to think that maybe it is the last days of summer and soon autumn will start, but I really don't want this!!! :(((
I want summer to continue, I want to be able to have vacation time, I want to be able to buy a tour to the seaside... But unfortunatelly i am not able to afford this...
Even in this situation when I need my health to be treated I can't afford to tgo to the seaside, as it is very expensive for meand Iam not able to pay for this trip, I even don't have enough money for the medicines, it realy makes me sad, as I don't want to be ill whole autumn and winter....:( dear Stephen, but why your relationshiops broken with a Kiev woman? please tell me??? Because I am used to learn on other's mistakes, so I want to know everything, Ok??? You know, unfortunately, I haven't got a telephone. But I talked to the interpreter here in the Internet caffe, who helps me to write to you, and we can use her telehpone. I would be very glad to hear your voice and to chat with you. Unfortunately,I am not good at English. I can say just several words, because I learned English only at school. Now I understand that I was wrong didn't learn English, but still...
If I could hear you we could be closer to each other, you will be more real for me... I really want to hear you. Do you know the difference in time between our countries? What time is it comfortable to you to ring me up? Dear, as I wasn't ridding a bus, but walked by my feets, at has taken me a longer time, so I have my time break finishing already and in this way I have to go back to work...
i send oyu my kisses and hugs!
Yours Lilya
Letter 4

Hello, my sweetie Stephen, my dear and ever so dearest man, whom I missed so much here! really, I don`t know how I managed to wait for so long, it seemed for me to be impossible to live without any possibility to write to you, my sweetie, you see, I just can`t even find proper words right now, I`m full of emotions, first of all, cause I`m with you, I can write to you at last!!!!
Dear as you know I had to take a extra non-expectable vacation, as I was really il :(( it is so hot on the street, so it is all the time wanted to drink cold water with ice, toopen the window in the bus, to take a cold shower, or just all who has possibillity they turn on their air conditionares, so all the time you enter the shop where is very cool, after the very hot steer it is really bad for health, and now I know this :(((((
I had a very bad cough :(( so, doctores were worrying for me and didn't allowed to go to work, so I stayed in hospital :((
So, because of this I had no possibillity to write you last day, and I am so sorry about this :(((
You know that sometimes i felt better and decided that iam totally healthy already, so I was very happy and came to the internet cafe to write you, but then it appeared that Iam still not totally healthy, and my temperature highered againe, and againe I started to caugh.... :( but, now I promise I was a godd girl, so I took all medicines my doctor prescripted me, so now i am 36.6 :))))

with all my missings and kissings! :)))))))
Yours Lilya
Letter 5
Hello my dearest Stephen I congratulate you with the new working week and of course with first Autumn days! How do you feel that summer has already finished? Do you feel sad about this? What conclusion can you make about this summer? Was it succesfull for you?
For me I must say it is the most happyest summer in my life. You know why???
Because I met my dream, I get acquainted with you and my life started in a new happy way :)) So I am very thankfull to this summer!!!! And I really hope that this summer will go on whole my life... but .. together with you :) Is it possible? How do you think?
It's autumn now. You know, on the one hand it's wonderful season with its changes of colours, blue sky and warm weather in September. On the other hand, you clearly understand that winter is coming closer and closer and you unable to change something. Nevertheless autumn, especially early autumn, is really great period. Dear, do you like autumn?
I wish we could spend this autumn together :-( But we have the whole life ahead! And I hope our feelings will be strong enough to survive in this test of distance. As for my weekend, you know I felt myself not so good last days, so I spent whole this days at home in bed, drinking hot tea and milk with honey. I don't want to be sick from the first days of my studying. As you know today is the first days of beginning my university, so I am very excited at the moment. I couldn't write you earlyer, as last days I was very busy at university- the most difficult one was to stay in a labruary queue to get study books, because in our university it is not enough books for all students, so everyone wants to get them, and because fo this it is very big queues in university library, and then after i was givven 45!!!!!!!! can you imagine 45 books! I understood that i have another problem- to get them all back to my home :) So, last days were very difficult for me.... and also today we will have a student meeting, I really don't know what will it about, but it concerns only about the studens of the last year......
Ok, as soon I know somehting interesting I will tell you about this!!!! Oh, poor, how could I forget to mention my feelings after our phone talk!
:))) Yes it was me, couldn't you realize??? :)))) And yes, as you called latter for 30 minutes so I had not so much time to talk, as I was alreday late for my work!
That was incredible to hear you ! I am sorry, my English is so bad:-( But to hear you wa s wonderful reallly.when you called and i even lost the words I knew in English:-)Though there are not many of them:-( I would like to be able to speak good English to be able understand you.That would be greati am sorry,i was not able to understand much when you talk Did you like our talk/:-) Hope
you liked my voice:-) And of course i would also like to hear you againe, so i will tell you the next soones time it is possible, Ok? I send you my kisses!!!
Yours Lilya
Letter 6
hello my dearest, always so missiable man Stephen
How are you there my sweaterst???? :))) You know, I am sure you so sweat, so it is abandoned for you to come here in Ukraine, because here has started not-stopable rain, so I am just afraid of you to be melted :)))
Of course I am really jokking, as first of all I really want you to come here to me!!!! And i also haven't joked about the unstopable rain, as it is really raining cats and dogs here!!!! Have you ever seen and lived in such rain?? it seems it will never stop and everything became just a big wet pool all around! it rains all day long and all night long!!!! The only thing now all people carry about is just an umbrella. I am sure someone who sells umbrellas already became a millionare!!! :) and today a curious thing happend to me while I was going to the internet cafe, of course I was walking with an umbrella in my hands, and all my intention i was paying not to get to a pool... and suddenly a very straight wind blowed, so I had not enough straight to hold my umbrella, so it flyed away!!!!!
Of course I immideately got tottaly wet, and all people walking by looked at me very surprised- thinking, how could I go out on the street without an umbrella! :)

And after this, I remembered a childish story about Merry Poppins, have you ever read thins story? When she was flying with thelp of an umbrella and wind, so i wishes I could use the same way and to fly to you, what do you think about this idea???? :)

Honey, I am talking-talking, please don't be angry at me and don't think I am not care about you, as I haven't asked you how you are feeling today and what news you have and what have you been eating and what you have seenin your dreams! i am realy interested in all this information, so please write all this to me!

So, my dearest, I have to write you good-bye already, as I have to finish my letter.... :((
I wish you a very pleasent evening and very sweet dreams- by the way, i am sleeping really good this night, when I hear the rain drops, as they seems to me like lullyby song :))
So, i am sending you all my kisses
Yours Lilya
Letter 7
Hello my dearest, my onlyest one Stephen !!!!
I am so happy that our corespondance continues after so many days :)) I worryed and nervouse so much all this days, as I worryed that you would forget me or you would feel angry and didn't want to write me anymore...
And I missed you so much!!! Really much!!!! :) all this time I was thinking about you... about your letters wich I used to reseive, and I was really pitty that I was not able ot reseive them any more... :((

I felt pitty, as this days teached me and showed me how our relationships depends on this internet letters only. If we would have other means of communication it would be much easily. if I would have phone,I could just send you sms or call and explaine you this difficult situation for you not to worry. Of course much easyer would be if you lived the next street and I could just knock your door and hug you and say that you shouldn't worry that you didn't received my letter, that anyway I am near and that I want to be with you...
Of course I want to belive that this situation will never happen againe, but anyway, it is life and I didn't liked this situation at all, as I couldn't do anything, i couldn't change this situation myself. i have already been thinking about buying a big balloon and flying to you by it :)) What do you think about this?
Also I have been thinking about teaching a dove, as in ancient time, to drive you my letter...
Of course it is all just jokes and it is impossible to create al this in real life, but I htink anyway we should think about some other extra meanings of comunications for such unexpectable, terrible situations, do you agree with me?

This days were really terrible for me and I couldn't think and concentrate on anything, despite you and this mail problems....

My dearest, so how are you there without me? How do you feel yourself? How is your mood? What are the news?
My sweety, I send you my kisses and hugs
And I am waiting for your letter tomorrow :)) Or maybe not one, but few, as I missed you so much!!!
Ok, I have to say see you tomorrow...
Yours Lilya
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