Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Kirillova to Carlos (Spain)
Letter 1
Hello my love Carlos!!! How at you business? What plans at you for today? Having come today in the Internet of cafe I was glad to receive from you the letter and I am very glad, that you have not forgotten about me. I''m fine!! Today at me the happiest day when I have woken up on heart at me there was a happiness and I think of that as we shall meet. As I spoke you that I shall go to travel agency, under the name Virginia. This best agency in our city. When I there have come, I at once have approached to the manager and have asked it to help me. I have explained all to it and they have told that all will be good. The manager to me has told that I will need to make documents: 1. The passport - cost 180 euro 2. The tourist visa for the period of 90 days - cost 120 euro 3. The medical insurance - 79 euro And all these services to me will manage in 379 euro. When I have given them your data they at once have contacted the Moscow embassy and all have precisely specified. Documents will be made within 10 working days and after all it will be ready they will inform me cost of the ticket and will tell what flight for me it will be better. My love I at all did not know that documents and services of agency, cost so dearly and to me even became as that sadly, that if you do not want to help me both we we shall not meet also I very much I worry!!! My love I understand that it is greater money but if I would have such sum I all have made itself and have arrived to you having made you a surprise. And I have more that does not need as to be asked the help from you. Carlos I love you and I hope that you will not throw me and will agree to help me with documents. The manager of travel agency has told to me, that after everyone will make to me it is necessary to go Moscow to embassy. More I did not learn what information. My love at me one hope it you and I very much want our meeting and our meeting in your hands. I perfectly understand all that a trip dearly, but I trust you and that money it not the main thing in a life and if we love each other we we shall overcome all difficulties and we shall do the utmost to be together. You agree with me??? Whether I have written to you all as to me have told in agency and now I need to know you are ready to help me??? Documents will make after I shall make payment. And I have told to the manager, that I shall come in some days and all I shall precisely tell. I very much on you miss And I want, that day of our meeting has come as soon as possible!!!! Whether also me it is necessary to know you are ready to send me 379 euro??? Carlos now I shall go to bank and I shall specify as you it will be better to make transfer of money to Russia and that I without problems could remove them to pay my documents and to take the first step for our meeting. Then I shall come in the Internet of cafe and I shall wait from you the letter and I at all do not know that you will answer me. But I am assured that you love me and will not leave me in this situation. I wish you good day!!! My gentle embraces and 100000000 kisses. Your favourite Olga
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