Scam Letter(s) from Julia Kolosova to Paul (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hi my friend Paul. I very much would be Like to study concerning you more. Now it is a little concerning me: I live in Volgograd, Russia. My birthday of May 19 1977. I the unique child in family. Well, my body height of 173 centimeters and weight of 50 kg, in me a light hair and brown eye. I am single, and I have no children. My favorite the colour is red. You know, unfortunately, that I have no the telephone of a house, for this reason you could to not invoke me. So, also I very much like sports competitions and everything, that to this is connected, I - engaged gymnastics, I very much like a the able-bodied image of life and I think, which everyone should it like. I work in shop of the foodstuffs by the cashier now, I stand behind of a cash department, in us in do purchases of a product from submission are sold. I like to dance!!! For us in Russia it - summer. I on life the pleasure the man. I want to find to me immediately companion of life, with which I would lead rest from life. In a choice I do not want to do an error. I would like, it well has learned concerning the friend the friend. My lists are very serious. But I think, that for us everyone will be good, also we shall understand each other. It is good, with which you choose to be Cautious in to study me, I think, that is it is, as it should be. I can not do the promise it the future will hold for us, but I shall help you to study more concerning me. I never was wedding. I Have no own children. I would like to find the worthy companion of life. I in the parcel to you of the letters should use a translation program. I now to hunt on courses on analysis English tongue. I think, that we should understand and dismantle the friend the friend and then meet. I know many different prescriptions for good Nutrition. Me still to similar government a pie of honey. It also is very tasty. I like roses, tulips, has aised. The letters to write to you I enter in internetcafe. There is a service the Internet. I to hunt on activity 7 times per one week. In free time I like to listen to music. To music I listen any other business in dependence on mood. I want to frame good. Probably we become the good friends or are more, if we are very successful. As with you my period of validity is carried very much out small free time. So that my representation days were filled with these problems. When I have free time from my order concerning services, I am usually transfered I somewhere for my own activity, so that I had Any there is a lot of time for my own pleasure this year. I was not successful enough to find the man for me. I wish to Find the man, who will believe strictly in exact adjustment and quenching for a period of validity. I know, that It there will be firm job, but I shall be executed to this purpose. I will try to form the strong obligations of privacy and communication with you and to be good the mother of our future children. I would hope, that your purposes will be similar, I would like to hear yours ideas, that you wish during the future. I hope, that you find my words of interest and that is it is beginning to help to you to know me little bit better. I wait the answer from you. Write to me on e-mail. Your friend Julia.

Letter 2

Hi my love Paul. I was very pleased to accept from you the message. When I read your message, in me even were on eyes of tear of pleasure. I see, that we are necessary the friend the friend. Not seldom I visit church, and about me ask about you and our about an occurring. How you there without me? I here very much without you the people. You in ideas always with me. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasantly to feel. I began very much to think of us with you, which waits for us forward. Write to me all questions, which you interest. I shall be very pleased to answer to you them. You now, second man in this world, that to me is necessary most of all. The first man-my mum. I very much hope that that our occurring rate the future is carried out. I am very grateful to you, that you believe me. Through the Internet it - as that is not natural, we should take each other in arms and view the friend the friend in eyes and to speak concerning it, as the world is perfect. In me very good mood. I want to know all. To me you are very important. When I began to correspond with you, I had that that hope, that in us with you everyone will be good. With each your message I have understood, that I have found, that the man, that to me is necessary. I as well as you want to see, that you will believe to me very faster it, it would be desirable. I want to capture you tenderness. I examine that building the spiritual emotional establishment of the man is exact and it is meaningful the purposes of family education. I want to you to inform that my senses and words concerning you always were, I am sincere also always perceived, that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be, when it is real. Now I am sure concerning all 100 , that I can to you to believe. And you, that the man, that to me is necessary. When I read your message, I saw in it your sincerity and attachment behavior to me. I have made of your message for me the immediately large conclusion, which is possible is to expressed in three words " by I LIKE YOU ". Today I even felt so highly, in me by all was going to so easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has warmed mine I throttle also body. Today for the sake of interest has come in embassy and will study concerning the visa what to reach you. Cost of the visa 400$. I was very surprised. It for me the large money. And I can not them to find. To me became sad. I perceive, that our attitudes are under construction on trust. But we should believe to each other, without it we simply can not exist. Today I had rehearsal with the schoolboys. Rehearsal it, when we have prepared with children musical numbers, as, informs poems. Today with children to me was sofunny. Children - such perfect essences, when they in small age. Today, when I continued a path home, I thought of it so much to me to recognize you concerning it. You see between us there should be a complete trust, and we should know rather each other all. I do not know how to inform you, but I - Taurus. You probably think, that I examine such not modern, but I, that at first time I should have affinity with the liked man. Now in me the large declination to you, I do not know, why but it - true. Sometimes such dreams dream me, what is it is a shame to me to you to speak concerning it. This dream dreamed me today at night. " We have supper with you in you, at home and then we go to you in dream, and we begin to be engaged with you love. " But in term of a storage I know of rather very small sex, only on television Membranulas and would like to study maximal with you concerning it. Excuse me, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that you should know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit you - limen of my desires.
My senses to you are reflected in this poem.
My love - similarly to a burning flame
Attenuation up to
I know your name In my heart
I live I can not without you
Develop my love, it you can only do
Give me all your love and
I shall give you mine
And for ever two of us association
I want to please your reason, body, and douche
I want to be unique love, which you know
I can be young, but my love is pure
We have lonely hearts,
Together we - e??a
I treat hold so many secrets
I can only inform you
But where - mine soulmate,
The god only gives me a key
For love we know only, that is required
We should like, esteem, believe, and intercommunicate
With you I should be joint
My reason will be easy,
My heart will be admired
When I find you, in one we will grow
But remember,
All of us enter and we abandon this world one
I shall wait your answer. Yours Julia.

Letter 3

Hi my love Paul. I have received yours email. I loved it. Honourly, I completely use Reception of your characters. That I use most of all, which you very much open, and It does it very simple for me to open my basis also. That I really loved, was your three sources of love. It - silent understanding, Mutual privacy, dividing and pardon. It - loyalty in good times. The love is pleased existing, it hopes during the future, and it does not reflect the past. It - chronicle " day per day from " Irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, large victories and General purposes. If you have love in your resource, it can fill very many things you in absence. By and large, which can slightly also " to be juicy " for the man, but it Something, that to close by me within the limits of the last several years. Successful opencast but it is honour, they really do not mean much, because their things do not help the basis. I am pleased, that you can trust me, and you can name me the love. I hope it of a Leg that path. If there is any time, where you doubt rather concerning me or if I speak something, that the infringements you, please inform me. I think, that is very simple, be Honourly, when we speak concerning good subjects, however, I find difficult to be completely honour, when we speak concerning the negative editions. At least it - for me. I hope, sometime, that you feel, that you can trust me sufficient to inform me "Poor" things also. Especially, if you - infringement with me. I shall try to do Same. However, I should emphasize, I have no any any reason to doubt rather concerning you. Honourly, your characters were filled so with the large soul and basis, which it me to feel really good. It was long time, as I felt warm feeling Inside my basic principles. I love to receive yours emails. You, seem, very pleasant person, it seems, really for knowing, that you search in the relation, and does not wish to agree about less than it, you search, It seems, really for using a resource, and to have the strong basis. Gratitude for opening your basis to me. I wish to study much more concerning you. Julia.

Letter 4

Hi mine by a road, I to write to you the letter and to not understand why you to write to me such things. You to not receive my letters? I to think, that it you to not want with me more to speak.I wait for your letter. Yours Julia

Letter 5

Hello darling Paul!!! How are you today? I'm fine. I love you. I even dream how I’m with you we go for a walk together, that we sit in restaurant at candles, it is very perfect dream and I want, that it was on the present. You think that too? I know, that you too so think, I love you and I want to be only with you!!!! I to feel your body near to mine, I want, that we to be kissed and to be embraced, I want you, I know, that at us all will be good. I at you want to ask, and what we shall do in the beginning, when I arrive to you, we shall go somewhere and to look something, to travel? Write to me please what you think, what we shall do? I very wait for your answer, I think of you always when I sleep and when I work and even when to eat! Bye bye!!! I love you!!!! See you tomorrow! Your love Julia.

Letter 6

Hi mine by a road. How you? At me all is good. And I almost adapted on a new place. But at first I very much to get tired. Around the new people and new district. Me to like all new and interesting. I have not got acquainted yet with city, but it is very beautiful and not so large city. To me it to like and people here absolutely others, they very well concern to the unfamiliar people, it likely that it small.Here I shall be engaged in selection and control of the personnel, I shall transfer them experience and skills of work. I send you the address, as you to ask me. It: Russia city Yoshkar-Ola, Postal index 424000, poste restante Tarasova Tatyana. I to not send you the complete address, because I to not know where and as me will place, while I to live in hotel, but me to tell, that it temporarily. I wait for your letter. Yours Tatyana

Letter 7

Hi Paul. How you? Why you to not write, that at you new. I to want to know Than you to be engaged in free from study time. Excuse for the letter, I not to you it to write, because I am very much engaged, and to ask new familiar to write to you the letter. And I to it to explain, that she to you to write, that at present I do not have constant address and if you to want, let she to send you the address and data. I very much to pity what to ask about it poorly familiar man. And still she does not know the English language and to not know, who to it to translate my letter.Once again I am sorry and I wait from you the letter. Yours Julia

Letter 8

Hi my prince. I am very glad to receive your letter. I have come to check up mail and my heart began quickly to beat. I so am glad, that you to write to me. And to feel the same way, as you. I not so strongly to understand psychology, but I to not want, that you so to think. I very much to want to meet you and to think of our future not less than you. And I to not want to offend you. If I to make it, I ask to forgive me. Paul, at me the very large problems, and me your help is necessary. I to not want to ask you of money. But if you can give me of money in a duty, It would be very good. I to return to you them at the end of September, because my finance is now very much intense. Also it is necessary to do many payments, but I not about it. At my mum the sister has died and money is necessary to bury her adequately. It is very sad also I a little on whom we can hope. To me very not well and not so to represent, that to me to do. At us more than nobody remained. To me to give at work target and tomorrow I to go back, on some days. And if you can I shall help me very much to you is grateful, and to not overlook about it never. I to not ask, something is exact, you are simple if can help can send, how many you can. I shall be grateful to any help.To this large mountain for us. Write to me soon. Your girl Julia

Letter 9

Hi mine by a road. I am very glad to receive from you the letter.A thank, that you to help me. For me any help and for this large to you a thank is now important. I can not to you much write, because there are a lot of businesses. I to think, that you to understand me and to forgive. I shall write to you the detailed letter later. I want to tell that the money better to send by the bank system called Western Union. This system is very reliable also transferring money is carried out during 15 minutes. Dear please send the money on my passport data. Here is my data: Julia Kolosova, Russia, Volgograd, Ardatovskaya street 145, apartment 56 After you will send money you in bank will tell ten figures (MTCN, control number) and do not forget to write your full address and full name which you will fill at sending money and should inform me it. I wait your answer as soon as possible. I know, that you good man and you correctly all understood. I wait you. See you soon. Your forever Julia!

Letter 10

Hi my dream. How you? Has come and to not see your letter. I very much to be upset.At you something to happen? Write to me. Yours for ever Julia.

Letter 11

Hi mine sole.
How you? My things become better, but it is all the same very heavy. The thank for verses, you is simple the poet and me very pleasantly, that you to write it to me. And you are not lonely, us now two. I have found you, and you to find me. Soon we shall together, it is necessary only slightly to wait. As at you the work advances. You have taken on work? I want to be proud of you. I want, that to man it was good. And when we shall be together, I shall do by the happiest man on ground. I very much to miss for you and to count days before our meeting. Together we can and overcome all barrier and achieve our happiness.Write to me.
Yours Julia

Letter 12

Hi my love.I think only volume, as we with you shall be together. I want to be with you. You are necessary to me. My love I want to be with you and to love you. My love I want to speak you, that when I to rise early in morning, to me in a window the beam of light has penetrated, and has recollected as I to you in the letter spoke about a beam of light. As I shall come to you in this beam of light. My love, I think, that this beam of light today has woken me, and I had, following ideas, about this beam of light. My love I want to tell you that this beam to personify me and as I too to think that a beam of my soul wakened all around. My love I want to be with you and to feel this beam of light near to you and to enjoy with you minutes together. And I very much to ask you to not worry that I could not write. I to speak you, that we are created the friend for the friend. And nothing can prevent us, to be together. My love is necessary to me your help. You to speak, that you can to me help. And the help is necessary to me. I to remain without means to existence and to not know what to do. All money I to spend for treatment, and I already to take money forward. So I have decided to address to you. You to speak what can me help. I should go. I shall wait again from you of the letter. It is pleasant to me to receive from you the letters. I send you many most gentle kisses. They only for you and are more for anybody. I love you, I shall think again of you. I shall be with you. Julia



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