Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Medvedeva to Gilles (New Caledonia)

Letter 1
Hello Gilles!!!
It so is pleasant! I have come for work and having checked up my mail I have found there your letter. It so is joyful for me! I am glad, that you have responded to my letter. That you have written thanks to me. I will be very glad if we continue our correspondence with you. Now it is a little about itself. My name is Natalya, but you me can name simple Natasha. To me of 26 years. I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. Work this very much is pleasant to me also I work with the great pleasure because I love children. Excuse me, but now I should finish this letter because children have come and I should go to work. During the lunchtime I will try to write to you again and to tell about myself. To me it will be pleasant if you also write to me again and I can learn more about you. Also I send you the photo and I hope not such terrible :)
Pleasant to you of day!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 2
Hello Gilles!!!
Now I was again released also I can write to you. Now at us silent hour when all children should sleep. Therefore at me is a few time to write to you again and to tell more about itself. I have absolutely forgotten to write to you, that I live in Russia near to the city of Nizhni Novgorod. I very much like this big and very beautiful city in which I have spent so much time and which has given to me very many in this life. Gilles you already know my name also I I have told to you whom I work. I also hope, that you will tell about yourselves. I very much love small children, it is possible and has affected a choice of my work. Children for me this happiness and the most pleasant that can be in a life. Gilles time flies very quickly. Now I again should go to children. Half of day of entertainments and games is necessary to us still. To me it is pleasant that I have such work. If I can, I will try to write to you even in the evening.
Yours Natasha!
Letter 3
Good evening Gilles!!!
Though I just now have still understood, that other time is possible at you now. Our world so is great also it does not live one time. But I hope, that you will understand me. Today parents have come little bit earlier and I have 20 minutes again to write to you. You probably have a question whence I write to you. We here have a computer and here there is an Internet. But I can write to you only at leisure. Today I am very tired. Now I would like to take a shower and lay down only in warm and soft bed. But I still should go home and make a supper. I hope that tomorrow morning I again can write to you and to me also it will be pleasant if you answer! Kind and pleasant to you of evening. It will be the most unforgettable day because I have got acquainted with the person on the Internet and I can communicate and learn with it more friend and the friend.
In advance good night.
Now I have gone!
P.S. I hope that you not against my other photo.
Letter 4

Hello Gilles!!!
I hope, that for you it really kind. Today I have woken up before and have gone for work to check up mail and to see your letter. Now I before work have time to write to you.
I have absolutely forgotten to write concerning my family. I live with mum. Her name is Marina. It works as the doctor in local hospital. I will send you its photo. We live with mum together. Also I have an uncle. But he lives in other street.
As to my daddy I almost do not know it. He has divorced from my mum when I was as early as 4 years old. Then it has left in other city and there has created the new family. About us with mum he as though has forgotten. So after that we live only with mum. But it is frequent to us on a visit my uncle goes. It was for me as the father. It helped us always with mum. Well like I would tell all. If you something interests, you can ask me about it.
And what your family? Tell to me more about it.
Now I am am waited by work!
I will try to write to you today still.
Letter 5
Hello Gilles!!!
I so am glad to write you the letter. I hope, that you also not against that that I write to you.
Probably you wish to learn more about me. I with pleasure will tell about myself. I to you already all have told the core. But about the person it is possible to learn something constantly.
I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. I work there 3 years. I have the higher pedagogical education. I did not begin to work as the teacher because I like small children more. I have ended institute and almost at once began to work.
We live only with mum together. We live in simple apartment. I have a little deceived you:) We live not together. With us there lives still a cat and one cat. They also are our favourites with mum.
In free time from work I read books. As I already spoke to you I read a lot of encyclopaedia and fiction. My favourite Russian writer it Lermontov. Also I very much like Alexander Solzhenitsyna's products which has died recently. You heard about it? From foreign writers I read to me only Shakespeare. He is the great person.
As to music. I do not have any favourite group. I love silent slow music For example from foreign music I like a song "Beatles" - "Yesterday".
From Russian executors I prefer Dima Bilan and its song "Believe" you probably listened to it because with it he has won competition of the European music. I hope, that you understand, what music to me, it is pleasant, is slow dancinq music.
As to kitchen first of all I live in Russia and consequently a Russian cuisine for me the basic. But also I tried some times kitchens of other countries. Most of all I liked an Italian cuisine, also I liked some dishes from a Chinese cuisine.
What to tell to you? I have already told about the basic interests.
Also I want that you told more about yourselves.
Now I should finish this letter. I send you a photo :)
I wait also from you for it:)
Write to me
Yours Natasha!
Letter 6
Hello Gilles!!!
How are you??
I am glad to receive your letter again. So it is pleasant to me to learn more and more about you. Gilles for me in general dialogue as air. I very sociable. When I was small that I all time set many questions and constantly spoke. Adults often over me laughed and spoke that I very talkative. But now I have matured, but all the same I can speak on some themes continuously. Gilles I wish you to warn at once that sometimes I cannot probably write to you as on work at us very weak Internet and often it vanishes. But I will try to write to you every day so it so is tempting for me. Now I finish the letter. But today I will try to write also to tell more about myself.
Pleasant to you of day!
P.S. I send one more modest photo.
Letter 7
Hello Gilles!!!
Here I also write to you as well as promised.
I am glad that every day I can to learn about you more. It is very pleasant. And the most important thing, that you set to me questions so you show to me interest. Today I wish to tell about my city a little. As you already know I live in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. My city has been based in 1221. At it also long time was the name Bitter.
The population of our city makes 1280 thousand persons. The city is located on coast of the river of Oka, in a place of its confluence of Volga. Distance to Moscow about 400 km. It is very pure city
Tell you something heard about my city?
Our city is famous for much. At us many industries are widely
developed and the basic is manufactures of various transport. The most important thing, that here nearby such big rivers. Rest, various
sanatoria is here again widely developed. I some times across Volga on such fine yacht. I so liked this small travel across Volga. It was so pleasantly. In our city many fine monuments of architecture, ancient buildings. I send a photo of my city and I hope, that they will like you. Also I want that you have told to me about the city and it would be pleasant to me to see some photos.
Now I finish the letter.
I hope soon to have your answer!
bye bye
Yours Natasha!
Letter 8
Hello my Gilles!!!
I am very happy to have your new letter.
It is pleasant. Today I have woken up and we had such fine weather. It is very pleasant to write it for me to you.
I heard, that there are the programs, allowing to communicate in a
chat! I thought that we also can ever communicate to you. But yesterday I have called the master that he has helped me with it.
I wished to communicate to you in a chat!
But the expert on computers has broken me!
He has told, that in me very old computer, therefore any programs are not established!
The expert informed me, throw out my computer! But I wish to continue our correspondence!
It - very much pity but while we can correspond only on e-mail!
I so have been upset. But I hope, that it does not become an obstacle
for our dialogue.
Letter 9
Hello Gilles!!
I have found a few time again to write to you. I long thought of you and have decided to write.
Today at me was not so many children. We long spent it various games.
They so laughed and rejoiced to it. To me also was very ridiculous to observe of children as they run and play. Here involuntarily you recollect the childhood and you result comparisons.
I do not know as you but I very much like children and I love them. It was a pity that at me not the native brothers and sisters.
In the childhood the daughter of my uncle was the best girlfriend. We studied together. I send you also its photo.
All I have run. I again do not have time. Forgive that I cannot write to you more. But as there will be a free minute I will write to you.
bye bye
Letter 10
Hello Gilles!!!
Today I have woken up late and even was late for work a little. At me it is only a few minutes! How are you doing? At me all is normal.
I will be glad to answer your questions. I was so is surprised by such considerable quantity of questions.
As to my English language I think that it not so it is good. I studied it at school, and then and at university. I do not know the French language.
As to my character, I very quiet. I do not love lie and harm. And I respect in people kindness and respect for another. Often me my work, because with children always very cheerfully and pleasantly forces to laugh!
Today such fine weather and me so would be desirable to walk today.
But at first I should perform your work. I hope, that today I will be released before and I can to write still.
Pleasant day!

Letter 11
Hello my Gilles!!!
All children now in the street and I wish to send you a photo that you looked at it and thought of me!
Letter 12
Here again I can write to you Gilles!
To me so that I can pleasantly communicate with the person from other country, at which much not such as at us. Sometimes I reflect as such probably? But now the mankind has reached such level, what even through such big distance we can transfer each other the information on, on the country and still much. I on the contrary only am glad to it. Gilles tell and what you think concerning our dialogue? You could offer ever that will so simply and conveniently to communicate probably?
I was born at Soviet Union. But then it has collapsed also our country there was long time in crisis. We with mum lived not too badly, but we had to save on much and I did not have such possibility to have the computer. Only at university I have sat down for the first time for the computer. I did not understand even that this such. And now with its help I can write to you and we can communicate.
Tell and what you were earlier? What at you was character?
In the childhood mum me constantly named the she-robber as I had very bad behaviour. I even sometimes fought with boys. But then in I became quieter. There passed time. When I have gone to school I was so is happy. I very much wished to study and me it so it was pleasant, that I seldom passed lessons. Basic my employment became literature reading. It brought to me so much the pleasant.
When I have left school, and I have ended it well, I did not think of that where I should study. I so liked children and at once began to study at Pedagogical institute.
There I had very few girlfriends. A principal cause that we had different characters and different aspirations. I had an aspiration to be learnt and get worthy work. And they had a desire only to have a good time. I did not love the noisy companies. To me was there not to liking. We have got used to live with mum in silent and quiet conditions.
If it is fair, I do not like discos and clubs. I think that they only spoil youth. I do not mean that if they like you, we absolutely various people. Simply it is your interests, and these are my interests. Each person has certain interests.
I very much hope, that you will tell to me about the past and about the interests.
Now I finish the letter!
Yours Natalya!
Letter 13
Hello Gilles!!!
Today I have specially put an alarm clock and have risen earlier, that I could write to you since the morning and tell to you: "Good morning" and to wish you pleasant day. For me so it is pleasant that I again can write to you. Tell to you my photos which I have sent you yesterday have liked?
To me also it is very pleasant when you send a photo. Gilles tell that you want from a life? That it is necessary for you that you were happy.
I laid yesterday and long thought of it.
I understand that for many the happiness happens a miscellaneous.
Personally for me the happiness is concept diverse. For me already happiness, that I live in this world and I can enjoy world around. I can see all delights of this world. Also the happiness consists to find second half and to create with it the strongest union, a family. But first of all I wish to be lucky enough in the future when I will have a husband, loving children. Unless it is not fine to gather to the family behind a table and together to have supper. I did not have a father and with mum always it did not suffice us. I saw as my mum trying to provide me all necessary suffered. But I wish to have other family. Here see that I already write you frank enough themes and with all sincerity. I hope as you in it will support me!!!!
Well now I go to work. Pleasant to you of day!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 14
Good afternoon!
It again I yours Natasha. I hope that the letter I do not irritate with the you. Simply I have a desire to write to you and to communicate with you. I hope my desire it will be rewarded by reciprocity.
I send you a photo. It has been made this summer on the bank of the river of Volga.
Letter 15
Hello Gilles!!!
Tell as you like to spend your holiday or your vacation. In the last letter I have sent you a photo from a beach. This summer I had some free days and we with the girlfriend some times went on a beach. This summer was not such warm as usually. But there were some days very hot and we spent long time on a beach of our Volga. Volga big enough river. You like to float? When I was small I was afraid some water. But in 8 years I began to go to pool. There I also have learnt to float. Now water for me as the second elements. I very much like to float. Besides it at leisure we go to the cinema also. I try to pass new films never. I basically spend a free time with the girlfriend or houses with mum.
Tell and you travelled to other countries? I never was in other countries. I was only once in Moscow. We have visited the Red Area, Tretjakovsky Gallery and many other places.
Then very much it was pleasant to me also me always it is pleasant to visit new places.
Well now I go home!!!!!!!!
All the most good!!!!!!!
Letter 16
Good morning my dear Gilles!!!
I am very glad and happy to receive and read again your letter. It has brought to me so much happiness and pleasures. I am very glad and happy, that you write to me and it so it is joyful!
Gilles I will write to you even later.
Kind to you of day!!!!
Letter 17
Good afternoon Gilles!!!!!!!!!
I have found free minutes to write to you. Very much I hope that you have received my letter and your day really very pleasant.
Tonight I cannot probably write to you. Today at us with mum a small holiday and we wish to make a small celebratory supper. Today anniversary of wedding of my father and mother. Usually for such holidays we prepare many salads because I most of all prefer them. I try to watch the body and health and consequently I prefer low-calorie food. Most all I love "Zimniy salad". Also I love salad "Vinegret".
Most of all I like to prepare a borsch. You heard about such dish? In Russia and many foreigners coming to Russia always ask this very known dish that for them have prepared a borsch. They still have very good impression about this Russian dish. Somehow to tell I began imperceptibly about all preferences in food and also about a Russian cuisine. I hope that you not against to learn more about our dishes.
Also there is such dish, as "Okroshka". As refuelling to this dish primordially Russian drink "kvass" serves! You ever tried it? Also except kvass fresh vegetables here enter: cucumbers, an onions, fennel, parsley; also a little boiled meat and boiled eggs. It is very tasty and a rich dish.
Also I love fruit: apples, pears, bananas.
From a batch I most of all like pies. Earlier I very much loved pies.
But now I refuse them because I start to get *** at once. I do not want that I was full.
Also I support the body by means of sports. As I already spoke to you I visit pool. Also I sometimes want in a sports hall. There I am engaged in a few gymnastics. Also I like to play volleyball. It is my favourite game.
Well that's all. Now I should go again. Excuse that I cannot write to you more. Simply such work at me.
I wait from you for new letters!
Yours Natalya!!!
Letter 18
Gilles I have finished the working day. Now I promised to come before and consequently I have gone. Excuse that I cannot write. But I send you a photo and I hope, that you will understand me.
I hope to see tomorrow your letter!!!!!!!!
Pleasant evening!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 19
Gilles I have finished the working day. Now I promised to come before and consequently I have gone. Excuse that I cannot write. But I send you a photo and I hope, that you will understand me.
I hope to see tomorrow your letter!!!!!!!!
Pleasant evening!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Gilles!!!
I so am happy that you again have written to me. To me so it is pleasant when you write to me and do not forget me. I also never forget about you and for me it is pleasant to write to you. Certainly I also very much would like to hear your voice constantly. It is a pity that I have no phone. We here have phone, but does not accept trunk calls. I would like to know your number. Forgive me that I already ask about such things. But we already communicate much and I think, that we can already know about each other more. And besides if I have a possibility I will necessarily dial your number. It will be very pleasant to me to hear your voice. Certainly probably we not can understand each other as my English is not absolutely good. But nevertheless it will be pleasant to me even to hear your voice simply. I hope that you are not afraid to give number. If I had phone I am final also would give you the number.
Later I still will try to write to you!!!!!
Yours Natalya!
Letter 21
Here and again I, your unruly Natasha:)
It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you Gilles! If I had possibility I would write to you for days on end. When I sit down to write to you I would like so much to write to you, but a unique problem is time. But at the first possibility I write to you and me so it is pleasant, that you can read my letters and answer me. Dialogue in general is interesting to me. But after acquaintance to you it became very pleasant and joyful. I so am happy that I could to find such person through the Internet. I even could not assume, that it is possible to meet such fine interlocutor. After acquaintance to you at me even the life has changed. I had other interest to a life, and in general many speak that I became another and ask the reason. But I do not understand why they so think. I almost told to nobody about you. I spoke only to my mum. Remember in the last letter I has written, that it is necessary for me to go home earlier. And so we with mum have made a small celebratory supper. During a supper we with mum long talked. She told to me about the past. I very much like to communicate with mum and never I am insolent from it secrets. Then I have told, that I have a friend with whom I communicate with the help of the Internet. It was so is surprised. She did not understand as so probably. But then I have explained all to it. It was glad. It is always happy, when sees that I am happy and on my person there is a smile.
Tell and you spoke about me to someone?
If yes, what was their reaction?
I send with this letter one more photo.
Letter 22
Hello my Gilles!!!
How you?
After my last letter which I have written you in the afternoon, I have one question which very much torments me. You not against I have told about you to my mum. Probably you do not want, that someone knew about our friendship still.
But I hope that nevertheless you not against it.
Today after a dinner I all time thought of it. And as soon as I had a free time I at once wish you to ask about it.
By the way today there comes my best girlfriend. Remember I sent you its photos. She suggests me to descend somewhere. But I do not wish to go to noisy places. Then I will write to you as we have spent time.
I hope that to me that will tell to you!
Do not forget to write to me. Otherwise I will take offence:) (joke)
Pleasant evening!
Bye-bye Gilles!
Letter 23
Hello my dear Gilles!!!
How are you???
I so am happy to receive your fine letter. My darling all this night I thought of you. My darling now I will tell as we have spent time with my girlfriend. Yesterday we left in park. At us very cosy park. We sat on a bench and talked. But me it was lonely. At first we talked to the girlfriend, but then at it the groom has come. To me became not on itself and it is lonely. I sat and looked as they hold each other for a hand as many pairs sit in park and enjoy the love. To me became not on itself and I have gone at once home. I went home and my heart very much burnt down something. I did not understand that occurs to me. I so would like, that now you have appeared near to me and we walked on park.
Having come home I was so is suppressed. In me something occurs. I have laid down to sleep and I long looked at the sky, on bright stars and thought of you. Probably you are on one of these stars. Gilles I have fallen asleep only at daybreak. I am am tormented by any feeling. But I am afraid, I am afraid to admit to you. Gilles it seems to me that I have fallen in love with you. I do not understand that now occurs to me.
It seems to me that I have got absolutely to other world.
Letter 24
My love Gilles! You not against if I so name you? But I cannot struggle with the feelings any more. Wash heart burns. To me so it is terrible, therefore earlier I never tested such feeling. You the first person in my life with which I so am close and frank. From the very beginning we had good dialogue. But now for me this dialogue has outgrown in more serious feelings and has opened for you all soul and all heart. It will seem to probably you very hasty. But I have fallen in love with you and I love you. More I cannot make anything I it. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Letter 25
Gilles all the evening long I again will think only of you!
All my thoughts only with you! I never thought that the love can bring so many emotions and feelings. To me it is joyful, that I have met you and have opened to you all heart. But me also it is terrible, that my love can remain without reciprocity. But I am all the same happy, because I in the life have understood for the first time that such love. I am glad, that I could meet such fine person as you! You the best! Gilles I love you! I hope that you concern to my feeling with full reciprocity!
Letter 26
Hello my dear Gilles!!!
My darling I had such intense day that I can write to you just now. My darling I very much miss on you. I weigh day thought only of you. Today at me not so good mood because I could not write to you even earlier. Gilles today on work we had a morning performance and there was a lot of work with children. I was released just now. Gilles I have one very unpleasant news because tomorrow I cannot designate your letter and cannot write to you. Tomorrow at us at all the day off and I cannot come for work even simply to write to you. But I will try to write to you on Sunday. I understand that you will be lonely without me. But I also will be lonely without you. I have some time and I have written to you that you have not lost me and knew. But tomorrow I will think all the same of you. I will try to write to you as soon as possible!
You always in my thoughts and me it will be very pleasant if you write to me and then I can read your letters.
I will miss very much!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 27
Hello my love Gilles!!!
How are you??
I am very happy and glad to receive the letter from you my lovely prince! It so is pleasant for me! Yesterday I have made this frank and a step and now to me it became easier. Until while I have not written to you, to me was so hard. But now I am happy. I hope, that you also are happy. Certainly I understand that for you my revelation seems too sharp. I think, that you think that I still young and I do not understand the feelings. But I never tested such love. You the first person in my life which I love also which so is close to me on the character.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 28
My love Gilles I often ask myself one question. Its essence consists in how there could be such feelings, through such distance. My darling probably it also confuses you most of all. But all these feelings were preceded by ours with you dialogue. We could more and learn more about each other. With each letter I understood, that you are very close to me and we with you have much the general. And the most important thing you approached under that ideal of the man of which I dreamt. I love you! So it is pleasant to me to write you this phrase, I could find love in this huge world and it you Gilles!!!
Letter 29
Gilles all time I think only of you. I cannot think more of what and a clod. I even specially distract from work to write to you and to look you have written to me or not. I am am pulled to you by my prince! My love to you does not give me rest. Gilles I never thought that it is possible so to fall in love. I forget about much, but only not about you, you is constant in my head and in my heart! Tell and you test what feelings? What now occurs at you in a shower? My darling I all night long will think of you and again to look at stars and to think of ours with you the future. I will represent that one of these stars you, I will fall asleep also you to me will dream. Well now I leave. I hope that soon again I can to see your letter full of love and the most gentle words.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Letter 30
Hello my love Gilles!!!!
How are you???
As you slept today. My darling I slept today so is sweet! My darling I thought of you and to me was so pleasantly! My darling Gilles you and your love have brought to me so much pleasure. My love I love you. Gilles you for me all on light. My love grows to you with each hour, with each hour and with each minute. For me your letters bring so much happiness. I re-read your letters. Your words it is constant in my head, your most sweet words. My prince I so am happy that I can to write to you and I can read your sweet letters. Now for me it so is pleasant!!!!!!!!
Letter 31
My darling I again have possibility to write to you. My darling Gilles to me it is very lonely without you and constantly I think of you. Gilles you such fine person about whom I at all could not could dream. My prince I very much hope, that our feelings not to decrease, but only on the contrary will increase every day. My love my heart flares, when I think of you! It here here will be broken off.
But I understand that you far, but even through this distance there can be we with you love! My darling for love is not present barriers. You agree with me?
I very much hope, soon to receive your letter.
Letter 32
Gilles as you?
My love I little bit sad. To me became for some reason so alone. I do not know that occurs, but I think of you and to me it is joyful. But I do not have not enough you. My darling Gilles I so wish to be with you. I love you and more it is necessary nothing to me! You for me all on light. You cannot present to yourselves that now at me in a shower at all. My love in me hurricane of emotions, hurricane of love to you. Which so wishes to capture you and to be turned from this love.
My love but I ask myself a question: "And why we two adult persons, we love each other, but we cannot meet?" Tell that stirs to us?
My darling I so wish to spend with you at least one unforgettable evening.
I will dream again of you!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natalya!!!!
Letter 33
Hello my love Gilles!!!
My darling I so am happy to read your letter. My love to me so it is lonely without you! My darling I have woken up also to me so it would be desirable that this morning you were a number and have told to me this pleasant phrase: "Good morning my princess Natasha! I love you!" For me it would be so pleasantly. My lovely prince I have come and have seen your letter. It so is pleasant!!!!!!!!
I love you!
Gilles tell your feelings really so are strong, as well as mine? My darling to me it is lonely without you. At me it is so much dreams concerning us with you.
My darling tell and you wish to see me? You want that we have met?
I hope to receive soon your answers.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. I send you a photo from my work.
Letter 34
My Gilles I am happy to write to you again. My darling my feelings simply do not restrain. My darling all my acquaintances and fellow workers say to me, that I became absolutely another. All speak that I became pensive, I became more joyful and cheerful. All ask in what the reason. My darling I do not say to them, that in my life there were you. But they guess, that is possible in my life there was such person who gives me all this pleasure and happiness! Thanks my lovely prince!!!!
I love you Gilles!!!
I will always love you! My love now I go again to work. But I will think of you, I will think of the finest person on light. My love you my most amazing treasure!!!!!!!
Letter 35
My darling I again write to you. My love you do not miss on me? My darling I very much miss, because you such person with which I cannot simply miss. But I not with you. My darling I long thought today in this occasion. My love I do not know as you will concern now me, but we already adult people. We with you understand that love to keep through such distance very difficultly, or at least we should get acquainted even more close. Gilles it to allow us only ours with you a meeting. My prince tell you want that I have arrived to you? My darling it very much a critical decision. But if we love each other and we wish to create our fine future, our happy union I think that now most suitable time more close to get acquainted and learn each other. Gilles I very tired to communicate through the Internet, he does not allow me to express all those feelings which I test to you.
My darling probably it even on the contrary does not allow us to come nearer more to each other and to become single whole.
Gilles today I went to the director and learnt concerning my holiday. My darling now many come to work and I have a possibility to receive the holiday. My darling at me is fine possibility to spend it with you. For me would be such happiness if you were not against that that we have met you and I in the life could visit for the first time other country, in the country where there lives the most favourite prince Gilles!!! My darling if you are really serious, I think, that you will not be against our meeting. If you want that I will try to learn all information to arrive to your country.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I with impatience will wait for your letter!
Yours Natalya!
Letter 36
Hello my love Gilles!!!!
How you my prince?????
I so love you! To me so it is lonely without you! My darling Gilles I very much wish to be with you! My fine treasure I so am lonely without you. Gilles I really very much wish to be with you. My love I was very frank and spoke with you on such serious themes. My darling during the lunchtime I will go to travel agency and then to a smog to inform you all information. Tell to me in what city and I should arrive to what airport to you. My darling I so am happy that we meet half-way to each other, towards to our happiness.
My darling I will try to write to you as I will come from agency. I hope that you are happy what be fast we can together.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!!!!!!!
Letter 37
Hello my love Gilles!!!!
How you my prince?????
I so love you! To me so it is lonely without you! My darling Gilles I very much wish to be with you! My fine treasure I so am lonely without you.
Gilles I really very much wish to be with you. My love I was very frank and spoke with you on such serious themes. My darling during the lunchtime I will go to travel agency and then to a smog to inform you all information. Tell to me in what city and I should arrive to what airport to you. My darling I so am happy that we meet half-way to each other, towards to our happiness.
My darling I will try to write to you as I will come from agency. I hope that you are happy what be fast we can together.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!!!!!!!!
Letter 38
My love Gilles my working day has terminated. If fairly that I think that today my most unhappy day. I have checked up mail and there there is no your letter. Probably you are frightened by that I ask from you the help. My darling I lived such big dreams concerning our future and our hugest love. Gilles I already represented as I have arrived to you to the country. As you have met me with the most beautiful bouquet of roses. Then we with you enjoyed only our love. My darling and the most important thing is the moment when we can look for the first time each other in eyes. My darling in eyes which are full of love to each other. My love and the first phrases: "Gilles as I am happy to see you! I love you!" That moment when I will appear in your embraces and our first unforgettable kiss which taste else will remain very long on my lips.
My darling I also represent as we celebrate together my birthday. We sit at simple restaurant. Silent and quiet music plays, we sit against each other. My love Gilles we are ferial a little, as it for all of us for the first time. But then we learn each other all more close and more close, we understand character and feelings. Having ***** a little easy red wine we as though are *****. But we are stupefied not by alcohol, and our love. You wish me happy birthday and speak to me many the finest and sweet words. I with happiness simply lose speech gift. My darling Gilles then we go to dance. Though I very badly dance, but the most important thing that with each minute we all become closer and closer, as though we knew all life each other.
My darling I very much have fallen into a reverie. FORGIVE if they seem to you even the ******. But it is all to carry out probably. My darling I very much was afraid to ask to you the following question and it will be very a shame to me and it is unpleasant. But I losing last drop of pride nevertheless set it to you.
Gilles tell you can help to arrive to me to you? My darling it is a shame to me and now I will be tormented all the evening long with conscience. But I very much hope, that you can understand me and will be called on my misfortune. Believe to spend my birthday and holiday
with you for me would be the finest gift from you and from destiny.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 39
Hello my love Gilles!!!!
My darling I am very happy to write to you again. My love so it is a shame to me and it is unpleasant before you. My darling I so wish to be with you! My Gilles I very much hope what be fast we can together and carry out all ours with you long-awaited dreams. My prince the only thing that is unpleasant to me, that money prevents to be to us with you! My darling for me money was never important in a life and now they have brought to me this problem. My darling I went to travel agency and have signed the contract with agency. My darling Gilles it agree to it that I could arrive to you about the country to me it is necessary to have all documents and inquiries that I could arrive freely to you and be in your country. My darling in travel agency to me have told, that it will be necessary for me to pay approximately 430 euros on documents that I without problems could arrive to your country and be in it. My darling enters into cost of all these documents passport for travel abroad cost, visa cost, the medical insurance and still some documents. My love as to me have explained in agency cost of the passport for travel abroad 150 euros, cost of the visa 150 euros, cost of the medical insurance 80 euros and 50 euros it is necessary on photos and various papers. My love according to the contract I has paid the initial sum that to me have begun registration of all documents. My darling I have collected all last money and have paid 80 euros. But still it is necessary for me to pay 350 euros. My darling more I do not know to whom to address. My darling we love each other, therefore we should be together and we should make our meeting a reality. My darling I have taken the first step to our happiness. Now I to us am necessary to pay only other sum and then I can be with you and nothing can prevent to be to me in your country, near to you.
I am certainly very upset, that it is the big sum. But after all money anything in comparison with our love.
My darling Gilles tell you can help me?
My darling now so it is a shame to me and so it is unpleasant!
I with the big impatience will wait for your answer!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 40
Hello my love Gilles!!!
My darling I so am happy to receive your letter my lovely prince. My love I so am happy that you also wish to meet me. My darling I will be very happy to meet you and to be with you. My darling while my visa is calculated for 3 months. So during first time I can remain with you this time. My darling tell when you can help me about 350 euros. My darling I very much hope that already with fast time we will be together. My love Gilles yesterday I learnt all information concerning that as you can help me. At first I have gone to travel agency and have asked as they can use your help. But they to me have told, that they accept payments only cash. My darling I thought that you can pay at once therefrom in travel agency. But there have told that so it is impossible. My love at first I should have this sum and pay then in travel agency. My darling they have told to me that I have gone to bank and have learnt as you can help me. Whether in bank first of all have asked there is at me an account. But I do not have account. Then they have told, that there are even more simple ways of your help. Gilles they to me have told, that in the world there are such companies as the Western Union and MoneyGramm. Which are engaged in remittances. My prince I almost learnt 30 minutes all information and the strutter it many questions. First of all I was interested concerning the company the Western Union as in bank to me have told, that it very convenient and the most reliable. My darling in bank to me have told, that I can already receive money literally through 5 - 10 minutes after you make transfer.
My darling now I inform you the most important information. My darling that you could send money to you my following data are necessary:
The country - Russia;
Surname - Stepanova;
Name - Natalya
My love Gilles you should remember these data and then write correctly. My darling probably will seem to you strange, that here it is not necessary to specify my city. My darling in bank to me have told, that you did not specify my city. If you specify a city I will have problems with reception of money. To me have explained, that in Russia there are some cities with such name. My darling Gilles if you will specify a city money can come absolutely to other city and I can receive them only there. Present to me will have to go for hundreds kilometres to receive your money. It is so much problems and expenses. And if you do not specify a city I can receive money without problems. I hope, that it to you is clear.
My love also your following data will be necessary for me:
- Your full name;
- Your address;
- The CITY from which you will send money (in which there is a Western Union);
- The exact sum of money;
- And the most important thing the code of transfer which consists of 10 figures.
Gilles as soon as you will send money write me the letter with all data of transfer. I hope, that we can soon solve our problem and we can meet.
Now I finish the letter and I hope that to you all clearly. But if you have questions in this occasion write me them.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natalya Stepanova!
Letter 41
Hello my love prince Gilles!!!
As you today my sweet!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter full of love to me. My love it so is pleasant for me. When I have read your fine letter I felt the happiest ******* light. I so am happy, that I have met you Gilles!!! My darling I have read your letter and at once have gone to travel agency. Gilles to me have told that I can choose date of my arrival to you after the visa will be ready. My darling then we together will choose date of our meeting. My darling now it is necessary for me to pay only for the visa, differently to me can give the penalty. My darling I hope that you can send money through MoneyGram. My darling if more exact data that I are necessary for you I inform them to you.
My lovely here my address:
Country - Russia
City - Yoshkar-Ola
Index - 424000
Street - Podolskich Kursantov
house: 4
department: 97
My darling I have specified you city Yoshkar-Ola because in this city there is a MoneyGram and there I can receive money. My darling tell now you can send me money? My darling in the MoneyGram to me have told that this all data which are necessary and now you can send money. I very much hope for your help. My love as you have spent today the day? My love yesterday all night long I laid and thought of you. I was so is inspired. My love I was such pensive, I represented ours with you the joint future. My love I very much want, that in the future we were together that we were happy. My love for this purpose at us almost all is, our small hearts are full of love to each other, we miss the friend on the friend. That us divides all with our happiness, so it only distance. My love the distance is our main barrier with you. Gilles if it was possible how show in fantastic films, to enter into one wall and to appear there where you wish to be. My love I would pass at once this wall and it has appeared in your city, in your street, at your house, near to you, in your strong, but also in very gentle embraces. My love it for me seems so is sweet and it is romantic. Gilles it is the most important my dream, you sense of all my life. My love but such wall is not present, and consequently it only dream, sweet dream. My love but we already adult people and consequently we can construct such wall, my love main our building material is we with you LOVE!!! My the prince we can construct very quickly such wall as to each other it is a lot of our love, it overflows our hearts. Gilles the love is such feeling, is stronger and stronger which there is nothing on light. My love love - the most proof force in the world. It is creating force - the most powerful tool accessible to mankind in its aspiration fortunately! And to Love - means to test pleasure when you see, you perceive, you feel as all sense organs and on as more as possible short distance of the prince which you love also which loves you! My Gilles the love is the finest on light, without love there will be no also a life on the earth. My love I love you and I do not hide it, I miss on you. My love you the finest and gentle PRINCE on light, you the MIRACLE for which in small heart Natasha there is a lot of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My love I love you and I will wait for your letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 42
Hello my love Gilles!!
I am very happy to receive your prompt reply my lovely prince! Forgive me that I have misunderstood you a little. My love if you will send the Western Union for me it even will be easier. My darling I already have written you my address. My lovely city really Yoshkar-Ola. Here I without problems to a smog to receive money. My darling my date of birth on September, 25th. My darling I also very much hope that before this date we can meet and we will meet my birthday together with you my finest prince! I so love you and very much I wish to be only with you. My love unfortunately I cannot send you a document copy, because documents now in travel agency. My darling I can inform you date of my arrival only after I will begin to cry for the visa and it will be ready. But I will try is arrived to you as soon as possible. Tell when you can send money? My darling if I long will not pay money to me can give the penalty. I do not want it.
I wish you good night!
I love you Gilles!
Yours Natasha!
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