Scam letter(s) from Natalia Yashutkina to Henk (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Greetings my dear Henk !!!
I am very glad to receive and read your letter. As there has passed your day, as your affairs.
I all time think of you: I do house cleaning, I think of you, I watch TV ideas far with you, I read the book, and between lines your image. I, will possibly, soon lose mind. I hope only that, that we soon will meet differently, my ideas will grow in a pain, and I will transfer every day and I will shout and **** destiny and to ask myself a question, why I was not born in you in a city, which we had no problems with you to meet.
I would like to be born in your city, and then we have met you and would be happy together. Then we with you would marry, and we will have children, personally I always dreamt to have the boy and the girl, we will lift them, that they have grown up worthy people. I do not doubt, that with such fine children of the father would reach much in a life and also will be happy, as well as we. And when children are happy, and they are fine, it is the great pleasure and compensation for parents.
Road you dream of it? You divide my feelings? Or you consider my dreams silly and impracticable?
I do not know, can be and - silly dream of it and a regret, that I was born in Russia, instead of close to you, but I should tell, that I dream of your heart and I wish to be near to you.
I write now to you, and tears on eyes seem that you are far also we we can not meet.
Excuse, that I load you my dreams, but I cannot think that except for it. You for ever in my heart, and you will already never leave it.
I write you it that you knew, that except for you in my heart was not present whom and already when will not be.
Favourite I with impatience should wait for yours after the letter tomorrow because only your letter will improve my dim free days.
Do not forget me and remember, that I think of you every minute.
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
With love, yours Natalya!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Henk !!! Painfully it is very pleasant to me to read your first letter. And when I have read from you the second letter to me became so badly on a shower at me tears on eyes at once have begun to flow. I did not expect from you such answer. Favourite I was not going to deceive you I simply wanted somewhat quicker our meeting the favourite. I have simply talked to you letters. Also has understood that you that 1 person which are necessary to me in this life. I very strongly love you and I can not live without you. Favourite but you do this your business not correctly that you wish to give my data in city Cheboksary it not correctly from your country. You understand if to me there arrives Russian police they to me not that will not make as because I the real girl. I did not expect from you to receive such letter. While favourite I ask you do not write to me more. To me so it is sick. While your love Natalya
Letter 3
Hello my love Henk !!! I so am glad to receive from you new news. Favourite as at you business? How health? I hope that all with you well. Favourite you can help me with money that I could arrive to you to your country? Favourite I so would like to meet you. I so have strongly grown fond of you for all time of our correspondence. I dreamt so a long time of such man as you. I you so want I you I wish to kiss on your gentle lips you to me very much like. I so want louses I have met to you I promise that when I to you will arrive we will be happy. Favourite I so consider myself as the happiest ******* light. I love you yours on always. You do not represent I all time I think of you. Henk give we will together I simply without you not I find to myself places. I all time think of you that with you there than you can be engaged. I so wish you to see I wish you to support all time a difficult minute. I spoke the to mum that I have got acquainted with you and that we love each other. Also we wish to be together. My mum so is glad for us with you. And still my mum transfers you greetings. Favourite think over my offer. On it I will close the letter. It is sweet kiss Natalya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Henk !
I am very glad to receive and read your letter.
I am very glad to know, that I have such person who loves me and to care of me. Everyone afflicts me. I am broken only by that you are far from me. But I am assured, that you will make everything that our dream took place as soon as possible. I live last time only that hope, that our meeting to happen it is possible more likely. I understand you that now you experience difficulties with money. But I believe, that you the true person and you will soon have possibility to meet me. I believe, that our incorporated dream becomes the fast validity, and we can connect our love in the unique whole, homogeneous and firm whole. Now our love represents two equivalent half which own force aspire to include all. At first two half were small and weak, gradually finally these two, half received in force and a steel of stronger. There now there has arrived such moment, that odes, half has been filled by such force and the power, that impossible to transfer words. They aspire to include all own force from which they possess! They use very big resources, but unfortunately these resources do not satisfy, that these two half have begun the only thing whole. That their incorporated desire bore, there not anybody details, non-significant in comparison with force of their feelings to to each other. But forces of magnetism of these two hearts will overcome sooner or later all obstacles arising on their ways, will overcome or will die, as they have no other exit. They, of which half has no other exit how to include with each other, differently for them wait with death of that the volume of love which fills them, will exceed volume their half, and these two hearts will **** up from what cannot contain in itself all feelings more which fill them. However, if these two hearts which will be united, that their incorporated volume exceeds all possible limits and their love, will already never be limited to any structures. When these two hearts will incorporate, they never leave, they everywhere and always will be together! So it is a pity to me, that our half of love at last is not united, I wish, that the wave of love has fallen outside the limits us with new force and never any more did not impart us at various coast from each other. I wish to be always close to you!
Except for it for me it is very pleasant to know and that it you think of our future incorporated life. I have met for the first time the person who feels me as the person instead of as a simple and cheap toy. For the first time with me divide feelings, emotions and ideas. And to understand this very pleasant sensation which I require to someone else except for mother that wash opinion interestingly to someone, to someone which is interestingly, that I think in it or that a case. I am happy, because I have met you on a course of life! Without you to me it would be very firm and lonely in this very difficult and difficult life. I thank you that you have met in my life, with you I have found love! I wish to incorporate to you for all other life! I am assured, that you want the same as I. Actually create words of love which you have written me, the truth was instead of lie, or not so? I believe you that you love me and want the same as I. I believe in these, that our incorporated desire consists in connecting our destiny for ever! I love you, and I will love only you!
Yours Natalya!!!
P/S Give me the phone number and I will call you!
Letter 5
hello my friend!!! I am very glad again that you have answered me! Me have very much liked a photo of a foal it very beautiful me it seems when it will grow up it will be very strong. And it seems to me when you to become outdated jumps for money it will seems to me that he will win. You know at me there is some knowledge from mine about the grandmother to see the future. When I was to small me there was probably years 15 I have predicted the future to one woman and it has come true. So I that to you have now told it can be and the truth but I speak to you not on 100 %. You know you to me like as the man and I even would would like to marry. You as look at it?? At us in Russia very bad weather - 7 degrees it is very cold. How you suspect the account of our meeting??? You understand me at me there is no money to arrive to you I only I count on you that you will pay all trip. On it I will close the letter with love from all my heart your love
Letter 6
Hello my friend Henk !!! I very strongly respect you you very good person. Yes I can tell to you why with you it is all there is also I can cure you. But, you understand these procedures will be paid. I in village have a grandmother it a witch and it can cure completely you it can on whom be to hang up damage. That this person can is then very strong be ill if does not die to me only it is necessary to it to show a photo of this person. I how many heard it even to me spoke sometimes that hung up on people which to it have made is bad they then in due course died. If you wish to recover that you to me can send money 5000 euros??? Money in loans is necessary to me. You can send me money on Monday??? Henk gain me please 5000 euros to me money I to you then is very necessary I will give in 2 weeks. I speak you the truth. Henk I hope for you that you can send me money. If you do not have such sum take from the friends. I hope for you that you can help me. On it I will close the letter. With impatience I will wait from you the letter. Yours Natalya
Letter 7
Hello I am very glad to receive from you the letter. As at you business.? How health? I hope that all with you well. My friend I am very upset that you cannot to send me such sum I is very upset. Favourite you can give at least to me in loans 500 euros? Money is very urgently necessary to me. If you can send this sum that I to you to a smog to give in day of 4 or 5 days. You take at least in loans this money I very strongly I hope for you that you can send this sum you understand me that to me any more at whom to take this money. I hope for you. I will write you in advance the data the Full name: Yashutkina Natalya, the Address: Cheboksary, Lenin's street, house 37, apartment 26. These data will be to make a remittance enough. I on it will close the letter. I with impatience wait from you for letter Natalya
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