Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Osokina to Brian (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Brian. I to be very glad to receive from you the letter. I so am glad that we soon shall together. It will be pleasant for me to hear that weather good when I arrive. I cannot wait when we with you can be together!! I shall be glad to help you with a choice of a table for a computer!! I to want to tell you, that I today to go to the agent of travels to finish all formalities. And it to inform me that at passage of customs house, it will be necessary by them at itself money, it is required to me to explain for what to me it. Also I shall speak it to you: it to tell that that I to pass the customs control, money is necessary to me, it is done that, the people which to work at customs house be are sure, that I shall be capable, to ensure itself, on time stay, in yours the country. It is done that the people which to leave for America to not become the tramps, prostitutes, beggars or that that on like it. And it to tell me that this money, will be given up to whom, at customs house, and they will be kept, before arrival, to you. It is simply necessary, will mark at filling what the sum I to have with itself. For this purpose, it is necessary 2000 $ . I to want to tell you, that you not to be restless for this money. As soon as, I shall come to you I shall give back you this money directly at the airport. I to want to ask you, as you will be dressed. Mine lovely I so to wait ours with you, meeting. I very much to wait from you the letter. Kiss!!!
yours Tanya.
Letter 2

Hi my love Brian. Today as soon as I have woken up, at once has gone to a travel company and talked to the manager concerning my ticket. My mum had some difficulties at work with money. She could give me on the tickets only 400 $. I was very upset by it, because hoped, that I can pay for the tickets itself and not ask you more to help me to pay our meeting. The manager of a travel company developed for me the cheapest route. I will need to reach to you 800 dollars. The cheap ticket for me costs 1230 dollars.He has told, that can prepare for me the ticket on September, 23. I paid to him previously these 400 $, that he cared of it and promised him to pay other money for the ticket soon. Lovely I hope, that you can help me to pay others 800 dollars for my ticket. Brian I am very upset by that I should again address to you behind the help. Probably you think, that I not the capable woman and can not take care of these problems with payment of the tickets. Very much would be desirable to you to show, that me I the independent woman. I hope, that this money will not be for you the large problem. I tried to borrow money at the friends, but now anybody from them can not to me help. I love you. Kiss you. Your Tatyana.
Letter 3

Hi my loved! Thanks you for your letter, it supported me. Brian thanks that you to help me. I spoke with agency that they could in contact to you. They have told if you will contact to them that they will answer you. I have no phone that you could call to me. Thanks you for your phone numbers. What have you sent me? I possible can enter in contact to them?? Thanks you for your phone numbers. I shall try to call you. Today I have been a little injured. I of mums has told, that she will not help me to pay for the passport, insurance and the visa. She has told, that for these things we should think out a payment together. She has told, that when we shall pay it and I shall receive the passport and the visa she together with the daddy will care of my tickets to you. She has told, that tickets very expensive and consequently they with them will help us. Brian, the agent of travel has told, that the contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, the visa and services of agency. It is possible to pay for tickets of money after I shall have all documents for travel. The price of all documents and works of a travel company, 750 $. They want so much money because now very difficultly to receive the visa in your country and they should do for this purpose many efforts. Brian, lovely I have no many money and I have told him, that while I shall not talk to you I shall not do{make} this contract. Loved, I today have been damaged by all these things. I did attempts to borrow this money at some people, but nobody could help me. I hope, that you can help me this money and that it is not for you a problem. I very much want to feel you beside. Loved, I wait with impatience your answer and I hope, that at us time together will be fast. If such money not so difficultly for you and it does not begin a barrier to us tomorrow I shall go in a travel company and to conclude the contract. I also to send you my new photo I hope to you to like. I shall wait and hope very much, that we shall be together. I love you. Your Tatyana. P.S. Agency of travels "KOLUMB_M" , Russia, Arsk,
street Prazdnichnaya, house 7.
E-mail :
Name : Sergey Nikulin
Tel: 89276818897
Letter 4

Brian!!!! I waited the letter from you!!! I love you also would like still to see you!!! But I so have moved you much! Mine tickets I handed over. It is a shame to me to ask you again money... I do not know I can such unfortunate man and I constantly am pursued with troubles.. I to be serious with you... And I do not know that to me to undertake.. I was in militia.. They found nobody... I had hysterics and now I was attacked by apathy... I in such condition in a shock. It is a shame to me to go home, because my parents will abuse me for that that I could not watch those by things which you have entrusted to me! Brian now I feel myself such guilty that it seems to me to me never to expiate it.. That I have done! You were seemed so close and now became again far.. Further away than was.. There is no I do not want to lose!!! Now at me a condition.. Well that you have written to me... It calmed me... i dont know.. Now anything it is not so necessary anything me does not please!!! That I have made such bad what the destiny punishes me so severely???? Brian I am guilty before you.. Forgive.. I understand that it very difficultly.. You see I could not save this money.. But the love in me still lives! What to write my ideas are confused. This thief Ural not only money seems to me.. Let he to choke with it.. I shall call to you .... Yours Tanya
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