Letter(s) from Mary Dixon to Tony (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Dear,,,
How are you doing today? and how was your day going? well i will like you to know that i miss you alot and i cant wait to meet you in person and what is the nearest Airport to you so that asap you help me out from here i will be leaving here and you have a cell phone that i can reach you so that i can give you a call when i get to your nearest airport so that you can come and pick me up tony...i cant wait to meet you in person and the Dr told me that they only accept western union and do you know about western union? here is the information he give to me you need to send the money to ..so as soon as he get it i will be leaving here .,...

Receivers name ..... Robert Samson
Country ..................Nigeria
State .....................Lagos
City .........................Ikeja
Zip code..................23401
Test Question........what is this for ?
Test Answer ..........Bill

This are the informations that will be needed to make the transfer through (WUMT)Western Union Money Transfer... After You Make The Payment....This are all the informations you will be given as soon as you make the Transfer. 1,Sender Name 2,Country and State 3,Text Question And Answer 4,Amount you Sent,5 mtcn control number.
That is all the information needed....Okay i will be here hoping to hear from you soonest...
Your Missing Angel
Mary Dixon

Letter 2

How are you doing today?i hope that you are doing great,..I like your profile and everything you said on your profile is interesting, anyway My Name is Mary Dixon, i am 27 years old ,i am 5.7ft tall with brown eyes, light brown hair and a white caucasian, single with no kids ,well it's quite difficult to write about one self when u know that others will be judging u on what u write, i'm just going to be simple and fly straight. I've been told that i'm a classylady with a great dress sense,i'm an optimistic person who has a variety of interests.....i' m a down to earth lady who consider herself confident,intelligent,honest,romantic,spontaneous,caring with a big heart,easy to get along with,positive personality,ambitious,self-motivated,secure,expressive,attentive,passionate,good christian ...with a good sense of humour, i love cooking,sports,movies.music i'm open minded and fun loving,little things in life count,i'm not into games,as they hurt, absolutely not a time waster .......But at the moment i am sad and depressed ,If you care to know what happenned to me and you are Still interested in me..i will be thinking about you .Hope to hear from you soon. till i hear from you.
Ur Missing Angel!!!