Scam Letter(s) from Zhanna to Stuart (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi Stuart!

Thanks a lot for replying my mail. But I need to ask you to send me your photo, please! I will try to send you my photos with each my mail, so, there is no need to ask me to send my photos to you :)

I won't write much about me because I am sure, you wouldn't like to spend several hours reading novel about me and my life :) I will write you the things most of which I would like to know about you as well.

Age: 31.
Weight: 52kg.
Height: 167cm.
Marital status: divorced.
Children: I don't have any.

I am in Russia for the moment, my home city is Krasnodar. It's a beautiful city. In what city do you live?

I am a nurse by profession. Right now I work in Saint-Peterburg, I take care of an old couple, I live in their house. About six months ago I worked in the UK as a nurse as well, so, I think I speak good English and I hope we won't have any problems with understanding each other.

I find a little bit strange to write to someone from the other part of the world but I am sure, it's only because it's my first serious mail to you :) In real life I am very friendly and I make friends very easy

Well, I have no problems with making friends here in Russia but I am leaving for Australia for vacation in 2-3 weeks for 3 months and the only way for me now to make friends in your country is to use this endless Internet. I am going to come for vacation and also to find work there.

Stuart, I hope you don't mind to be my friend :) I have no friends in your country but I have relatives there. My sister is married an Australian man.

I think that's enough for now. I am waiting for your response!

Take care!


Letter 2

Hello Stuart!

Thanks a lot for your reply and your photos, I am very pleased! You are very lovely!

I have just had my driving lesson, I am getting driving licence and I have those lessons almost every day. I still have shaking hands because I am still scared of driving in the city :) My driving instructor has got more gray hairs today :) But I am sure, I will drive good soon :)

Here is my news for today. My life is not full of great events :) Most of my time I spend with my patients, they are an old couple. The wife
(MariA) doesn't walk, I have to help her to do almost everything. The husband (Pavel) is a almost deaf man, he is a great old man :) He is very cheerful :) They still love each other. We go for a walks every day if the weather is good.

Stuart, tell me more about your family, please! My family is not big, I have my mom and dad, my sister and her husband. My mom and dad work as train conductors in the same train and they are almost all the time in trains going to the most distant parts of my country. They live in Krasnodar.

My sister and her husband live in Australia but they don't spend much time in Fremantle where they live and have a small house, most of time they are working in different parts of the world, they are scientists and do research work about oceans. Once a year they come to Russia for my mom's birthday which is in December, at least my sister comes :) Last mom's birthday she visited us, I attach the photo from her birthday (my mom, my sister and me).

Well, as you see my family is very rare one the same place. As for me, I work in Russia and abroad, I prefer to work in foreign countries because it is paid better and more interesting.

I know, Stuart, you want to know when I come exactly, I can't tell you anything exact now, as soon as I know the dates, I will tell you! And of course, it would be great to visit your city!

I am very sorry, I have to finish my mail, Maria is calling me, I need to go but I will write you again if you reply this mail :)

Talk to you later, I hope!

Best regards,

Letter 3

Hello Stuart!

Thanks for your mail and your photo, I have been waiting for your reply :) You are cute! I am glad to know everything is fine there!

I have day off today, Maria and Pavel (the old people I take care of) are with their children today and I am free to do anything I like almost all day today :) Their children are going on vacation to Egypt tomorrow and they decided to spend some time with their parents. I was in Egypt and I like this country!

I love travelling!!! I was in many countries: Thailand, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, France, England... My ex-husband was a very successful businessman, he went abroad for business trips rather often and he sometimes took me with him. And 3 times a year we went for a 2 weeks vacation to some sunny country. So, I'm very excited to see Australia where I have never been to but always wanted to visit :)

Stuart, what is your favorite country to visit? Have you ever travelled alone? As for me, I travelled alone many times and I can't say it wasn't good. At least I was very independent and I did anything I wanted to do, nobody controlled me :) I could stay on the beach as much time as I wished :)

So, I am not afraid to go alone to your country and to be on my own!
The only thing that scares me a little bit: I will be about 2 days in plane to get into your country :) I don't feel comfortable in planes and I say a pray every the time when my plane lands :) And you, Stuart, are you afraid of flying by plane? :)

I've just reread this mail... I think you can have a question about my ex-husband, I am divorced and I am happy. He cheated on me with his secretary, she was a very beautiful young girl. So, I don't like to talk about him much. But I know there are many good men in this world.
Just I am not lucky to have good one in my life :) But I don't know what future holds for me. My mom is very lucky with my dad :)

I stop now, I want a cup of coffee, in the coffee-shop down the street where I live, they have excellent cappuchino and wonderful chocolate cakes there. I don't do much during my days off (mostly walking in the
park) but a cup of cappuchino with a chocolate cake is a tradition for me :)

I am waiting for your reply!

Best regards,

Letter 4

Hello Stuart!

Thank you for your reply and your photo, I am glad to read from today! Did you have nice evening yesterday?

I have had my driving lesson today, it was the last one, I am nervous because now I have to pass test (traffic rules) and then driving exam.
I can't say I don't know anything, I am always nervous when I have exams :) It will take only about one hour to pass it but it will be one hour of stress and being nervous!

Stuart, I need to ask you to have your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!
:) Please! I need it! Just to know that somebody worries for me :)

By the way, Stuart, how did you feel when you passed your exams? It doesn't matter where :)

Did you have funny story connected with your exams? I had it, I was very lucky once when I passed exam on history. I learned only half of exam questions, there were 24 of them, I didn't like history because we had terrible teacher, it was boring at his lessons! So, I knew the answer to questions 1-12.... at exam I took the question number...
13!!! I was shocked, I smiled to the teachers with the smile of a crazy person. I passed exam and I got good mark because my classmate was telling the answer to question 12 and he was a very clever boy and he liked me a lot, he knew I got the question the answer to which I didn't know. He told the teachers more than the answer to the question 12, he told about the question 13 as well :) I needed only to write the answer down :)

This is all my news for today, now it's your turn to tell me about your day!

Also tomorrow I need to take Maria and Pavel to their grandchildren. I don't know how much time we will be there, may be we will be back the same day, may be we will stay for several days.

I used to get your mails in spite the fact we correspond not very long. Can I ask you to give me your phone number, please? I don't have my own phone, to tell the truth I have nobody to call to because when I was back from the UK, I came here and it's not my home city. Now I have you :) I am sure, you will like our phone conversation!

When I pass my driving exams, I will begin thinking of dates of my arrival.

Stuart, I can't imagine that very soon I will be a driver of a car :)

I attach my photos again. The first one is the photo of my group from medical school, we celebrated New Year together and it was the 5th anniversary of our graduating from college :) The second photo is just me.

I am finishing my mail, I have to leave you for today, I need to make injection to Maria, today she doesn't feel well.

I am waiting for your reply!

Best regards,

Letter 5

Hi Stuart!

Thanks a lot for your reply and photo! I am very glad to read everything you wrote to me!

Pavel and Maria feel much better at their home, they decided to come back home today. But they were very happy to see their grandchildren!

I passed all the exams! I didn't know it could be so fast! It took only 5 minutes to pass the traffic rules test, I learned everything and I didn't have any problems with answering all the questions :) The driving test was passed as well... it was pretty stressful, I was so scared! I was scared not because I didn't know how to drive, I was afraid of doing any mistakes because I was very nervous :)

Well, here is my news. What about you? How is life treating you? What is new with you?

So, I have one more question for you. I am going to come very soon. I need to book tickets, I wanted to ask for the name of the nearest airport of your city. As soon as I book the tickets, I will write you about the date and time of my arrival.

I will leave very soon, Maria is very upset because she likes me a lot but my contract will expire very soon. Their nurse will be back, she attanded the courses of raising the level of her skills. Nurses need to do that.

Stuart, did you sleep well? As for me, I didn't sleep well, I don't get mails from my sister, I even don't know where she is. May be they are in the blind spot where there is no any opportunity to access Internet. They don't have phone there and I even can't call them. And it happens all the time when she works. When she is at home, we talk very often and we write to each other almost every day. I need to ask her many things about my trip. She said she will be in touch 2 days before today... I hope they are not eaten by sharks :):)

But there is good news! My mom will come to see me off!

I attach my photos: in the second photo you can see me and my friends from my home city.

Well, that's all for today! I say bye for now and I am waiting for your reply!

Best regards,
your Zhanna.

Letter 6

Hi Stuart!

I was very glad to hear your voice and talk to you over the phone, you are so nice.

Thanks for your reply! How are you doing? How is the weather there? I am very interested in it because I need pick up the things and I need to know what kind of clothes I need to take. Please, advise! :)

I have been thinking all the night about my trip to Australia, I wanted to sort out about what I want to see and I want to do. I should say I imagine rather lazy vacation :)

I can't say I want to see something exact, I want to change the scenery. Our summer is coming to its end but in your country vice versa! It will be never ending summer for me this year :)

I want just to relax, to get healthy long sleep, to have long walks down the streets of your city. I want discover all the beautiful places there :) If you would like to join me, you are always welcome!

Stuart, I need to tell you that when I come to your city, you shouldn't worry I will be demanding your presence all the time, you won't be my baby-sitter :) But I will be more than happy if you agree to go for a walk with me when you have free time. Also I hope to find a nice coffee shop there because I want to keep my tradition of cappuchino with chocolate cake :) I'd love to invite you there and talk about doesn't matter what!

In my next mail I will write you my flight information. I hope you don't mind I will come to your city :) Stuart, do you? :)

I am going to meet my mom and dad today! I am so happy to see my parents! I asked for some time off, I will help them to settle down in the hotel. Very soon I will move there too :) Tomorrow the other nurse will come back and it means my vacation will start! Yahoo!!! :)

That's all my news and thoughts for today.

I am very glad to come and see your country very soon! It will be like breath of fresh air for me!

I am waiting for your reply with your news! I hope you have many good things happening to you in your life!

Best regards,

Letter 7

Hi Stuart!

Thanks for your mail, I am glad to know about how you are doing there!
I am fine here, I think it's the first time I can tell you my life is not quiet, chaos has come into my life :)

I have so many things to tell you!!! Stuart, do you have much free time to read about everything? :)

First of all, my mom and dad have come! I helped them to get to the hotel, we spent about 2 hours talking, hugging and even crying :) I missed them a lot and I was very happy to see my dear mom and daddy again! So did they!

Then I met with my travel agent. I booked the tickets and I give you my flight information as I promised:

Place of arrival: Sydney
Date of arrival: 12-Oct-08
Time of arrival: 7:05 am
Flight number: 302
Airlines: Qantas

I will be more than happy if you will be waiting for me in the airport! Let me know if you will be able to be there! :)

Stuart, if you want me to change the date, time or anything else... tell me, I have 48 hours to make the changes.

The nurse who will work instead of me has come too! I share my room here with her :) But I will move out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! I will call you when I do all the things :)

Also finally I got news from my sister, she is alive, sharks think she is not worth being eaten :) I am very happy, I can talk to her now and we can discuss the things about my trip to Australia!

Here is my news! As you see, I have much of it :) I hope your life is full of pleasant events too! I am always here to read about them and to be glad to know about everything that happens in your life! I consider myself as your friend and as a friend, I wish you only good things!

I feel I am almost in your country! In my thoughts I am already there
:) I am so happy and excited! I was a little bit scared to go so far alone but now I am not. You are there and you won't let me be lost :)

Well, I finish my mail. I have farewell party here with Maria, Pavel and Olga (another nurse). There will be no alcohol but much of healthy and delicious food :)

I guess next time we will talk over the phone! So, talk to you soon!

Best regards,
friendly kisses
from Zhanna.

Letter 8

Hi Stuart!

I found the way to write you, I am very happy to read from you but not all the news was happy.

I have something very important to tell you.

My arrival is under the question, I don't know for now if I come as I told you. Yes, I have the tickets booked but I haven't paid all the cost, I paid only 30.

Before I decided to come to Australia, I had talked to my sister. I asked her to lend me money and I would give it back when we sell our apartment. She agreed, she said she will send me money online if I get the visa. I got it but I have the problem with getting money.

It appeared she can't send money to me by Western Union as she wanted because she doesn't have phone on the ship where she works. Western Union asks for confirmation of the transfer over the phone and more over there are limitations for online transfers, she can't send me enough money.

She offered to transfer money into my account but I have only saving account for transfers within Russia only. To open a new account for international transfers I have to wait 2-3 weeks and then the money will be sent in 10 days. I have no so much time to wait.

And also she can make transfer only within Australia, her bank account is in Australia and she can transfer money online only to another bank account which is in an Australian bank.

My sister spends too much time working abroad, she even doesn't have friends in Australia, nobody can help her...

I have to pay in cash for the tickets now. My travel agency doesn't accept non-cash payment...

Stuart, you are the only person for the moment who can help us because you are in touch with me. I need to ask you for some assistance.

My sister can transfer money into your account and you can send it to me by Western Union, I will get the money very soon and I will be able to come as I planed. I am very short of time.

If you agree to help, my sister will transfer the money to you as soon as it's possible. But she needs some details of your bank account where she could transfer the money:

Full name:
bank name:
Bank account:

Please, Stuart, tell me as soon as possible if you can help. You answer is very important for me. If you can help, I will tell my sister and she will transfer the money right away.

If you don't want to help, tell me anyway, don't leave this message unreplied!!!! I will accept it without any anger. I will cancel my tickets until it's too late.

Please, reply this mail! Even if it will be your: No, I can't help!

I am waiting for your reply with fear in my heart... I am afraid of losing the chance to come to your country and meet up with you.

Best regards,
your Zhanna.



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