Scam Letter(s) from Olga to Fernando (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Good evening!My name is Olga. To me of 27 years. I from city Murom which am in Russia. I have seen your profile on this site and have decided to write to you. I would would like to communicate to you on letters the electronic. To me it would be very pleasant if you has written to me on my electronic address. Here it: I will look forward from you the letter. If you to me write that I will send you still my photos. That you could learn is better me and look at me. I wait from you the letter. Olga.

Greetings the friend !!!!!!!

Letter 2

You do not represent as I pleasantly to write the letter to you,
This such fine feeling when get acquainted with the new person.
I hope, that to you as it will be pleasant to write me letters, I would be to try, which was interesting to you.
How you already know, what my name - Olga, and what is your name? It will be very interesting to me.
In us in Russia very easy names which it is impossible to tell about people from other countries,
I very often hear very long names on TV, it is sometimes very beautiful, the truth.
To me of 27 years. Possibly you wish to know more about my life and why I have written to you?
Thus I will begin with it who I and that I do for a life.
I was born on May, 1st 1981, in the city of Kostroma. It is very beautiful and very old city of Russia.
I do not have father, my daddy has thrown my mum when has learnt, that it is pregnant,
And this which child in it will be quickly,
My mum did not speak, why it has been frightened by that on light I will be born,
But I think, that it has simply been frightened, that it on light I will be born.
My mum spoke it, he did not love it, and that for to live two person together if they do not love each other.
I even am grateful to it if they lived together it
To me it was necessary to listen to quarrels and shouts and thus my mum was happy, eventually it had I.
But I would like to see it and to study that it from me directly person, whether there are in it children and the wife.
When to me it has been executed 3 years, we with my mum have moved to other city of Moore,
As my unique grandmother and the grandfather there lived.
My grandfather has died, and after which we remained to live to Murom.
In 17 years I have left school, and have gone to study at the state university Murom,
After research I have started to work from Shopping centre, I will sell the various house goods,
I sell the various house goods, it is final, does not bring much money, but it is rather enough to buy meal and some things.
And in this rhythm I continue to live, basically all satisfies to me,
But there is no person with whom I could divide long evenings to which I could open.
Certainly I had people with whom I have tried to construct relations, but all their floor interested only, all it was indifferent, which I feel.
I already live together with mum, it of 58 years, and it on pension, it does not work, only very tasty food of cooks.
Please do not ask, why I have written to you, I fairly do not know to answer you this question,
I think, that I was not mistaken, I very much wish to try to construct with you very strong relations!
But at first we will begin with friendship.
I possibly did not speak with you, but I write to you from Interent-cafe, I do not have any computer house,
Therefore I should write to you from cafe, but I hope, that it will not move to our acquaintance.
My time comes to an end, and I should go now. I will go with hope to see tomorrow from you the fine letter.
I very much would like to construct with you relations, I hope, that all will be.
I with impatience will wait for your letters, to write!
Do not forget to send your photos, I very much wish to receive from you some photos!!!

Your electronic girlfriend Olga.

Letter 3

Hello Ferry !!!!!!!!!

How your day has begun? At me it is fine, very joyful mood!
Whether when I went to cafe I did not know I will receive your letter?
But when I have opened mail I have seen that you have written to me, it has lifted my mood, to me became so well.
I mean have interested you, means now we will get acquainted more close.
I long thought of what to you to tell and have decided to tell about my friends, and here now I will make it.
At me is not present so and many friends, at me are only my best girlfriend which Katerina ,
We are friends of it from the earliest childhood, and not when did not stop each other in a trouble.
We together went to children's home, studied at one school, but only in Institute
We studied with it in different groups as we have chosen different specialities.
Always it is possible to rely on it, and she when will not leave whom in a trouble.
Early I had attitudes with the person, we even with it lived in one apartment, and liked each other,
But through not which time, it began to contact Alcohol, and we began to not understand each other,
We had at night shouts, it sometimes beat me but as that time we with my girlfriend went on park,
And there there was it with other girl, and the ambassador we have left it, and all mine dreams of wedding, of children,
Have fallen in a deep chasm and after that I did not want to build the attitude with our Russian men.
I simply any more did not want to test still such feelings which I have tested with my last partner.
After that I to decide to address in Acquaintances of service.
And I to find you. And we to write each other. And I It very much to love.
I to wish to be the happy person and to execute With it all life.
I to wait from the person of understanding, I to think, that it
The most important and is final the big love and care of me and of ours the future family.
I will try to make the person happy. But without its help, without its love and understanding of it will make difficultly.
I once again to wish to check up such feeling as love.
I very much to hope for it. Love - the finest feeling on the basis.
I know that many people get acquainted on the Internet and after create very strong family, I too wish to make it.
It is very pleasant to me to read your letters, I hope that to you as very pleasantly to read mine.
I wish to ask you, you have best friend? you smoke? You drink alcohol?
It certainly is not important but very interesting to me. For example I do not drink and I do not smoke.
I have to you one request, you could tell to me on what site I could look at your photos??
I will be glad if you write me it in your following letter.
Unfortunately my time comes to an end, but know that I will necessarily come in Internet cafe to look mail from you,
write I with impatience I will wait for your letters.
Now I should go, I will wait your letter and to answer it!

Your girlfriend Olga.

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Ferry !!!!!!!!

How are you doing? I hope that after my letter better.
You know today at us very fine day, and it would be desirable to sing songs, you like to sing?
I very much like to sing, especially lyrical songs.
You know one our poet who has died for a long time already, has told: And without music to us the life is not lovely...
I consider that it is very correct words, you have noticed that any film does not do without a soundtrack,
after all if to remove music from our life it becomes grey and sad you agree with me?
What music is pleasant to you more? I precisely can not inform you, what music is more me to like,
As I prefer to listen to music, on mood when to me vigorously I listen to cheerful and alive music.
To me very much like to listen to songs foreign and Russian PoP executors such as the Madonna,
Britney Spears, Maxim, Alla Pugacheva, Dmitry Bilan, Michael Jackson’a.
Sometimes I listen RnB to songs such as Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Rihanna.
And you listen that be from that that I listen?
Sometimes we with girlfriends go on discos what well to spend and dance.
Besides music I as like to look films, we very often go to the cinema with friends, you love cinema?
Last film which has liked me it there was our Russian film Fight with a shadow. you showed this film?
It has very much liked me. Still I very much like a film Titanic, I took this film in hire, it is very good film, you saw it?
By the way I have forgotten to ask you, you would like to dance with me?
I very much would like to dance with you.
I spoke about you to the friends, told about that as you live and that to you is pleasant to correspond with me,
they are very glad that I have found the person which wishes
to communicate with me and with which it is really interesting to do it.
You know that the friend in a life this one of the most valuable things, I am very glad that at me such friends,
we hang together in everything, they always were a number when to me it was bad,
nearby there was also I when it was bad to someone from them.
You have such friends, I think that is, it should be at any person.
But if nevertheless is not present, know that you always can rely on me,
I will try to be your best and the loved one to whom you can address for council.
That do I speak all those words to you I hope that you like to read them,
it is pleasant to learn about me that that more, you wish to know about my city more?
Now I will finish the letter, my time comes to an end, very long for me would occupy time what to write to you,
I sit and I think that will be interesting to you, and that is not present.
I hope that to you interestingly all that I write.
Now I say goodbye to you to the following letter! Write I will necessarily answer, I with impatience wait.

Your friend and companion Olga.

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Ferry !!!!!!!

I so am glad to your letter, I am always glad when I see that you have written to me.
How are you doing? I wish that it was even better than is now.
I did not tell to you about my city.
I wish to make today it.
Here it is a lot of kind. It is very old city which was based in 1760.
I would be to send you some photos of my city, that you could look, as it looks.
It is very beautiful and big city with the population of 120 thousand inhabitants.
Certainly it is very old house, we live in it with my mum very long.
At us one-room apartment, but we have already got used, at you possibly house much more?
My dear even it is a shame to me a little what not all in Russia have worthy habitation,
in the west it is all is arranged much better!
It is very pleasant to me to write to you and to receive from you answers, and you like to read that that I write?
I try to answer your questions and write about that that to you can to be interesting,
after all it is possibly interesting to you as there live people in other country!!!
My friend I never spoke to you that I am able to play a guitar? Whether I really do not remember I spoke to you about it.
Here I am able to play a guitar, I even tried to compose songs,
is final at me it turned out not as at the present musician, but some songs very much like me.
I sang the songs to the friends and they speak that it very much even well,
I trust them they not begin to deceive me, can sometime be to you also it will be possible to hear as I sing?
If the such I is possible I will sing to you one of my best songs,
and it will be even better if I can compose a song devoted only to you.
My dear I can write to you eternally and very long but unfortunately I cannot make it.
Because my time comes to an end also I should release the computer,
but I will come as always tomorrow and I hope that I will see your letter.
Sometimes I wake up with bad mood but when I read your letter my mood at once it rises and becomes very good. Thanks you for it.
Simply I understand that I am not indifferent to you.
The my dear friend have good luck in this bottom!!!!

Your friend Olga.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Ferry !!!!!!!!!

I am very glad to receive news from you again.
I feel, how with each letter you become closer for me.

To me it is very boring from a life here without the person whom I can grow fond,
and you - unique who is necessary to me, and gives me force to live.
You see, that we became much closer, than ever before.
You cannot imagine at all that you mean for me. You mean much.
You can ask, is possible: why. I do not know. But I really know - that you for me became very close person.
I never knew such beautiful soul as yours. You have opened it once for me and never closed.
Now I open my soul for you. I thought of you last night.
Now I completely trust you, and you became for me the close and native person to whom I can open the heart.
I speak all of you it sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with your feelings,
and I hope, that you too will be fair under the attitude to me.
I like to read letters from you. My heart always skipping when I see the message from you in my mail box.
I become the grasped aspiration from you. I do not want, that you have been put forward with my feelings.
Excuse me if I am too expressive.
Probably, you did not expect it from me?
But something has changed a way of my life recently, and I believe, that it - you.
I think of you each hour and every minute. It is a pity to me, that we not friends for a long time.
I know, that there can be, I - hopeless romantic, but I trust,
that our Meeting through the Internet - the best thing which could occur to us.

Your dear Olga.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Ferry !!!!!!

How are you doing, your life? At me well only it is a pity that you not near to me.

I very much would like to know about that as you like to spend the days off.
I would like to tell to you today as we spend days off with the friends
At us in Russia people very much love the days off, because very much a tough job at The majority of them.
Who has simply a rest at home with a family who would go to itself on a summer residence that something
To make on the house. Many people go on the nature, because it very much it is good to have a rest on the nature,
we near to a city have fine woods and very often we go There with friends, only here it is a pity that it does not occur each days off.
Certainly it would be desirable to get out each days off on the nature but it is impossible as we do not try.
We have one most favourite place, it is in wood, is very far from road.
There there is a small lake, also the small village, but people there there is located Kind and they never against that that we come,
the main thing what we not Littered that lake with dust that occurs to all reservoirs of the world, it so is sad.
Usually we plant a fire and we do meat on coals and we sleep in tents,
sometimes We stop at the familiar person and we sleep at it, but on open air much Better so it not seems to you?
in the Evening before a fire we usually sing the songs, favourite songs,
As I sang it some times songs which I have written itself,
but unfortunately I could not To send you these songs. I do not know where them to write down what to send you.
In revival it is very difficult to leave from there because very much it is pleasant there to us Everything,
such feeling that is our house, but certainly it is necessary to come back again in
City vanity. But within a week there is a stimulus what to live.
To return in following days off on that place.
I hope to you that was pleasant that I have written to you.
I think to you it was interesting To read about that as we spend days off.
I hope to receive from you the answer,
I very much like to come to the Internet of cafe and To see that there is a letter from you, it so is fine.
Have excellent put and do not forget about me, I will wait!!!

With love your Olga.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Ferry !!!!!!!

I hope that you is nothing I name you my dear?
But it became seems to me that we enough more close than were
at the very beginning of our acquaintance, so it not seems to you?
I was very interesting to read me about your life much I find out from your letters,
on you and on your country, on that as there live people in other country.
My dear I hope that to you also interestingly to read my letters.
All that I write you about the life and about the time forwarding,
it can be carried to the majority of people living in Russia.
But it very cheerfully believe we do not spend time in vain.
My dear I wish to tell to you a little about that that I thought yesterday.
I search for such relations when all is constructed on trust, on love and care. It is very bad when one
person suspects of what that another, I have tested it to me it very well familiarly.
When two persons really love each other, there can be no speech about mistrust.
Also two persons which love each other should help in all each other, pass all difficulties together so it will be much easier!!!
I search for the person which will be cares of me and about whom I will be I care!
The person which will understand me and which will be understood by me!
From our letters I see that you that person! I understand that can early be still to judge, but nevertheless I speak you that that I think, I do not wish to hide from you that that!
My ideas are close to yours?
I would like to give you all heat of my heart!
I think that you that person that is necessary for me! I wish to continue to develop with you our relations as all goes so well!
I hope that it will not frighten you,
I am simple really I wished to share with you the thoughts I think that we should speak each other that we think, if it concerns as that of our relations, I am right?
My dear I so would like to continue to write you this letter, but I am compelled to leave now, but I will answer you your following letter,
I hope it will not keep itself waiting.
Have excellent day!
Your angel Olga.

Letter 9

Thanks for your letter my friend Ferry !!!!!!!

The my dear friend I is very glad to receive your letter. As your mood?
You know, right after that as I have read your letter, to me it became very joyful on a shower, even when I have seen it I already was glad.

My friend I wished to ask you what films you love?
Romantic or fantastic, adventure?
I like all kinds of this genre and I look films on mood. But most of all I like a film "Humpbacked mountain”.
It was a beautiful film.
It is about two gay guys that met each other in a complex where they both
stay. Due to circumstances they could not be together and one guy left the city and moved to another city far from each other. They still love each other over that distance and keep on thinking of each other. As time passes, they meet up again, that was so beautiful.
You saw it a film, this very beautiful cinema.
My friend and you love what music?
I love music that it did my day more cheerfully and more vigorously.
When at me bad mood I listen to lyrical music, you know I I plunge into these histories which I hear in songs and I forget that world that surrounds me and I understand that a life very good thing. To me it becomes very good.
Very well that in sew lives there is a music after all without it there would be no much that we now have, so it not seems to you?
By the way and you are able to play any musical instrument? I play a guitar, I in the childhood studied and now even I compose songs, but nobody hears them except my friends, but it very much is pleasant to them.
Can be when I will play also to you.
I wish to ask you, what you search in relations between two people?
I consider that first of all it there should be a love, whether not so?
Sex is certainly very important in relations, but it will not be such bright and not forgetting if two persons do not love each other.
I think that you will be agree with me, but all the same write that you think of it to me it will be interesting to know, after all only so we can find out each other better.
You know I very much would like to write to you still, but unfortunately I should go home, but I will come tomorrow and to write to you well?
I hope to receive from you the answer.
It will be interesting to me to know what music to you it is pleasant also what films you look!
With the best regards your Olga.

Letter 10

Hi my dear angel Ferry !!!!!!!

How are you doing? At me almost all is good.
Why I speak that almost? It because I have no you nearby, and me So it would be desirable to embrace you.
I hope that you are not confused, but I really would like it.
My dear and how at you with weather? At us today it is valid very much
Heat and the bright sun, very much is pleasant to me such weather because it pleases my soul!
My dear you like such weather? It is very beautiful and romantic, and still I as well as much to me very much like to walk at night.
To you It not seems that also romantically?
After all stars, the moon, night air all it so pleases soul, and still it will be more pleasant if two persons which walk in such night love each other.
My dear I know that before far but I so I wish to walk with you, together with you here in such night.
Know I has started to reflect on that to meet with you, certainly I know that it probably early, but I already have started to think a little of that as it is possible to make it.
Certainly still early to lead on it conversation, but I think it is necessary to reflect already on it, I do not wish to correspond all time with you, I wish to see you and to speak with you, and to be near to you, I hope that you are not frightened.
Know, it can be fantastic, but I think if to want it it it is possible to make.
Even which dreams I have started to dream me I see you near to me, I very much would like it.
Tell as you to me concern? What do you feel to me? To me very important it is the nobility, I certainly understand what early to wait from you for words that you love me, there is no it yet will not be final, because love it is serious, I am right?
But I can tell to you openly that I feel to you the warm feelings which are already ready to outgrow in love.
My dear I very much very much hope that you test the same feelings.
I very much very much like to write to you, and to find out from you more, and more more news from your life.
I would not like to leave Internet cafe, but I should go now after all at me time has come to an end, and I should send now this letter and go.
I leave but I promise that I will come again and I will write again to you.
The main thing write me, I very much like to read your letters!
With hope of understanding and love, your Olga.

Letter 11

Hello my love Ferry !!!!

I always shall name now you my love. You not against?

I have remarkable news to you. I have decided to execute our dreams.

I for a long time dream to see you.
Dream to have strong embraces and a gentle kiss with you.
I shall try to execute my dream. Yesterday I have learned that in one month I shall have holiday.
I at once have decided where I shall carry spend the holiday.
I want to carry out my holiday at you in the country.
I want to visit you . It will be best my holiday.
All holiday we shall be a line.
Most my treasured dream I will come true shall be near to you.

Our meeting it will be possible only if you want it.
For me your feelings are very serious. I read each your letter very attentively.
If you do not object about our meeting I shall prepare for documents for trip.
Our meeting will be possible if both of us shall want it.
I shall do all what to lead holiday with you.
I would understand that it in our forces what to have a meeting.
If we shall prepare together to a meeting our meeting is held.
You agree? I hope you too you want a meeting and you will help me.

I believe only mutual love.
Therefore I believe that both of us want this meeting.
It will be the beginning of our joint life. I will be sure it the most remarkable holiday in my life because you will be near to me.

Excuse I my love should tell good-bye!

With love your Olga.

Letter 12

Hello my love Ferry !!!!!!!!!

I am very happy to receive your letter.

My favourite, now I shall speak you serious things.
I very much ask you that you have was in earnest to this letter very much, and with understanding have concerned to my words.
My favourite, I yesterday went to travel agency to learn that to me it will be necessary to arrive to you.
My dear, me have told in agency that it will be necessary to make the visa, the passport, various information, and the various documents, necessary to visit you.
To me have told in agency that all cost of documents will cost about 400 euro.
Unfortunately I do not have such sum of money to pay for services in agency.
It is not very a pity to me that I can pay independently, and your help is necessary for me.
I understand that for you it too greater money, but from me any more at whom to ask the help except for you.
My favourite, I very strongly wish to meet you. I love you.
My favourite to me very much that on our way there was a barrier, These are money.
It is very a pity to me that money has interfered with love.
My favourite, your help with money that I could make documents is necessary for me and arrive to you.
My dear, I very much shall be grateful to you if you can help me with money for documents.
I shall never forget your help with money.
My dear, I very much hope for your help.

I love you. I wish to spend time with you. YOU my LOVE!!!!!!!!!
I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

With love your Olga



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