Scam letter(s) from Michelle Anderson to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my one and only Kenneth,
How are you doing to day sweetie? I hope you are doing well. I had a very good night and it was fill with the thoughts of you . Honey thank you million times for your sweet and loving mail that you send to me angel. Less not forget i finally got a some Jamaican's guy's who has alot of diamonds to sell and they are giving it to me on a very good price and i think if i am able to secure this deal i will have alot of profit b'cos this people does'nt know how much this stuff really value honey. My dear that is how the diamonds business is all about and that is why am always travelling looking for diamonds cos you will meet some people who don't really know how much that cost.My luv i have attached a picture of the diamonds to you to have a look at it luv. Honey it is alot of Diamonds wow i will make millions of dollars on it when i buy it.. My dear i think i will be making more than 3 to 4 million dollars when i bring the diamonds to the State for maketing. My dear we will be rich and get more money . My love i called my Bank broker this morning and i was told he just got married and he is on his honey moon with the wife in Trinidad & Tobacco, I did'nt know he has gotten married. I wanted him to wire me some money to secure this dear since alot of people are interested in buying the stuff. Am going crazy just don't know what to think of and before i can get money from my bank my Broker have to sign before i sign to get money and that is i have made my account so that nobody can access my account.My love i have to take a lawyer to secure this deal for me and have the Document down before i will make payment to the Guy's am buying the stuff from. Honey i don't have much money with me right now and the only money with me am using it to pay for my hotel bills. My dear right now i need the pay the lawyer $10,000 for him to prepare a document for me to secure the Diamonds cos i don't want to lose this good deal to anyone and if i don't make fast and make payment to this deal right away i may lose it to someone. My love so right now i need $10,000 to pay this lawyer today or tomorrow for him to get me this document to secure the stuff. My love i will have to pay the lawyer half payment which is $5,000 for him to start and when he finish then i will pay him the order half. So i wil need $5000 to add to it to pay the lawyer tomorrow for him to get me the document covery the stuff sweetie.My dear i want you to pls help me with the $5000 and i will pay back your money as soon as i secure the stuff and so that the lawyer can get me the document ok. Pls don't let me down on this help that am asking from you and i will pay you back your money with any intrest rate that you want on it luv. Money is not a problem for me and i will be making almost 3 o 4 million Dollars on this deal when i get to the State. Honey has for the amount i will use to pay the money to pay for the hole stuff , i am making arrangment on that but right now i just need the lawyer's money to pay him today or tomorrow so he can get me the document covery the stuff. So Honey pls help me with the lawyers money . My dear email me back and let me know what's up with you and know what to do luv and pls don't let me down on this darling.Baby i have attached a picof the stuff in this email for you to have a look at and be happy for me luv. Hope i will here from you sweet pretty darling soon. Love always, Michelle.
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