Scam letter(s) from Alisa Chernysheva to Mike (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Mike!!
Hope you are well. I`m fine.
Today it was good day! I went to my work but now I`m already free from my working duties.
Yesterday as usual I had supper with my Mum. It was very warm family evening. I like to spend my time with my Mum. I always feel calm myself and protected at my home. We talk about you and me.
My Mum know that I love you very much and I think as every Mother wants that her daughter was happy. I said her that for me the main happiness know is to be with you. She told me about her first love. It was when she was at school, his name was Alexander. They went in one school and in one class.
It was first very gentle and romantic feelings. But one day he came to my Mum and said that his family decided to move to another town for living.
It was a big impact for her. They wanted to escape together but at least they decided to write letters to each other and come to see each other...
But when he had left he wrote only one letter and he never saw him any more.
It`s very sad story.
I understand that her and my situation with you now are different. But she understand how hard to live far from man which you love.
I told her that I want to visit you, and you know that she even was not surprised!!
Because on my face she always sees how I`m grieving without you.
But she is worried how can I get to you how much money I need and if you will be with me all time when I`ll be at your country.
I said her that you promised help me with money and you`ll meet me in the airport.
And I think when you`ll be at work I`ll help you do some work at your home and I`ll wait you and cook a taste dinner to you!!!
Oh I so wait for this time you even can`t imagine it!!
It`s very hard for me to remember it but I want to ask you when you`ll able to send me money? Because I need to do some documents and I think it needs time.
But if you can`t do it now please don`t think that I hurry you!! But I just think that we should begin to do something with my documents.
I was in travel agency and me have assured that they can make for me the visa in your country.
I will need to prepare only some papers, to fill in some forms, to pay money and after all it I can receive approximately in 10 days necessary documents to visit your country and you.
Hope you`ll write me very soon!!
I so love you!!
Many kisses..
Your Alisa
Letter 2
Hello my dear Mike again!!!
How are you living??
All my life now is waiting... waiting for our meeting....
At first when I realized that I have a new friend, good friend, the man who always can understand me, to support me and with whom I can share all best in my life and just discus some themes which interest me I was very happy. Because I think that in usual everyday life it`s not very easy to meet such close person. I value it very much and was afraid to lose it.
Then I understand that you are very important for me and I can`t see my life without you, without your letters in which I also saw so much warms words... I feel so many warm feelings inside and I need that I want to share them with you! To show that you are really very very important for me!
I know that I love you!!! Love... I know that it`s not very easy word...
And I never can say it without feelings...
Somebody asks how to know that it`s love? May be it`s just attachment or good friendship... But when you`ll really love the man you won`t ask such questions! Because you will know that it`s love!
I was very happy to feel it, to know that in the other part of the world there is you, for whom I`m important too!!!
But with everyday I understand that it`s so impossible to live far from you...
To live without you, to see the sunrise and sunset without you...
To eat and sleep without you...
I want to feel you, to see you as much as possible, to take care of you!
Sorry if you see that this letter is very sad but I feel that we should be together.. I so want it!!!
I am glad that you want arrive to me and get acquainted with my family.
And I would be to acquaint pleasure you with native, but understand me correct, unfortunately I cann't accept you. In our life and in many others families of our town there are many traditions. My lovely by tradition the girl should be the first enter in the house loved of man, and then she invites him to herself. Would you understand that I with pleasure wanted that you have arrived to me and have got acquainted with my mum. But this tradition will not allow me do it. I love my mum and I don't want her will be afflict.
If you will arrive, my mum will be a shame and I'l be never forgiven it myself.
Our city not so big and a lot of familiar. Us will count not good because I did not observe traditions which have been incorporated very much for a long time.
My dear if for you our traditions do not mean anything I'll understand that it not a love.
For me it is very important to keep harmony and does not disturb parents. If you don't want that I have arrived, I'll understand you. I love you and know that on a planet there is heart which love you and live for you.
I`m waiting your letter as usual... I love you!! I love you very much!!
Your Alisa.
Letter 3
Greetings my loved Mike! I am very glad to receive your letter.
Today we have a rain all the day long. In me not so Very bad weather.
I shall read today the book. I to go to library And to take 3 books. I like to read when in the street there is a rain. I read novels. When I read about love which I test together with heroes And I as though to be in the novel. I frequently think of you within day. To me it is bad without you Without you and I want, that you have taken all things as soon as possible, that we were together. I love you all heart. I am very pleased, that in my life there was such happiness. I have met you and became loving. I LOVE YOU Mike! I first of all want to arrive to you. I with hope shall wait from you the letter.
That I could arrive to you to me it is necessary to make documents.
But unfortunately I have nothing for it to pay. I very much rely on you.
As soon as I shall pay for my documents
I can already travel to you approximately in 10 days. With love for
ever, your Alisa.
Letter 4

Good day my loved Mike! I so am happy to see your new letter! I so love you! I very much wait day of our first meeting. I want it, you knew, That I already am completely ready to arrive to you!!! I would arrive to you Though tomorrow, if it from me, to depend! I have the big dream concerning us! Mine Mike, you have dream concerning us?
I want to love you Eternally! I want to grow old together with you. I want, that our relations Were for ever!!! I love you more lives! I want to wish all people Such love! My loved Mike, I want to tell to you, what even In such pleasant days for us we should not forget about those people, which Never can already love. You know to what I to you it to speak mine Mike? In our house the guy who has died lived. And now he has been lost. He has been lost on war in the Chechen Republic. In our house Only everyone speaks about it. So it is a pity to me of this guy. War to spoil him And he now never can love a life. To SIMILAR AS I LOVE YOU! We should estimate LOVE always! You agree with me Mike? Which god has sent this highest feeling to us from heavens. We should touch To this very much yours faithfully. I LOVE YOU! I love you Mike! I want it, you knew, that I shall never betray our love. I wait your letter soon.
I cannot while to travel to you as it is necessary to make for this purpose necessary papers that I could go to you in your country.
These papers cost 620$USD and it is very expensive for me and I cannot pay for it independently. I very much rely on you and that you can help me with it. If you will help me with it that I promise you that when I shall arrive to you that I be employed and to return to you all this money. You can help me with it?
Unfortunately at me my photos have ended and on this I cannot send you a photo any more. For ever yours, Alisa.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Mike! How are you? Hope you are well! I`m fine!
Love and all feelings which are now in my heart help me live. But unfortunately one thing make my life not so nice and wonderful as I want. May be you need it too as I need. I want be with you, to feel you... Oh, it`s the greatest what can happen with me. I so want to know that you also feel it! That you need to be near with me!! I so love you.
As I said I went to the travel agency just to know what I need for my trip to you.
I wrote down everything what they said me. It has afflicted me. I know that I need many documents together. But it`s not so important. I can do it, I`ll ready to spend time for doing it. But it`s very expensive. I even can not to think that it`ll so big sum. It was very hard for me to know. All my dreams began to seem me very fragile. Everything what I dream is so far for me now. But my love began only stronger. It begin stronger and stronger with every day.
Here I want to write you what's I need first of all:
The international passport is necessary, it's about $ 170 USD. The short-term visa.
Is given out for the period of 90 days. It's coast about 210$ USD. The obligatory insurance $ 120 USD is necessary. If with me that be happen. And me then will render medicine the help free-of-charge. Ticket aboard the train up to cities Moscow $ 120 USD. What to receive the visa. The following documents are necessary.
The Russian passport. 2 color or black-and-white photos 5*5. The application for the form DS-156. The information from a place of job with the instruction (indication) of a post and wages (original). Registration the visa ia about 10 days.
It's mean, that's first of all I need 620$ USD. It's very hard for me, but I have not such big sum of money. I don't know what I can do for our meting. But I want that you`ll know any way I`ll love you!!! And you will always in my heart. I so want to think that one day I can meet with you. That I`ll able to come to you. It`ll be the happiest day in my life...
I should go home now. I will wait your letter!!
Love you!
Many kisses
Your Alisa.
Letter 6
MY ANGEL Mike!!! We with you shall be happy, together, that I am confident it!!! I know, that you protect and protect me when I shall arrive to you!!! I so am pleased, that things approach between us. We shall soon Together and we shall have happy time together. I want to incorporate ours Hearts! I so am excited about our meeting! I shall shout for pleasure, When I shall see you for the first time. I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to understand, That you love me. I shall be true only for you. I want to love you. So it is a pity to me because I could lose with you contact. I want to arrive to you, and in never feel more Similar feelings. This fear from men sweated loved to enter my heart the big grief. I love you, and we shall be happy together. I was, more today cannot write than anything as I am left for limits with happiness, and I have no not enough many words to express it! I am very pleased, that between us there is a Trust, I am simply happy To understand, that my love trusts me. If not it I become more confident That we shall soon meet you because the love Can
overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties, which prevent To us to reunite, but We together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands. We should Meet you because we cannot live the friend without the friend, you Agree with me? I soon wait for your letter Mike, my love.
I went to travel agency and to me have told that I can receive all necessary that I could visit your country. To me have told that it is necessary for me
to fill in some forms, to bring some papers, to pay money for registration and after all it later approximately 10 days to me will give out necessary documents that I could visit your country and you.
Name - Alisa
Surname - Chernysheva
Country - Russia
City - Archangel'sk
address - Engel'sa 12 - 24
Zip - 163139 Your Alisa.
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