Scam Letter(s) from Freda Sam to Jonathan (USA)

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Letter 1

hello ,how are you doing and l really hope u are in good health as l was reading much of your profile with sweet lovely mail u send to me,please thanks for your mail and l will like to know much from u and we need to lean each other first and meeting our self very soon,
because l was this site looking for my real future partner and now its you l will like to spend my life love heart with you only,
please as write in here and if u can give me your id to chat with l will be happy send you my sweet photos l have for you,
hope to here more from you my baby,
email me back,
l do need you so much deep in my heart,
have a nice day,

Letter 2

dear my love
i was very glad that you from this site .thanks a lot and l am so much happy to chat with you now know more about you,
how are u doing?hope you are also doing well single and i live with my mum only in an sindle apartment name is Freda Sam,and am 30years old,half cast white lady,[father lrish/mum ghanaian],but they have divorced and my father also die now,
l have spent almost all my life time and studies in lreland and l think am now free so l uesd this opportunty to visit my mother down here so rigth now am in ghana,am now with my mum here.and l am single never married,looking for husband to shaer a great mutual intimate relationship with ,which can lead to possible marriage and meeting together now, l work as fashion designer and do hair dresser in a beauty salon and do mudicures perdicurs toe nelis hair stalys many other things here ,
Dear am very honest,kind,caring,loving,submissive,tolerant and very respectful with good interess,l felt so much interested in you when l came accross of your email l feel so happy to mail you,it my dream to meet my partner from my our counting,my main interest and ambition is to meet my lover soon for possible relationship or marriage,l like going out with my partner,and give him all he want from me,
life without a man is boring and i will like to meet you soon and fullfill my sexual actually looking for a realtionship and sex with you.meeting you is my goal but i hope you want the same to
i have enclosed some photos of me so u see how i look like.
since this is my first email to you i will like to end here and wait for your reply.
please i will like to see some photos of u if you can and reply soon cos am already missing u.take care and hope to hear from you soon.please do tell me all about yourself and your wish in this relationship that weare starting.
please can you give me back your phone number to call you,
write me very soon when you came back home
yours lovely

Letter 3

please email me back tell me more of your plans, we need to know our self

Letter 4

Hello my dear Jon
Am with much love to write you this lovely mail again from my heart to you,please how are you doing and l hope you are fine,am also doing well just like feel so happy in my life. l got the right person to shear my real love with him alone because l was looking for a man so long to start a new life with him if you are seriously about me too. ?

darling l was enjoy your mail very well and l will be truth and faithful to you as well understanding because l hope now God have give me the person always am looking for in my life am very seriously about you not hear to play games with you ok
my sexual fantasies is 1 on 1 sex, and dogie styles l like oral sex too if you can make it for me l like it honey l really enjoy your photo as well and l keep it in my heart .l like animals so much l was new to this site if l can get someone to married me and my dream is looking for right person in my heart and start new life also meet him any where to make good future, honey can you make it truth let as meet very soon,

Am now living in Ghana with mum l am very happy that now l got you in my heart am going to hold you very well and make you happy and we will know our self well one day we can meet to make love together,
its you l need to shear the rest of my love with you write me soon honey again l really love your photos so much l just keep them in my heart feel it so good,please l have send u photo again l really hope you love them so much,
have a nice day,
tell me when we can meet online again,
l think the same time we can meet to talk
write me soon

Letter 5

hi my dear Jon,
Good evening and how are you doing ,l really hope you are and well?as am also doing fine thing much of you looking at your photo now and l was happy you write me back again because am very seriously seeking for a right person in my deep heart and l wish now l have you as well so we need to know ?
please l will like to spend my real life with and we can make any type of sex making as well because l need you and l will lean much from you when we meet together, thanks so much of your mail and l really enjoy reading much of you now.
please am very sorry not answer your question and you can ask me again ,please l will answer you as well?
honey l will write you more when l hear from you back again
ask me the question again

Letter 6

How are u doing hope u are fine,
am also doing well thinking much of you so much and its faw day to here from u and l hope everything is ok,
please email me back because l do missed u so much and l cant wait to see u shear my life and love with u,
please email me back,
l missing u so much

Letter 7

please u are so stupid to report me as scammer, l will show u black africa power if u did not go there to deleted my profile from there, l give u only three day other wairs u will see black africa power



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