Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Henry to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Justin,
It was a sad day here yesterday, which has caused delay in getting back to you. It happens yesterday while I was going to purchase some materials,
About half way to where the store is, all of a sudden I noticed some men putting on the police Uniform on the high way with gun, so we never knew there were armed robbers, One of them pointed a gun right to my fore-head and that was what I saw last, It was later in the evening I woke up and found myself at the hospital, the doctor told me I was brought to the hospital Unconscious, I discoveredI lost my wallet on my way to pay for some fabrics and textiles materials at the store, after the whole incident. Have been in pains and feel real sad about what happened because the loss would affect the progress of my shopping down here. I have cash worth of about $7,690 in the wallet and had no cash with me except the blank checks I have with me at the hotel room, but the check are not cashable here, this happened as a result of laws that wont accept the cashing of travelers check or money orders in this country nor would they take Tc or money Orders as form of payment because the economic is very low and the banking systems are run localy .................. ****, I will like to know how and what you can do for me to get myself together, Coz I also need to settle my hotel bills and also not sure if I will be able to purchase the materials I came here for, may be you will help me to get it cashed over there and send it to me or probably you will assist me with the hotel bill so that I will be allowed to move out of the hotel and i will refund it to you as soon as i am there with you.sweetie i feel really sad and would love to seek a big favour from you based on trust and honesty... would like to know if i can trust and count on you with all my heart or if its the hotel bills U can assist with , so maybe I will schedule another trip for the materials ?? If so, can i mail some money orders to you in the states to cashed for me ? can u get this done for me based on trust and honesty ??? The check will be made out in ur name, soonest as u get the orders take them to ur bank for cashing and wire the money back to me here via western union or a moneygram agent location ?? Let me know if u can help ? I would need your full name, contact address and phone number to mail the check..... am counting on you with all my heart! Please I will like to know how and what you can do for me to come over, may be you will help me to get it cashed over there and send it to me or probably you will give me the money and i will return it back to you as soon as i am there with you after cashing it. I will be needing your full name and address to send it to you, so that you would be able to get it cashed for me. I am so sorry for all the incoviniecies i am going to cost you but its like i need to get out of here pretty soon because all is not so ok here. Really Nervous, Alexandra
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