Scam Letter(s) from Florence Frimpong to Martin (Switzerland)

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Letter 1

Hello my lovely man Martin
My husband, If you do not care calling you by that name. Well i am really glad to hear from you and because i am really anxious in getting some mails from you i am always by my computer and thinking about you my dear one. well listen i want you to be the only man in my life and well i am here for you can trust me on that, i do not want to make any promises for now but i would be with you soon if only you are willing support me to meet you soon. No i will never let you down you have to bare in mind that i love you and it is only you . I am really glad to have you in my life and well i keep on praying to God to let everything be good on our side so that we can meet. But for now we have to keep in touch with each other. My lovely man Martin well i would like you to do me a favor .... well i would be finishing school this year and well the final exams is soon but well as you know my aunt who is taking care of me had lost her job so then i would like you to help me get some books so that i can be able to prepared for the exams and that cost 320euros and i am hoping you can do that for me
take care of your self for me cos you mean so much to me
from your love one



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