Letter(s) from Svetlana Ivanova to Gunes (Turkey)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear!
I am happy to see your letter.
I really have no a house the phone.
Daddy has mobile phone. But him practically does not happen at home. The phone is not necessary for mum.
I also dream to buy the mobile phone. But my wages do not allow to make it.
It is possible following variant: it would be fine if you positively will answer my offer.
You may send me 300 dollars through the Western Union? I at once would receive your money here in Russia. I could buy the mobile phone. Good phones in Russia expensive.
And we could talk as much as necessary much!
Could write SMS. To send beautiful photos. Might agree about a meeting!
I for a long time dream of the mobile phone! You can help me? I very much want it!!!
Only you can help me!
I shall wait the answer.
I LOVE YOU!!! I very much want to meet you!
With kisses yours Sveta.