Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Borisowa to Reall (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Real!
I am very glad to receive from you the letter! Thanks for your warm words:) it is very pleasant To me to read it:) as your vacation? At you all is good? To me it is very lonely, as you are not present nearby!
I very much do not have you! I cannot believe that for such short time, I so have strongly grown fond of you! But it is valid so, I you very strongly love you! I will be happy when I will see you! And to a smog to embrace you! Today I went to my aunt what to help it on its ground area, we dug a potato, I am very tired today! But when I have come home very much was delighted, when have seen your letter!
Real, I do not know that to me to do with my trip to you when I descended in travel agency and have learnt about cost of all documents and my ticket I very much was upset. These are very big money for me:) I even wish to speak to you about it because very much I value our relations! I do not know, how I can arrive to you! Real, tell, that to me to do!
I do not wish to ask you about the help as very much I am afraid to lose you! I cannot live without you.
And I cannot go through separations from you!
Real, I very tired and am going to sleep! But when I go to bed I constantly I think of you!
Have good day, with love yours for ever Ekaterina!

Letter 2

Hello my love Real!
Thanks for your warm words, are very pleasant to read me it from you:)
Today I again went to the aunt what to help it, and I am glad that all of us have completed work there. I very tired and have come recently home. I have accepted at once mail, and very much was delighted when have seen from you the letter:)
How at you business? I am glad that are capable to write to me!
Real, thanks for your understanding to my problem. Real, only know, that I very much value you and I do not wish to lose you! What money will not replace our relations! I very much love you and I wish to be with you till the end of the days!
I am very happy to know, that we soon will meet! I think, that it will be the happiest day in my life!!!
Real, you ask me about costs of my expenses. There to me have told, that it is necessary for me to collect many inquiries: the medical inquiry, the inquiry from work and many other papers. And it will cost 360 euro, I have checked up, I can collect all documents. As I will begin to cry for all expenses, and I will give all papers my visa will be ready, approximately in 7 working days. Then it is necessary for me to book the ticket which will cost 1230 euro in the same travel agency! It is very a pity to me, that all costs so expensively! I called to mum and asked it about the help, she has told, that it is very expensive. I have told, that you are ready to help me with purchase of my tickets. She has told, that is ready to help me only with purchase of tickets, but it cannot find all money, and has told, that you at first would help me with registration of my visa. She very much worries for me. But I have explained to it, how strongly we love each other! Real, tell that you think of it?
Real, when you will arrive to yourselves home that I to you I will try to call to you from a public telephone booth:) I very much wish to talk to you:)
Real, I am going to lay down to sleep, with thoughts on you! I am very tired:)
I very much wish to nestle on you, and to fall asleep with you:) I think, that soon my dream will come true:)
I very much love you! Have good day:)))))))))
With impatience I wait for your letter!

Letter 3

hello my love Real!
How your vacation? At you all is good?
At us today has become cold, means the autumn comes:) As at you weather?
Real, thanks for your help to me:) me it is very pleasant, that you care of me:)
I constantly think about my trips to you, I very much worry before a trip:) But your letters console me:) Real, tell what things to me it is necessary to take with itself?
As I already said to you, that my mum has told, that will help me to find a part of money for tickets, but she has told, that you would help me at first with the visa as she wishes to be confident you, that yours intentions are serious. She very much worries about me, she as heard a lot of bad about the Internet, speaks that when girls leave abroad them there hand over in slavery!
I have explained to it, that you not such, and that you very much love me, and I love you very much very strongly!
But she nevertheless worries for me.
Real, you speak that can book the ticket in your travel agency, But to me have told, that if I will order my passport through my travel agency the ticket to me as will be necessary for buying from them. Round-agency takes for me all responsibility!
Perhaps it will be little bit more expensive, but I will be confident it..
I cannot will believe that we soon will meet, I am very happy:)
I represent as you me will meet me at the airport, and I at last that can to embrace you!
Today we will go with Oksana on walk to chat with it:)
Write to me as you will have time.
I will wait very strongly for your letter.
Also know, there would be no I you very strongly love!
With love yours Ekaterina!

Letter 4

Hello my love Real!
I very much was delighted when have seen your letter today!
I am glad that you meet sister, and have received the good sunburn, I think, that I can see your sunburn!
Real, as you do not suffice me, I all would give what to spend with you your travel:) I very much want to you! I you very much love you!

Real, I understand you in your excitement, you are careful. I as very much worried earlier concerning my trip to you, but nevertheless I have calmed down, when I read your letters, and now I simply do not wish to doubt you!
I do not wish to think of the bad. I simply will not go through, if I will lose you! And I am ready to make all what to be with you!!! You understand me?
I yet have not received phone, I called to mum through a public telephone booth and as I will call to you. I think that I should buy other phone as I will have money.
I look forward your arrival what faster to arrive to you:)
Today I talked to Oksana, into the account of my trip to you, it gave me many good advice as she has told as you can send me money. More conveniently also will fastest make it through the Western Union! It is necessary for you to know my country and a city both my full name and my address. My name: Ekaterina Borisowa. My address: Republic Chuvashiya, city Kanash, street Kanashskaya, the house 26 apartment 13.
She has told, what so it is the most convenient, you have a Western Union?
I very much miss on you, and I wait for your arrival what somewhat quicker to call you, and to hear your voice:)
With impatience I will wait for your fine letter!
With love yours Ekaterina!

Letter 5

Hello my love Real!
Thanks for your letter! As I have received your number, we have gone at once with Oksana To the Western Union what to take away your money! We not aaaaii have come back, Yes we have received your money! Many thanks mine e?aeau! On Monday I will go to tour agency what to pay money for my documents:) I am very glad, that I can soon arrive to you my love! Real, you can write your phone number? That I can go what to cause you my love! I very much wish to hear you and to speak with you :)!
Oksana has told, that you wrote it the letter, but she has not had time to answer you. Thanks for your warm words.
I as madly love you and I want to you! To me who is not necessary any more! You are necessary to me only!!! As today I caused my mum, and have told, that you sent me money. She very much was delighted and has told that will be very glad to have you in our family. She has told, that on Monday to me will send 400$ what to help me with the ticket:) I as love mum:)
Real, how you today? Write to me. I with impatience will wait for your letter!
Real, I love you very much very much!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours Ekaterina!

Letter 6

Hello my love Real!
As it was very pleasant to me to speak on the phone with you:) At you very lovely voice:)
Excuse, for my English language, I worried not much:)
Excuse, that I had such problems! It is necessary for me to show this sum of money at customs what to prove, that I will have means for a life! I will not spend this money, I will give them a zraza at the airport, all sum! It such are laws in our country! Excuse, that I did not know about it earlier! I when did not travel so far! I am very upset now, that I had such problems.
I cannot fall asleep now, I think where to find such sum of money: (
Real, it is very a pity to me, that I had such problems, I understand, that you already have helped me very much! I appreciate it! But I cannot find so big sum of money! Real, I will not spend this money! Only it is necessary for me to show it at customs, that to me would allow to travel to you!
My flight will be 5 numbers! I very much hope, that I can see you this day! I very much want to you! I love you Real! I have prepared already all my things, I have packed my suitcases! I very much wish you to meet!
We should meet you Real! I will be the happiest girl on the earth!!!
I have now very bad mood! I very much worry, I am afraid, that I can not arrive to you! I will learn phone of my agent tomorrow and I will inform you on it at once! Well Real? I think, that he can speak on English!
I love you my dear Real!
Yours for ever Ekaterina!

Letter 7

Hello my love Real!
Today I went to my agent, and learnt about it! He said, that I will visit you under the tourist visa as the tourist, and it is necessary for me, will show this money at customs, that to me would allow to visit your country! This money is intended, for this purpose that I could pay my hotel, and could buy to myself a foodstuff! Yes I said, that I will live at you, but under the tourist visa, I should show this sum of money! Such are customs laws!
Real, do not worry, I will not spend this money, I will bring them to you with myself and I will transfer them at once at the airport! But it is necessary for me to show them at customs! Real, forgive, that I did not know about it earlier!
As I when did not travel to other country!
Real, I love you, and very much I wish to arrive to you! Real, it is necessary for me to solve this problem as it is possible more soon as at me my flight is reserved! I very much worry Real! I very much will be upset, if I will not arrive to you! I have already prepared all my things, and I wait for my flight!
Real, I learnt number phone of my agent: +7987034231 you can name it, and receive all particulars, but do not call to it too late!
My love, I is confident, that all of us will overcome all difficulties and we will be with you together! We will be with you the happiest people! I constantly dream of it! I think of you!
Real, write to me as receive my letter!
I will look forward to hearing from you!
Your future wife Ekaterina

Letter 8

Hello my love Real!
I have received your letter, and very much was upset from for it!
What happens Real? You do not trust me? You do not believe, what I love you?
You do to me painfully Real! Tell, what to you spoke in embassy? To you have told, what I deceive you?
Real, what for you so speak to me :(? I very much was upset: (
Real, not I have thought up it! To me so have told in my agency! I always spoke you only the truth! And as always trusted you! I do not know, that to me to do now!!! To me it became very bad!!!!!!!!
Try to name my agent repeatedly! I have not correctly written you number! Name it once again:
What for you so! I love you!!! I wish to be with you!
I cannot write now to me badly. I start to cry!
I love you Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 9

Hello Real!
To me has told Ekaterina, that at it there were problems with travel to you. It is very sad also it all in a hysterics, in that that at it there were problems with travel and with cash, for a presentation in customs. She has informed me all. Real, I cannot calm her and it all in tears. I as now worry, for Ekatrerina. I do not know than, to it now to help? She very much wants to you and all things are already prepared for travel. But Travel agency, has warned her about cash. When she has told to me the big sum of money, I was in a shock and I really was in a shock. I write to you, because of that that Ekaterina wishes to speak with whom and it now in a hysterics and only thinks of you to be with you nearby. I ask you Real, calm Ekaterina it now in tears.
I ask you, Real, do the utmost, that I saw Ekaterina the happy person. I know that you the kind and sincere man and Ekaterina, loves you. She very passionately wishes to be with you.
Calm Ekaterina, dear Real.

Letter 10

Hello my love Real!
Thanks for your letter, you calm me the words:) Real, I as very much love you and I wish to be only with you! This my unique desire! I did not test such feelings already very much for a long time!
But this feeling as can force to suffer me me! Real. Yes the aunt said to me, that I would learn you better, but I want to you! I think, that I know you already very much for a long time and that you my most native person. And it is very a pity to me, that before us there are such problems! But I think, that we should overcome it and to be happy! Real, I trust you and I understand! I ask to forgive me, for that that I have badly familiarised with my arrival to you! It I am guilty in it!!! I ask to forgive me Real :)!
I love you!!!!!!!!
Real, today I went to my agent and took from it my passport and did my copy what to send to you! It is very a pity to me, that to me so to have to prove my love to you. But I perfectly understand you. I want, that you would trust me and knew, that I madly love you!
Tomorrow I should move to my airport, and to wait for my flight at the airport. Whether but I do not know I can to arrive to you as I have no this money: (If I will not arrive to you I will not go through it!
I will blame myself! As only I am guilty in it! Real, you the most remarkable man in my life!!!
I will look forward your letter!
Yours for ever Ekaterina!



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