Scam letter(s) from Ruslana Rotan to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you,dear.First of all i want to thank you for your interest in me!I really appreciate it!I think it's great that we are from different countries!We have a lot to teach each other!!Don't you think so?:)I'm very interested to learn more about your country and your customs!! So,now i want to tell you why i'm here in the Internet.At first i thought that it's not a good idea to look for your love in the internet, because you don't know what people will write to you and wether it is true or not, for it's easy to get misled by someone you can not see and so on.But then i heard a story about my friend's sister who found her love in the net and now she is happily married abroad and has 2 children.Then i thought that i also should try!!Why not?Here,in Ukraine i had a bad experience with one boy.After that i decided that i can try to find my love abroad.And that is why i'm here. May i ask you why you have decided to look for your partner in the Internet? Oh,i think that it's time to introduce myself.So,my name is Ruslana.My family name is Rotan.I'm 22 and i think that this is the best age to look for the serious relations!:) I and my family live in the small town Tulchin,which is situated in the Western part of Ukraine.My town is my real motherland and i love it's quite life and kind people.Here,we are all rather friendly and open.It's not a problem if your neighbors will come to you in the evening and have a cup of tea. My family is also very hospitable.My mum is always glad when we have guests.And my dad supports my mum in everything and i think that they are very happy couple.My parents are together for many years and that is why i believe that there is real true love.I'm not the only child in the family,i have younger sister.She is very nice and i try to help her in everything.Now she is studying at school but in a year she will be planning which university to enter. As for me i'm a student and i study law at collage.I like this profession a lot because it helps to understand how you should live and also you can help other people to solve their problems.I like to study and hope that i will be not disappointed with my future career.I believe in fortune and hope that i have a great life ahead!:) I'm a real optimist and i always try to cheer people up!!It's not good when you are always focusing on your problems.I think we should try to take everything easier!And what is your opinion? I hope that you are still interested to know me better, because i'm waiting for your letter!!Please tell me about yourself,your family,your native land.But you are free to tell me anything you want!:)I'm really interested to know you closer!!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Don't forget about me, yours Ruslana
Letter 2
Hello my dear!!I'm so glad that you decided to write me back!!It's a real pleasure for me to correspond with you!!I don't feel that there is a huge distance between us.I think that i just chat with my friend!:)I think that you are very interesting personality and we have a lot of things to discuss.Unfortunately i do not have an internet access at home and i have to go to the internet cafe,but i think it's not a problem.Now i think that Internet is rather useful because it helps to find new friends!But who knows may be we are not just friends!:) I truly enjoy communicating with you and getting to know you better with every letter. I want to ask you about your hobbies?What do you like and what are you doing on your free time? As for me i have a lot!!First of all i go in for aerobics.I think that it's not only for pleasure.This sport helps you to keep feet and to love your body.I like to move with the music.It's such a fun!By the way i have a bright uniform which helps me to be always in a good mood! I also adore swimming.Water is a real pleasure for me that is why i'm always waiting for summer to go to the Crimea.Have you heard about it?Oh,it's a really cool place in Ukraine.It's surrounded by the Black sea.So nearly every summer i with my family and friends go to the seaside.There we relax and sunbathe and i think that these are the greatest days in the year!By the way it is rather healthy way of holidays and helps not be ill during the long winter.:)But winter in my country is wonderful too,because there is a lot of snow and we can ski,play snow ***** and have a great time.From my story you can see that Ukraine is really great country to live. I also like football.Of course i don't play,because i think that it's not for girls,but i like watching it a lot!!Have you heard about our famous teams Dynamo and Shakhtar?I hope so!:)Do you support any football club? To make the story complete,i also want to add that i like to go out with friends.We often go to the disco or cinema.Or just go to the picnics.When the weather is warm and sunny it's such a pleasure to be outdoors!!I like to walk in the forest,to breath fresh air and to be happy just because you live in this world!:) So,i told you nearly everything about my favorite occupations and now i'm waiting for your news!I'm very interested to know what do you like to do?And what kind of person are you? So,i'm waiting for your answer.Please don't take long to write me!:) Yours Ruslana
Letter 3
Hello my dearest!!!I'm so happy that we have a real correspondence!!I'm very glad that you also think that we have a lot of things in common and the main is that we have the same goal in life:to find our dear second half!I often think about this problem.There are so many people and sometimes it takes you so long to find you love.I think it's not fair!But now we have so many opportunities for our search!!! It's great that we live in the age of technical progress!:)In other case we had a very poor opportunity to meet each other.But i think we are rather lucky!Do you agree with me? I hope you do, as i like to hope that you support me in my thoughts and feelings too... You know,i have such a strange feeling that i have known you for ages!Like we are very close to each other.I think that i see all that you write to me and i'm with you.It's such a strange feeling,because i have never seen you in real life.But i like this a lot!:) By the way now i think that i was right when i started to learn English.I knew that English is very useful over time but i even couldn't imagine how!!Now thanks to English i can communicate with you.And it's so great when people from different countries can understand each other.I feel like i'm in some romantic movie.Just imagine that we are the main heros.You are a smart,mature man who knows what he wants from life.But you are so lonely,and all that you need is your beloved woman,who will love you and care about you.And finally you found her(may be me:)).She is young and beautiful.She is waiting for you because she feels that you are her only man,but there is a big distance between you.You live in different countries.But when you watch the night sky you see the same stars...and you dream about the sane thing-to be together!!You are longing to see each other!!!And then finally you meet her!!You both are so happy and can't believe that it really happened!So you have a sweet and happy life ahead!:) How do you like my story?I hope that you are not against it!:) Well, my dear, i've got carried away with my sweet dreams, but let's get back to the reality, how sweet the dreams are! Tell me, how are doing there lately?What news do you have?Please tell me about your everyday life,because i'm really interested in you!! And i truly want to have a chance to peep on you, I mean, in a good way, so, that i could know, what your days are like there, since the time, when you open your eyes in the morning, i want to get into your mind and find out, what your first though is. I like to think, that your first thought, when you wake up in the morning is about me, as you are the first thing i think of, when i open my eyes in the morning, and the last thing i think of, when i go to bed, and my thoughts are busy with you the hours in between...I hope that you will write me soon!Can't wait to receive your new letter! Yours,Ruslana
Letter 4

My dear!I have missed you so much!!Today i was running to the internet cafe to read your sweet letter.Now i can't imagine my day without you!!Without your letter my day will be not so bright and happy.I'm so accustomed to you and our correspondence.I feel that you are the right person for me!!The one that i was looking for all my life!!But i understand it only now!But it's not late,isn't it? I dream to have internet at home and to write to you every moment!!But i also have idea!!Honey,what do you think if we will speak over the phone?Isn't it what we both want?I dream to listen to your voice!!Than our relations will be more personal!!I want to hear you!!!Please,tell me what do you think about it?Do you want it? My sweet!!!Yesterday i had a dream about us!!!It was so nice and sweet!!!you met me in one small restaurant.You were very beautifully dressed,with flowers for me.I also was in a fascinating dress!We sat very close to each other.You whispered tender words to my ear and we both were so happy!!!We were eating strawberry with cream and i noticed some cream on your sweet lips,i kissed you tenderly and than you gave me back a passionate kiss.That evening was so romantic!And we enjoyed the company of each other!!But than suddenly my alarm clock rang and i had to wake up!I was so disappointed that it was just a dream.But then i thought that it was such a pleasure to share my dream with you!I hope that you will come to my dreams more!!!You are welcome!! I want to tell you that now you mean very much to me!! You are always on my mind!And i can't imagine my day without news from you!!I think that you are the best thing that happened with me during last years!!May be you think it's childish but this is the truth!! Now i believe in in my good luck and i dream how great it will be to see you in real life!I know that we have a lot of difficulties,because we are so far away from each other,but i believe that we will overcome everything and someday meet each other!!! My sweetie,i have to hurry up,because i'm in a lack of time.But i will come tomorrow to the internet cafe to read your nice letter and to write to you!! See you later,my dear. yours Ruslana
Letter 5
Honey,thank you very much for your poems!!They are really nice!!
Letter 6
How is my sweetheart today?I hope that you miss me as much as i miss you!Last night i couldn't sleep well because i was thinking about you and our relations!I can't stop dreaming about you and our first meeting!!How i will i look into your eyes for the first time,how i will hold you and finally our first kiss!!Oh,honey i can't stop dreaming about you and your love!!! Honey,i can't wait any more!!I want to see you ,to be with you!!Tell me why we should be apart if we can be together!!We can love each other in reality!! I have to confess you in one thing, my dear!!!!I couldn't keep our relations in secret and told my mum about you.She was very happy when she heard that i have found my second half!!She told that she was sure that some day i will meet a respectable man who will gain all my attention.She was a bit surprised that you are not from my country,but i told her that we have so many common interests that she agreed, that you could be the best man for me!!But she also told that love in the distance is not good.We should definitely meet!I want it more than anything else!! I like to imagine our future family,our children,who will run over the house and make a big noise.But we will be so happy all together,like a one big family!!!Oh,my dreams are so real and exiting!!!That i even can't stop dreaming and come back to my ordinary daily routine!!But i have to!Unfortunately,i'm not with you and i have a lot of things to do!!!I have some tests at the university,but i'm sure i will pass them easily because i know that you are thinking about me! Honey,just imagine how happy we will be together!!I won't let you be alone any more!I will try to make you the happiest man in this world!!Are you ready for it?:))I bet you also want it as much as i do!!So what are we waiting for?Honey,only a real meeting is our chance to be happy together!I think we don't have to loose the time that we can spend together!!I'm so tired of being lonely!!I dream to spend my evenings with my beloved man,to give him all my love and passion! Please write to me do you agree with me?Do you want me to come to you,to be with you?I can't wait to see your answer!!! Honey,i'm waiting for you impatiently,and can't wait to meet you in reality!!! Only yours Ruslana
Letter 7
Honey,i think that if i will come to you for two weeks it will not influence my studding a lot!!I want to come to you for some period and try to live together!!And we will not need Internet to show our love!! yours Ruslana
Letter 8
Ok honey,i will try to answer on your questions! 1)Honey,i am not very good in "bluster about business" but i like to talk about something philosophical! 2)Honey,i am also very devoted to my second half and always want to please him!!i like *** but i agree that we have to be friends also!!I really appreciate this! 3)I always follow my word but this topic is rather serious and i want to discuss it personally! 4)I agree that woman are better in the question of housekeeping and i am ready to play this role in my family mum also control finances. 5)I think that i would love to work,but i want to combine it with my family of course!!My mum manages with everything really great!As for the leisure time i want to go in for sport like aerobics to keep fit and i also like football,hope that you will do not mind if i will watch some matches!:) 6)I think that i ma ready to have my own family and i will spend all my time with them!I am rather supportive! 7)I will join you for sure and about my appearance,i have a very good heredity and my mum looks very attractive! yours Ruslana
Letter 9
Honey,do you like to make questions?:))I see that you are rather good at it!!! So her are the answers: 1)Outgoing,cause i like visiting different places and communicating with new people!!!It is always so interesting and exiting!!! 2)Talkative,but sometimes i also can be quite!!It depends! 3)Adventurous,cause i like adventures and i think that passive way of life is rather boring!:( 4)passionate,you will check it on your own soon!:) 5)Dominating or Submissive,it depends cause i can be dominate if the situation needs it and i want to be submissive with my beloved man! 6)Totally YES!!!! 7)I think that i am more sensual! 8)Only one. 9)about a year. 10)mature mind and soul 11)real love and happiness 12)i want to have a family yours Ruslana
Letter 10
Hello, my honey love! hello, my beloved man!!! My dear.I was waiting for your letter so impatiently!!!!!!!!!!! I have already done the first steps in the process of coming to you!As i told i've never been abroad so i need to have an international passport. I can get it in my town in the organization called OVIR.I will go there tomorrow to clear out the situation about the passport.Honey i will try to do my best to get it as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!Also i need to have visa to enter your country,but for this i have to pass the interview in the embassy!!!But i'm ready to pass everything only to see you my sweetheart!!!!I know that i will realize my dreams!!! Dear I miss you so much!!!!!!!!But now i have a hope to see you soon and it helps me to live,to breath!!!!!Thank you so much for coming into my life!Now i cant imagine it without you my dear!!!!!!! Don't forget to write me as soon as possible my dear! Always waiting for our blessed meeting, Yours sweet Ruslana

Letter 11
Hello my sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How are you doing without me my darling?Hope you miss me as much as i miss you!!!!But i have incredible news for you!!!!!!!!!!!They concern about my arrival to you!!!!!! My honey today i have been to the travel company which will be organizing my trip to you! The name of the company is "Best trip" and here is their e-mail You may write to them to get to know the information you need in more details. Sweetheart, they have told me that it will be possible for me to come to you and they can help with arranging the documents and arranging the passport would take 10 days and arranging of visa would take 14 days, so it would be 24 days in general, but i think that it is not that long to wait for us as we will be together after it! I was told that it would be necessary to pay 250$ for the passport and 180$ for visa. it is so great that it will be possible for them to organize it so quickly for me and i really can't wait when we will be able to see each other, to hold each other and to kiss each other! wow! it is so great! i hope that i am not dreaming when i am thinking of it! everything seems to em so real!Honey,i really hope that you will help me to make the documents and come to you!!!!It is very expensive for me and i hope that you will help your beloved woman!!! My love, to tell you the truth i really can't wait to meet you and it is my biggest dream which i hope will become true very soon! I really can't wait long to see you my darling!!!!!!!!And when our meeting became possible i can't even sleep well!!!I think only about it all days long!!!Hope that you are also in the anticipation of our meeting! Now i know exactly that you are the only man in this world who i need!I dream only about you my dear!!! Take care and hope that you will be counting the days before our meeting the same way as i do! With great love, always yours Ruslana
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