Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Smelkova to Kjetil (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend!
I see yours letter on my mailbox. Sorry if I don't write you at once.
In the first words I wish to tell "thanks"! You have written to me and it's pleasant for me!
I wish to tell at once - I from Russia. Do not reject me!
I understand your first question - my profile spoke another!
But I could not register it under the Russian address.
Therefore I have used and specified other country. I shall not blame you if you will not answer me.
But I think - the distance not important for us. The most important is a mutual sympathy.
If you agree with me - write me more! I see your foto! You are a handsome man!
You were nice on a site - therefore I have decided to write to you.
More about itself! I live near Ekaterinburg. My city name Lesnoy.
It's a small closed city. I working in military laboratory. But I'm not a military.
My basic profession - the chemist. I have finished State University in Ekaterinburg.
I development of a medicine for military... What is your profession?
I live one. In an apartment. I was never married and don't have children. I'm 29 y.o. Don't smoke.
Sometimes I drink wine or a champagne... But it is rare. Alcohol harm for health. You agree?
Why I have written to you? I have decided to change my life! I am tired to live alone!
If our further correspondence is interesting to you - write to me!
I with impatience shall wait your letter! Believe! It is interesting to me!

Letter 2

Hi my new friend!
I see your answer and I'm pleased! You don't reject me and have answered once again!
Believe, it is pleasant! I think that at you have even more questions now!
I'm understand if you have bad contact with Russian girl.
But not all people identical. I have money and I don't ask it.
I wish to meet worthy man and to be with him!!!
But about all one after another. I wish to write more detail about myself.
I was born November, 21st, 1978 in the city of Ekaterinburg. Has received a education and to move to small city.
It near to Ekaterinburg. I work the chemist. It is very interesting work.
I live alone in isolated a small apartment. My mum lives 2 km from me.
My daddy has died, when to me there were 10 years... I only child in family.
I often on business trips in mother's town therefore often I see my her.
My hobby - knit from woolen yarn! I knit for myself much different things!
I like cinema, especially a comedy. If I one in apartment - I watch TV or I read historical books.
I like to look news and various shows-programs. From music I like to listen a rock. (Pink Floyd or etc..)
Our city very small, therefore we have no opportunity to go a bar or cinema.
Therefore basic time I be at home. I have a cat. I like pets!!! Are you?
My girlfriends go to me often and we to talk about various themes.
We have an Internet-cafe and I have wanted to write to you.
We do not use international telephone lines,therefore I have no opportunity to call in other country.
But I have wanted to communicate with the person from other country, therefore I have decided to write to you!
Write to me about itself too, about the hobbies... That you make at leisure.
Excuse for my English... I am good to speak on this, but not always to write without mistakes...
I shall try to answer your questions in next letters!I shall wait your letter!!!

Letter 3

Hello my friend!
I am pleased to call you my friend. I hope you are not against?
What is the weather you now? At us is autumn , and often goes rain... I don't like autumn. Wet and cool.
Although appearing on trees yellow leaves! This beautifully!
I like summer! This bathing and get a tan! Camping! I like camping! Are you?
Summer is my favorite season! What you? If warmly I with girlfriends walk in the woods and gather berries or mushrooms ...
I think you do not do it? This is a very fun! I like to fry kebab! I like to cook different food.
I don't have a favorite cuisine ... But the more I like Russian and eastern cuisine ...
You tried Russian food? This is very tasty.
For example, I like to make pelmeni and cakes("pirogi" on russian). I like to make pilaf ("plov" on russian) on open fire!
Our city is surrounded by many forests so we often go for a walk! Even after work!
I like to go to the pool or gym. On the territory of my work, we have a gym and swimming pool!
Kjetil.What do you like to do after work? What is the preferred food for you ....
I hope I am not to tire you a story about myself ...
Simply, I do not communicate with a foreign man before, so embarrassing ...
I try to answer your letter correctly. I am pleased if you write to me!
I think that my letters interesting for you too ...
Write me! I'm going after work in an Internet cafe and think - whether you responded to my letter?
It is gratifying to read your lines ...
Best wishes!
Your friend Anastasiya.

Letter 4

Hello my good friend!
I'm not hear about you some days therefore i solve write letter at first!
How are you now! Why you not write me some day! Do you forget me?
Or you don't have a time? I hope you'll fine and write me some words!
I wait your letters and think about you!!!
Don't remember me!!!!! I'll wait you letters!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Letter 5

Hi my dear friend!
How are you today! I hope fine! I'm OK! Today i have hard day on work!
Now we make a new medicine against a cancer... Therefore I have a lot of work...
But this noble work - to do a new medicines for a help to people...
After work I to hurry up in the Internet-cafe for read your letter... Excuse if I not write to you every day..
But I write to you at each opportunity...
Our correspondence not so a lot, but already I miss your letters... I want to tell you so much...
But not always it turns out to write to you much... What are you dream? Even more often I dream of family!
I want care of my man! I don't have not enough heat of the favorite person!
I think, that family this main thing in a life! You agree?
My mum has told to me - if you to meet the person whom dear for you, you should go to him!
She is right! The meeting will replace one thousand words! My mum was at me yesterday and I to tell about our correspondence!
My mum is glad for me and to tell "Hi!" I tell her - good and kind person!
Write me more! Don't forget me! I wish to see your letters and to write you!
Have a nice day!!

Letter 6

Hello my dear!
Today I have excellent mood!
I see your letter! It is a pleasure! I finish a big project at work!
We make new medicine in the laboratory and send it to the test! Against Cancer a lung!
But I do not want to talk much about work! I want to talk with you about other things!
We know each other little time, but I think of you often!
My girlfriend at work noticing changes in my behavior.
I often smiling and gladly every day!
I think this is because of your letters! I have a new interest in life!
Every day I try to be on Internet-cafe and write a letter for you!
I am grateful to you for a new feeling for me!
I do not have much time… This makes my mood a bad …
But better write a short letter than not quite! Do you agree?
Sometimes I think of our meeting… I understand this may be so early to think about this?
But I want to talk about it because you are not someone else's man for me!
I think of you!
Write me!
Always yours Anastasiya.

Letter 7

Today I want you to write an important letter! I excitement very much but it should tell you that!
After the first letter I felt that I am interested in communicating with you!
I think a lot and I want to tell you that!
I think that you, are a man of my dreams ... It is difficult to say through words!
Feelings difficult to express through a letter!
But I want to tell you! I have a strong feel to you ... Before I did not feel it ...
Can you say that I am silly Russian girl? Maybe you are right ...
But I fell in love through the letters ... This is strange.
But it is true! I told you about this and I have become easier! I think you understand my letter!
I have news for you! I think you it pleasing ... My job was a test and I will take vacation via 2-3 weeks!
It is a pleasure for me twice! We can meet! If you want it, I can obtain documents to visit your country!
I have the money for it! I work for military medicine and have privilege! I can make my documents quickly!
If you agree, I will make documents for travel in Ekaterinburg! This is a quick and convenient!
Write me! I will wait for your letter and your consent!
I will be happy to see you!

Letter 8

Hello, my dear!
I receive your letter!
Sorry once again if I confuse you a little bit ... But my feelings are sincere!
I don't want to cheat you ... You are in my heart! I think that our meeting to answer on our questions!
Do you agree with me? I will be get vacation's money and pay my expenses!
In Ekaterinburg I signed a contract with the Travel agency!
Therefore, I will be able to prepare documents in a short period of time.
My vacation will be soon and I want to visit your country and meet you!
I've never been in your country. I think it is beautiful!
But the most important thing - to see you, your eyes, hold your hand!
When I'll know any details of travel, I will write you!
What is the weather at your city now? At us fall .. Days are shorter and night long ... Cold ...
But your letter give comfort! Sometimes I think about the meaning of life! Now I understand it!
The most important thing to be with someone who understands you! Do you agree with me?
Write me! I look forward to your letters every day ...
Forever yours Anastasiya!

Poem for you!

I love you in the morning
And I love you in the night
I love you in the evening,
When the stars are shining bright!

Letter 9

Hello, my love!
I am pleased to see your letter! How are you today! Hope Fine!
I'm all right! I am continuing to work! My vacation is confirmation!
That means our meeting will be soon! That means I can see you!
My documents have begun to execute and I have paid it!
I must gather a lot of different documents and certificates.
This is tiring, but a pleasure! When I think of our meeting, it gives me strength and energy!
I will inform you about preparing for our meeting!
I dream to see you! My thoughts are employed only this!
I think about you day and night! This is a great pleasure! I hope you think about it too.
I understand English and can talk to you in English!
But I think we can understand each other without words!
When people have strong feelings for each other, they do not need in words!
I look into your eyes and you'll see my, we understand each other right away!
Do you agree with me! Perhaps we did not know each other very well.
There are many questions to each other!
But if I have the opportunity to come to you, I want to take advantage of this!
I think you will agree with me!
I love you with all my heart and soul!
I will wait for your letter!
Your beloved Anastasiya.

Letter 10

Hello my love!
Now, I have often in Ekaterinburg! There is an international airport!
This is convenient for me! I can fly from there! My documents continue to issue!
I received a medical certificate! Soon I be interviewed and will be to obtain a passport and visa!
My dear! I want to clarify one piece. I should know the name of your airport!
I should know the name or code! specify it again! I will wait this information!
In my spare time, I began to knit warm sweater for you!
I want to write our names on the chest: Anastasiya & you! This will woolen sweater!
If was cold, you can warm! I am sure you will like it!
If I do something with my hands - this is a nice gift! Do you agree?
I think that you have many questions about my trip?
Therefore I will inform you! Soon I will be able to write the date of my trip!
At work I almost finish this and get official permission to vacation!
I think about you every day! I will wait your letter!
You are in my heart and I want to meet you!
Your Anastasiya!

Letter 11

My dear!
I have good news for you!
I was interviewed and my papers would be ready in a few days!
In the travel agency told me that I can prepare for the trip!
Once the documents are ready, I can tell you the exact date of arrival!
I think this is good news for both of us! I think our meetings every day!
I dream to meet you at the airport and a romantic day with you!
I want to walk in your city, romantic dinner by candlelight ...
I am writing a letter and think about our meeting. Fate gave me you!
I am grateful to God for having been able to find a Lonely Heart a thousand kilometers away!
Sometimes I dream about our first night ... But I hesitate to write about this.
I am a little embarrassment and excitement, if I think about it!
My dear Kjetil! I hope we meet soon! My mom and friends are happy for me!
Now I am in Ekaterinburg. This is a big and beautiful city! I was born here!
I want to start my trip from this city! Now remains a few steps towards each other!
It is a pleasure for me! Because know, I am going to meet with your favorite man!
Write me! I will wait for your letter!
Remember, your loves and waits our meeting your Anastasiya!

Letter 12

Hello, my love!
Today, I have a lot of news for you!
I was in a travel agency! I told my papers for travel almost ready!
It was a great pleasure for me! I was told that I can choose the approximate date of my trip!
I said that I can fly in October,22 ! I have been told that this would not be problems!
But then they say that I must pay another 300 euros! I ask why?
I was told that I paid only a part of services! It was very sad for me!
I thought that paid all my expenses ... But I do not expect that have additional costs.
I to pay for various papers. Now I must to pay for the passport and the visa!
I cry and go home. My mom support me and say that we must find a solution.
Again, I go to the agency and ask what can I do!
I said that I am flying to my beloved, and he is waiting me!
They answer - we understand your situation! But I must pay!
In agency suggest one solution. Can you help me! It is not difficult for you!
I have been told that you can help me out of their own country!
You've heard about Western Union?
This is a very convenient way to transfer money!
I can get your money quickly and pay for their services!
If you can help me quickly, I can arrive October,22 to you and we embrace!
My love ! I understand your reaction! I am ashamed to ask money!
But this situation is hopeless!
I trust you! I hope you will trust me too!
If you can help me - I give you the information to send money:
My City: Ekaterinburg
My Country: Russia
My full name: Anastasiya Smelkova
Write it correctly!!!
This information is sufficient to help me! I need 300 euros! That is all!
I must know your full name, home address. Yet you must give me 10 digit(MTCN).
If you help me - you make me very happy woman in the world!
I can pay for and confirm the date of travel!
My love! I will wait for your letter! I will wait for your help!
Sorry for the circumstances! But I do a lot for our meeting!
I spend a lot of money for our meeting and I do not want to lose it.
Help me too! Take a small step for our meeting!
I love you! I'll pray for your help!
Your Anastasiya.



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