Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lyubimova to Amandio (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello my love Igor !!! How are you?? I love you! I cannot live more without you. To me it is very lonely. Dear, Igor , I do not understand, why to you have told, that my address wrong. In the end of the letter I once again shall write my address. You can try to send me the letter. We shall look, whether it will reach me. Unfortunately I do not have phone. Phone is only on work which to be in a cabinet at the chief. I cannot use this phone. But I can call to you from a public telephone booth. As I will have an opportunity, I at once shall call. OK? I very much wish to hear your voice. Certainly I wish to read every day your letters and to write to you. If I had a computer it would be much more convenient. But I do not presume now to myself a computer as it is expensive to me. Unfortunately, Igor , I do not know what documents are necessary to arrive to you. One of these days I go in travel agency and all I learn about a trip abroad. OK?Igor we already very well know each other. I love you, and you love me. My darling, us divides with you only distance. My love, you tell really want that I have arrived to you? My darling, I think that if you are adjusted also seriously as I that think that you should not be against our meeting. My prince, we wish to be with you only happy. I very much wish to create with you family. My darling, tell and what plans at you on the future? You want that in this future I accompanied with you? My darling I want from a life not so much. The Most important for me to be happy. My darling, and my happiness consists only in were with you that I have been surrounded by your love and care. My darling, I cannot live without you any more. My darling if we want that our love only increased and never died, we should think of a reality. My darling if you wish to be happy and that I have arrived to you it is necessary for me to prepare a trip for you. My darling, I shall try to learn soon the information to arrive to you Igor . My darling, I hope that in the following letter you answer my main question: ''whether there Can be we you or not? '' My darling, you my fine treasure and you for me all meaning of the life. I very much hope that I can soon meet you and to be with you. I so dream of our long-awaited meeting when I can leave the plane, find you a sight from many people and run to you towards. I so wish to present you many the most sweet and most gentle kisses! Igor ,I love you! You for me all on light! My address: country: Russia Sity: Volzhsk street: Zarubina 44-1 Index: 424003 Tatyana Lyubimova I hope to receive soon your answer!
Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss You it is constant in my dreams! Your princess Tatyana!
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