Scam letter(s) from Olga to Georges (USA)

Letter 1
I am new in internet dating. I reffered to dating agency And they gave me your email address.
I am 31 y.o. I am absolutely single. Never been married, no kids.
I live alone and dream to find my soulmate. Maybe it is YOU??
Please i am very interesting in your profile.
Write me soon. It is my photo.
Letter 2
Hello Georges!!! I am glad that you have answered my letter on a site. I had a small hope for your answer as before I never searched to myself Friends through the Internet.
If it is fair, I badly own a computer and is absolute till this time had no concept about the Internet.
My girlfriend has helped me to be registered on a site, and she has prompted me, that so it is possible to find the friend. In this letter I would like to tell a little about myself. My name is Olga. I am 31 years old. I was born on April, 21st, on a sign on the zodiac - Taurus. Mine height of 167 centimeters. My weight of 54 kg. I consider, that at me a harmonous body. But you can estimate it in my photos. I am blonde With brown eyes.
I have lived all life in Russia and never was abroad. I live in the city of Arda. It is not the big city, but very silent and cosy. Later I shall try to
tell you more in detail about my city. It is heavy to me to write letters as before I had no experience of correspondence. Georges you are the first to whom i write the letter in the life. I think It interestingly and disturbingly to have the friend with which it is possible to share opinion, ideas on means of the Internet. Do you think so? I would like To learn, whether you had experience of dialogue by letters?
And whether you communicate now with somebody thus?
Also I would like to learn about you more information. What do you love? What qualities of character like you in the person?
I hope that you will try to answer me my letter shortly. And I think you will not forget to put a photo to your letter.
In exchange I shall send you the photos.
On it I would like to finish my first and not last letter to you my new friend Georges!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Georges!!! I am glad to have received from you the new letter. All day I thought of, whether you will write to me the letter, whether I could interest you. But Now in my soul became quieter, and I read your answer and I understand, that if you answer means I could interest you. Believe Georges It is joyful for realizing for me.
Georges why skype??? I dont know how is it work. Maybe will be better if you will call to my cell number??? It is +79177022261 In the previous letter I have not told all about myself. So in this letter I shall try to correct it. I shall begin the story with the childhood. In family I was the only child and I was surrounded with caress and care. But despite of it I have not grown the spoilt child. I think the story of that As me drove in a kindergarten to you it will be not interesting, and I at once wish to pass to that age when I have started to visit school. At school I studied Very well. I dreamed to become nurseries the doctor. I liked to treat the dolls. I considered that dolls is small children and to me was pleasant to potter with them. But already having matured and having passed to the senior classes I had other predilections. I have started to take a great interest in sports, at Me already at school there were one of the best parameters on physical culture. We went with a team from school on various competitions. I entered in Team on basketball. Were certainly and losses but we always aspired to improve our result with a team. I still had many letters with The won games. I have finished school with a silver medal. Unfortunately constant departures games were a little reflected in my progress on To some subjects. And I did not manage to leave school on a gold medal. But I consider a silver medal it is good. Then already I Has decided to study as the teacher. And I have arrived in Pedagogical institute, in the city of Kirov. And I have left to study there in 1995. In 1998 ours The institute has won the first place on basketball among universities. And since that moment I have understood that never I shall stop to play basketball. It Game on has enticed me so much, that I came one to a sports hall and simply fulfilled throws on a basket. In 1999 we began to leave in Other cities on competitions. And certainly we not always had prize-winning places, but it was very good time.
In 2001 I have finished Institute with the red diploma perfectly well. Director Pedogogicheskogo of institute has awarded me and our team with certificates of honour for activity In sports. I till now recollect this student's life. It was very pleasant time. And in general the student's life is cheerful young Life. Certainly when I the first time have arrived to this city, this city very huge has seemed to me. And first time to me was very difficult To live there. I lived in a hostel and absolutely nobody knew. But after a while I have got acquainted with other students. And now me very much does not suffice This time. After the ending of institute, I have arrived home. And at once has found work. I began to be engaged in favourite business. I have come to the school in In which studied. Also became the teacher of physical culture. In 2002 I have collected a basketball team and start them to train.
We have started to play tournaments between schools. And certainly not always entered in prize-winners, but children were very much pleased, that they play this game.
It is necessary to be not only the trainer, but also the psychologist what to train children. It is not so easy as it seems at first sight. But I love The
work and my kiddies whom I train like.
I think to you my story about my life has not strongly bored? I also would like to learn about you, whether are you the lonely child in family? Tell About the close relatives and about family? It would be pleasant to me to know it.
On it I shall finish this letter and I hope it have not tired you. I want as it is possible to tell about myself more in detail. Also I hope you you will
estimate it.
Yours Olga!
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