Scam letter(s) from Kirsten Andrew to Tony (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Tony...Thanks for the Message....Im from Willow Oklahoma but im presently in Western Africa Nigeria on Business and i would as well love to get to know more about you...Im 5'7ft tall 115lbs and my meausrements are 34C-26-36....Im 36years of age divorce with No Kids....Anything else you wanna know feel free to ask me...I'll be looking forward to getting to know more about you soon....Have a nice day and remain Blessed....Keep In touch.

Kirsten Cares.
Letter 2
Hello Tony.
Thanks for the return mail....Ive been in western Africa for 2 months now and im gonna be back home in a month time probably before Xmas....Im a Poor Little orphan....I lost my folks in an Auto Crash when i was a teenager...I live alone im divorce and i dont have any kids in my first Marriage....I only need a man that would make me happy for the rest of my Days....I hope you're that man that would come wipe off my tears....I hope to read back from you..

Kirsten Cares
Letter 3 are you doing..i guess all is well with is a lil pics of me,iwant to see yours to
Letter 4

About Me Hi. I've been on my own for 2.1 years, and I think it's time to find a special someone. Friends are great, and I welcome friendships and think it'skey to exploring a possible relationship. However I have LIL of friendships but am looking for THE REAL ONE.THAT ARE ALL AFTER ****** MANIC. I enjoy family life and look forward to sharing a specialbond with someone again. I don't take anything for granted and cherrish time spent and a life created together, with all my heart. I am sincere, loyal, and do my part without question. I would be willing to explore possibilities if the right person crossed my path and we had a special connection...I am looking for An attractive man would be great! he needs to be able to fit in all kinds of social settings, and like to dress up. I like to do special things and go to nice places and look the part - when appropriate and if we so choose. I am not intoroles, couple's find their natural role together. Integrity and mora l character are very important to me, I treat people the way I want to be treated and expect the same. Being able to play to gether is essential. Fun fuels the soul. I own a business, work very hard at that, successfully. I like to dine out and try new things, love to travel, like to dance not too crazy. The bar scene isnot attractive really, but dark and romantic is withthe special someone. I likecreating photographs for art as well as professionally. I like people who are compassionate, willing to communicate and try (doesn't have to be perfect)at least not afraid to say what's on their mind, kindly. Games...are verytime consuming and I don't want to waste life on that. Heart is the verysoul of any connection between two people, no matter what kind of relationship MY FAV THINGS TO DO IF..favorite things:I like listening to all kinds of music, not to crazy though. Don't like wild & crazy atmospheres, prefer relaxing time with someone special. Many fine restaurants in NOLA. A romantic movie,COMEDY JAZZ ROCK CLASSIC, love to go for a drive, travel to a beach island & play last read:Enjoy reading for psychology when I find the time to read. I am more of avisual person and spend much time reading about what I do, and always improving.I work very hard and when I am off, am tending to life & my dogs, looking to relax and giggle
.I am not shy in most situations but can be. I like new things, new places, get on the road and sight see, spontaneity can be exciting. One never knows what one may find that can be fantastic! I love to be close and to admire who I am with.I respect another's point of view. We can disagree, it's OK,I AM LOOKING FOR A MAN WHO WILL BE THERE FOR ME.. i am not loooking for a man that will claim to love me and at the end he will hurt mei am looking for that special man.I AM LOOKING FOR A QUALITY OF MARRIAGE RE YOU?? WEL. differences are what make the world go round. I am a person of my word. Words are the most important things we can give one another, and live up to. I love animals, I have some myself; dogs and mine are very cute. My free time is precious and I want to spend it with good people whocare about others and especially me, if we are a we. I am looking for a kind heart, with a sense of humor and someone who can appreciate my good qualitiesand accept whatever faults I have... There is no room for picking at each otherand finding fault. Are you sweet, honest, attractive and compassionate? Do you like being close, have a good sense of humor? Cute? Sound like you? If it does please respond..
Letter 5
how are you doing today,... i will be very happy if you could tell me more about you!
Letter 6
Hello tony,
i am very happy to read back from you,...i will love you to tell me,did you have a family,do you have a gilrfriend,will you love me to be your woman.,will you be there for me andthing and anyday,;i want to be loved and i want a man that will satnd for me and i'll same for the man aswell...i will love to be home with you..i can see it in you that you are caing man.. and i wil love to have some more pics of you..i hope you love my pics...i am very opend minded person,honest,caring,loving loyal ,,...i will love to get to kown all about you ,i want to fall inlove for you ,i have started having a feeling that you may be the right man who will be there for me,i want to get to know all about you,,,email me more pics of you.
Letter 7
I'll love us to meet in Person but as you know right now im in Nigeria on Business we'll only remain in conversation Till we get to meet...Would love to get to know more about you soon.

Kirsten Cares
Letter 8
Hello tony....How are you doing today,i guess all is well with you there.. i missed you so much.. i havent hear from you what happening to you.. i am really having a feeling for you that you maybe the man of my life.. i will love to hear more about you,i will be looking forward to you.i just took this pics of me today .. i will love to have you by my side. have a nice dayi missed you ****,
Kirsten Care's
Letter 9
Hello tony,,How are you doing today.. i missed you so much. i did not mad are you..i well tony.. i want to tell you that i want you so much closed to me..i want to feel you and make a happy life with you want kid in you married..And How can you treat your woman??
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