Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Andrea (Italy)
Letter 1
Hi! My name is Lyudmila. I am from Russia. a city where I live - Novocheboksarsk. I hope that we will find that the similarities between us. can we become friends, may be something more. I am 29 years old, my growth of 173 centimetres. You can see me on the picture that I send you. I am a normal girl, good. I have never been married, as I have no children. I want to find a man who I will love and respect. I can tell a lot about myself, but only when I can see your answer. it will be easier if we communicate using e-mail: ! I hope that you can write me a response ... I am waiting for a response. Lyudmila
Letter 2
Hello Andrea, My Far Friend!!!
How you? Andrea, what mood at you? What did you do today? I I hope that all that you wanted, all has turned out.
Excuse me for my silence, I went to the grandmother.
I have not had time to warn you as I did not have time to come into the Internet of cafe and to tell to you about it.
I hope that you understand me and do not take offence at me...
Andrea you know, what I saw today? When I went along the street I have seen
Small kitten. It to purr, and looked at me. I have lifted it and
Has carried it home. Now I do not know, what name to it to give. At me
Never there was a cat. You can to me will help also we with you together we can think up to a cat a name?
Andrea I wish to learn from you how you like to have a rest? You like to go
On the nature? You love what songs? What films? What dances? You
Danced with me? I not so well dance, but with you I
Has agreed to dance. Theatre, the sea? What do you love? Andrea
Tell to me.
I adore, films and cooking. The grandmother has learnt me
To prepare many dishes, and I am assured, that it would be pleasant to you of a dish,
Which I have prepared. To me very strongly to like to prepare plof.
It is a Russian cuisine... And I to this recipe was learnt by my grandmother.
I am assured, that you would estimate well this dish.
Andrea you were on the sea? I was only once in Sochi. To me very much
It was pleasant. As the cool wind shrouds a body, as cool water
Gives freshness and pleasure. There is no only one. Men, with
Which all can enjoy it. You would go with me Andrea??? I
I send you a photo with my favourite plush dog. And as I send to you
Greetings from my mum and girlfriends.
I will wait for your photos and the letter. They my pleasure every day. I
It is happy, that has met you. I can discuss all with you that I want.
I wait for your letter.
Yours Lyudmila
Letter 3
Hello My Lovely Andrea!!!!!!!! Your letter as warms a sun beam my day and does everyone seconds
My life pleasant. I so am happy, that we communicate with you and
We like one another. I am assured, that between us there are no secrets, and
You hide nothing from me.
Andrea in your life there were many girls? At such man as you
Likely it is a lot of. The truth? Why you could not live together? At you were
Different plans for a life or simply different, not suitable characters?
For example, I could not find the love because everything, that is necessary
To our guys it is sex and alcohol. I want more, I want passion, love,
Tenderness to wake up in the morning in embraces of one another and to enjoy
In each afternoon together. And you Andrea? I want, that the life would be full
Happiness, that it would be full of smiles and love.
Excuse me for mine not full answers.
I can sometimes where that forgot to answer, and sometimes likely simply were not your questions are clear... I will answer your questions.
I as wish to tell that I will ask the director of cafe, but I do not promise to you that he will obey me and to satisfy my request.
I hope you it you understand.
I wish to learn more about that with whom you communicated and as it has ended. In
My life was not many guys. With one I to be on friendly terms at school, but he
Has left, when I was 16 years old in other city and I more it did not see.
Then we have started to go on dances, and I have met another. It was more senior
For two years. But then was gone. It has appeared, that he married the rich
To the girl, at which the rich father. And me was very sick to learn it.
It has appeared that money is necessary for it only. In college I was familiar
With has got acquainted with the guy. He has suggested to meet. But in the evening I
Has learnt, that he the fan only to drink alcohol and to walk with girls. And I
Did not meet more it.
Andrea I thought what not to meet to me more the good man, which
Will understand me and not only to see beauty and to want only sex. And
Has met you. And my life has changed. In it there was that of that not
Long time sufficed.
It is the truth. Andrea you know, that I think, we with you as climbers, we
Soon we will at mountain top. Only from the different parties. And when we
Let's meet at top we are waited by happiness, we can enjoy
The sky, stars, love and passion. How you think? I send to you
The gentle kiss, with a star which you will see today the first.
Inform, how you will receive it. Well? Tell, how your life has changed,
After we have met. Strongly? How?
I wait for your letter, I miss and I hope, that you will write to me soon.
I hope that the photo warms you and does your day happy.
I wait.... With impatience I wait for your answer.
Sincerely, Lyudmila.
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