Scam letter(s) from Yana Kolesnikova to Martin (Switzerland)

Letter 1
My name is Iana. I am young and pretty, hot and ****, but alone... My inner world is very various and I can be everything for the right man of mine. I'm looking for him. As for my wishes, I want to see the world and all of the amazing things this world offers and I want to do it with someone special that will give me joy, happiness and love! With someone I can watch a beautiful sunsets, with someone I can walk through beautiful nature hand in hand. I believe we can become good friends or, maybe, we were born to be the very special persons for each other.
I'll be looking forward to hearing from you.
Faithfully Yours,
Letter 2
Hello ! What a pleasure for me to get your letter, my dear friend Martin!

Thank you for writing me. I hope this will be the start of something very special for both of us.

I believe you'll give me a chance to learn more about you. Let me tell you a little bit about myself, so you'll be able to decide if I am a girl of your dreams. :-) My height is 1.70 cm and my weight is 54 kg. I like to keep a fit. I was born one nice November day 26 years ago. I am from Ukraine in a province called Krasnyj Luch. It is a nice place to live and the people here are friendly. Now I share a cozy flat with my mother. Actually I was born in a small village where I spent my childhood. As my parents were working hard that time I was raised by my grandmother. She taught me a lot of useful and beautiful things. I like to cook, bake, knit, sew on a machine, look after flowers and trees. My granny has an amazing garden around her house. I enjoy helping her to take care of it.

I work as a shop-assistance in a boutique. I like my job as it allows me to help many women to find their own style and look wonderful.

I have a lot of nice people around me. Some of them are my true friends. I am a very friendly and fun girl to be around, I like to do outdoor activities such as camping, biking and hiking. I like to help my friends anyway that I can. I like nature and animals too. Well, I hope this gives you some idea of who I am, please, tell me more about yourself and your dreams.
You know, I like your idea about the dinner for two, with candles and Heaven blessing our relationship. I will be very happy, if one day you will come to visit my country and me, you will meet my family and my best friends and my doggy. I am sure it will be unforgetable meeting.
And I also would be happy to visit your country Switzerland.

So let us get to know each other nice and easy via our letters!
Can't wait to hear from you!

Warmest wishes,
Letter 3
My dear Martin,

thanks a lot for your nice attention to me and also for your nice letter. Really, I'm very happy your computer has been fixed so we can be in touch again!

I'm glad you share your thoughts with me and give me a chance to learn more about your life and your personality. I'd like to confess that your kind interest makes me feel very special. I'm a very sensitive person that has many feelings. There are a lot of movies and things that can really touch my heart and make me cry. I also believe that I'm a generous person that would do anything within my means to help a friend or a person in need.

Dear Martin, you should know I am a very sincere and loving girl and want so much to find my love. I am very serious about finding him and really hope it is you. I really want to make someone happy and share precious moments together. Simple things become so much different when you have your love at your side every thing becomes beautiful and you can't help but smile. :-)

I enjoy life as it is. And I like simple things such as smelling coffee in the mornings, listening to the rain while sitting in the soft armchair with an interesting book, walking along the beach and breathing the fresh sea air, watching snowfalls through the window, doing shopping :-), receiving your warm letters and writing to you. All these things makes me feel happy. It would be nice of you to tell me about the things what bring a smile both to your face and your heart. I'm waiting for your letter.

Warmest wishes,
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