Letter(s) from Michelle Olufunmi Williams to Shazri (Canada)

Letter 1


OK, you asked me about 3 questions, so i will answer all of them.

1. When i come for a visit, I would love to get to know you better. I would also like you to show me around where you live. I have heard alot about canada and this would be a good chance to see some of canada. I love to see new things, try new things. Lakes, Mountains, nice restaurant, go skating, dancing, try things that you have never tried before and would love me to try it. Like the Hot Ballon thing you talked about... that would be great.

2. You will have to send the funds in USD.

3. I can stay for 5 weeks and I hope you have movies that i can watch while your working?

4. You can send the Funds via western union money transfer to my name and address written below as soon as possible because i would have to book flight some days before i travel and its remaining about 6 days.

Name - Michelle Fumilowo Brown
Address - 77 Manchester street
Lagos Island
Lagos State

Phone Number - +447982900410

I will need the following information to get the funds.

1. The mtcn number

2. The test question and answer

3. The exact address of sender{ thats you }

4. The exact amount.

I am ANXIOUS .... lol .... cant wait to meet you.