Romance scam letter(s) from Elena to Bill (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Bill!!! I was very glad to receive your letter. It would be desirable to tell to you, that I never was married. And I do not have children. Yes, I had relations with the man. But nevertheless they than good have not ended. I do not want the Russian man. I will not hide, to me pay attention. But a problem that I do not pay attention to them. Russian men what that strange. Sometimes it seems to me. That they at all do not understand women. They think only of themselves, only about the happiness. They rough, cynical, not the fair. They do not have respect for us. They consider, that they can deceive to change, drink, humiliate, and to walk, and we should them prepare, clean, erase at this time for them. I consider, that so should not be. I want love. I would want that me respected and loved, and appreciated. I do not deserve such relation. I watched many transfers on TV, that many Russian women use sites of acquaintances and meet good men. I as looked, that many your women, are interested only in the accomplishment. Them serious relations do not interest. I looked many interviews of Russian women abroad, and they are happy. And consequently I as have dared at it. I would like to find the man with whom I will spend time which will support me, to respect, appreciate. With which we will be assistants to soul. With which we will spend time. That it would be interesting to us with each other. As it is very pleasant to me to hear, that you like my photos. You the wise person, you have lived the big life. You are learnt much. For me age not the main thing. The most important thing is, that at you to be inside, your internal beauty, character, thoughts. You know that means to respect ?aiueio.y the rights? I with impatience will wait for your answer. Yours faithfully Elena
Letter 2
hello the my dear friend Bill!!!!!!! It is pleasant to me to receive your letter to me also very pleasantly to hear so many warm words. As I spoke earlier to you in the letters, I do not correspond with men from other country, you unique. With whom I have e-mail exchange. Just as I said earlier, and repeatedly, that I live with mum in apartment with two rooms. I do not have brothers and sisters. It is pleasant to me to hear, that you liked my house, and repair which we did with mum very long, we collected very long money what to make it, but we do not regret about it. As it would be desirable to tell what early to plan our meeting, as I do not know you well enough to become a part of your life. But me it would be very pleasant, that we probably in the future became a family. A happy family. I as wished to take an interest, how you arrive? You will arrive to take away me from my country, to become our visitor for some time? I cannot send you a photo as I have no such picture where I one in a bathing suit. And I do not have chamber to make a photo me in my linen. I take the chamber from the girlfriend and it does pictures me. Before I never lived with men, and lived always with mum. At us fine weather. The sun shines. And at me there arrives good mood. Today I have the day off. Today I have risen early in the morning and we with my mum have decided to visit our grandmother who lives in the country. It has the wooden house, it has a economy, and as pets, but it not a dog and not a cat. Though they at it too are. They are animals who live in the place taken away for them behind the house, this place is called "shed". She is a cow who gives very tasty milk and meat, hens - which give eggs, house eggs very strongly differ from those which we buy in shop, they are much more tasty, also my grandmother holds rabbits who give down from which my grandmother knits fine winter things which heat in cold winter. Also it has many hectare of the earth from which we collect many various vegetables and fruit, berries. Today we went to the grandmother what to help to reap to it a crop from its garden. But I very much liked to do it. We have collected many apples, plums, prunes, a cherry, a raspberry, and a currant. From which fine jam and jam, and natural juice will turn out. Also we have collected many tomato and cucumbers, sweet pepper and much all another. We have spent remarkable day, I have weariness but when I have received your letter a little, the weariness somewhere was gone and has disappeared. At me it became warm on a shower. It is always pleasant to think, that somewhere there far there is a person which thinks of you and writes letters. And I am very happy to that that have got acquainted with you. As today I had small walk with my girlfriend, we have spent fine time. We were much photographed, when I can take some pictures me from its computer, I can send you my fresh pictures in the nearest letters. I hope for that that you have fine day, that at you all in a full order, that you are healthy. I will wait your answer Yours faithfully your Elena........
Letter 3
hello Bill!!! It is pleasant to me to receive your next letter, as it is pleasant to me to learn your opinion, to me as our exchange of thoughts is pleasant. And now I can draw conclusions concerning what your character. As it is pleasant to me to hear once again so many pleasant words in the address. As I spoke to you earlier I work daily and I do not have free time. Therefore my time in these days off will pass as on work. But when I will come home from work, I will write mine the answer to your letters. As for me our exchange of electronic letters is very important, and I with impatience wait for your letters. To me as clearly your mistrust to me, I completely with you agree, that comes across people who say lies much. But I as have not understood, that you have concerning me. I have with you dialogue, I learn you a dialogue method through electronic letters and no more, I do not ask to make you inconceivable acts. I as would like to tell, that probably soon I can get the messenger in yahoo and to a smog to establish web cam, that will allow us to see each other. I think, that it cannot be forged and compared in any way to pictures which I send you, it will be a reality and the air. I think, what you completely agree with me? As to concerning the child as I already spoke earlier, I can be happy and without the child, it is all depends on mutual understanding both of us. As to my girlfriend Marina at it other sights and she does not want in marriage for the foreign person, its preference our Russian men. That me very much surprises, but it has the fine man while it, very cautiously to concern relations, but I can tell, that she has chosen the fine man and can be happy with it. As it would be desirable to tell, that our president is for a long time, any more Putin, and Medvedev. And I would like to tell, that I have no interest to a policy and very seldom I watch TV, my time is completely spent for my work, I should have a lot of work to have the maintenance me and to help my mum in something. I think, that you understand me. As it will be very pleasant to me to receive your new photos, to me it will be pleasant. I would like to ask you as you like to spend time. To me to like to spend time with friends, but if fairly to speak about it. That last time, it does not bring to me a lot of pleasure and I would like to spend this time with my favourite person more, and it can be simple a supper or walk. I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person? You when or reflected on such things? Excuse me for a question, but whether there is at you now a woman. I think, that you the good person and to you should like many women. As in me good taste, and you to love me. What your private life also what it makes now? Tell to me? Possibly you have frank questions to me? I will answer them. Write to me in more details about feelings and desires, about you it is direct. I will look forward to hearing from you, I hope, that you have fine day. I send you the embraces. Yours faithfully yours Elena.
Letter 4

hello my dear Bill!!! It was pleasant to me to receive your letter and I so wished to tell, that you can not worry, as I always about you think also I will try to write to you constantly as I am very adhered to you and is adhered to your letters. I as constantly think of you. I cannot wait the end of the working day to come home and to read your letters, and I am very glad, that I have received your letter as I thought, that because of my work you simply will leave me and not begin to write to me. But I am very glad, that you to me write also I receive your letters. I as well as to you would like to meet the person whom I will love sincerely and I will spend time not for work and on it. But I should have work as money is necessary to live. I will look forward your letter. Yours faithfully your Elena.
Letter 5
Hello my Bill....
I am very glad, that has received your letter.
I hope, that you have good day my love.
..... yes, I closely (attentively) read your letter and all perfectly has understood, but I am simple has asked you about my arrival from - that I shall have soon holiday. I do not insist on our meeting.
I have understood, that we very much hurry up, but it can destiny. You do not think so?
I shall be very glad to see you at myself in Russia. Today when I have received your letter I has informed the parents, that you have desire to arrive. They were very glad. Only terms of your arrival please inform, that we were ready to your meeting. I very much miss on you and the days of expectation seem for me by eternity.
Each my day does not pass without ideas on you my love. I think, that you the man can not understand in this sense the woman. I want to speak you, that I very much worry for you my love. Simply I want to inform you, that Russia the very dangerous country. In Russia many gangster groupings exist which are engaged in kidnapping(abduction) of the foreigners with the purpose of the repayment. They trace the foreign citizens at the international airports.
Some of travelling agency as cooperate with Russian mafia.
I do not want that to you there was a trouble my love. You the very native man for me and I can not to myself it forgive.
I very much love you and I do not want to lose!!!!
It will be much better and more safely if I shall arrive to you. I never was abroad and this travel will be pleasant for me doubly. I shall see a lot of interesting and new and most important I shall see you my love!!!
I can embrace and kiss you my honey.
Please inform me, what you think of it? I shall wait very much your answer.
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