Scam letter(s) from Jane Roger to Peter (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Peter,

I know that what I am about to tell you now is a huge risk on my part but I planned to explained everything to you when I come but I received a notification that my inheritance Application have been processed and all is set for me to take possession of my inheritance.
I applied for the Inheritance my Dad willed to me to be transferred to you and when I come then we can start living off it and I did that because you have assisted me a lot but I want to come and be sure of you before I tell you but it happened they processed the documents so sudden.
I know that my Dad's Attorney is against it because he did not know you well and he wants to source an investor by himself.I have told him that he have to authorise the bank to transfer the money to you.He said that I should tell you to send your address and name to me so that I will sign a Power of Attorney before he will apply for the transfer in the bank.Please send your address to me so that I will commence everything as soon as possible.The total amount is $5.5million dollars and I did not want us to invest it here because of the political situation here and all that is happening here at this point. I can't take it out from South Africa because it was deposited by my Father in ABSA Bank FOREX as an out going fund so that it will not be tax deductible until the maturity date. It is one of the reasons why I want to come and open up an account where I can transfer it but since it have matured and I am not able to come, I guess my only option is to transfer it to you and once you received it then you can transfer the amount for me for my debt so that I can pay the Loan Shark and start coming immediately.
My Dad's Estate was settled last week after years of conflict because after he died, some of his concubines came to claim his properties and they said that he is the Father of their children but my family did not agree because they are legally married.

I have no other person that has in this manner affected my life and whom I have become. I have every reason to trust and believe in you. My mother when we talked about you in our discussion of the safest way on handling the present situation, said that if a man can do all that you did even when we have not met, then I can trust my life in your hands and this is exactly what I am doing.

We will talk more on that when I come because you trusted me and help me when you do not know me or anything about me and it is now my turn to show the same appreciation and trust to you.
Please call me if possible .
Stay Blessed,

Love Jane
Letter 2
Dear Peter,

Have you forgetting about me so soon? Yes we meet at CC. I will include few more photos of me with this mail. I will like you to give me your address and phone number so that I will give it to my Dad's Attorney your name and address so that he will draft the Power of Attorney for me to sign for the change of owner to your name. He is not happy since he knew about my decision but it is better for me to deal with the devil I know than the angel I do not know. Not that you are a devil but I prefer you as my fund manager than him providing a total stranger for me.I know that I made a right choice by handing over this to you and I have every reason to believe you and to do this with you. I have no other person to trust and I know that the reason why my Dad willed this to me is because he wants to compensate me in what I have went through in my marriage because he knew that he have failed me as a father.

I will come over once you receive my inheritance and send some part of it to me to pay off the loan shack and prepare for my coming .My mum and daughter will relocate but that is when I come first and we have finished investing the money because I will like to buy a house where my mum and can live together because they are not going to live with you and I.
Please do take care of it until I arrived. I know that this is what will change our life forever and we will live the dreams we want to live. I do not want to start telling my friends and other people about the decision I have made because they might think that I am naive and I know that this is what that will determine our future and solidify our trust in eachother. After all trust is all relationship is all about. Please do not tell people about this because I don't want your friends or family to be seeing me as a rich person or a spoilt lady then they may start looking at you that you want me because of the money. Let's just remain calm about it and live our life as normal people but do a proper investment.

I love you and nothing will ever change how I feel about you because you did not know anything about me and my family background yet, you love me and accepted me the way I am.

Stay Blessed,

Love Jane
Letter 3
Dear Peter,
It is always good to hear from you and to know that you are always there by my side. I can not pay for my loan from my inheritance because it is deposited as an out going fund and I can only withdraw it once it is transferred to an oversea account. My Dad deposited it that way so that he will not pay too much tax from it since it is not going to be used in the time period the money is there.
According to my Dad's Attorney,he said that you need to give me an account where they can transfer the money to and once you received the money then I can be able to pay off my loan, I have to pay the Loan Shack $145,000 and pay off my Dad's Attorney for his legal fees as well.
I am working and I am not living off from the money now. I am not doing much after we last spoke, just working and keeping myself busy with my work.
You can send the account to me so that I will forward it to them. I am very pleased the way things are going for us and I know that very soon we will eventually be together.
Stay Blessed,
Love Jane
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