Letter(s) from Svetlana Purtova to Matt (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Matt!
Honestly speaking Matt, I was very surprised that you have answered me. Now I understand that people in your country are really responsible! But I want to be honest with you Matt. I have a very close girlfriend. Her name is Katya. She has made me go to the computer club to find my soul mate in the Internet. Matt, may be you want to know how did I find out you? It did take very long time. When me and my girlfriend Katya did come to Internet - cafe we did ask help from manager of Internet - cafe. He told me that there is very good site a called www.yahoo.com, and this site have non-toll-free membership. Manager paid with his credit card. Of course Matt, I have paid him for it. Because there are many women who want to find their soul mate, and he helps them to pay for some sites. Then I did carry in criterion of searching. I did not carry many, only age. And my GOD, I got 1000 persons in results! It was interesting and fun to watch. I did flip through pages, next, next, next, but I did not like anybody. Katya did weary from this and asked me to go home, but I did not want it, I just always try to do commenced to finish! Katya did go but I did stay! And approximately on 500's or 600's page (I do not remember exactly) I seen your photo!!! I do not know why, but something did happen in my soul and I decided to know you more! Thank you that you did response to me! By the way Matt, I even did not know in which city I did find out! It was surprise for me. In general I wanted to write nobody. I understood that she wants me to find happiness, but, frankly speaking, I was not sure that it is possible to find happiness in Internet. I even did not think that you will answer me. May be, is it the fate? What do you think of it? I'll tell thanks Katya! Today I have come to the computer club and send you my photo and I hope, that you will like it. I saw your photo and I liked what I saw in it!!! I hope you will be able to send me else. And so if you have interest in me after this letter, then I shall glad to know you better. We can become the friends, but, may be, and more. Time will show. Would you like to become my friend?
Well, my name is Svetlana, I am 29 years old and I was born on 20,12,1976 g. This year to me 30 years will be executed.
I live in Russia, the city of Kashin. It is not big but very beautiful and nice city. I have blue eyes and wavy hair. But I try to change my image often since I always like to be different.
In life I am very cheerful person and I have very responsible work. I work as children's tutor in children's garden. My work very much is pleasant to me, I very much love children.I am responsible person, I think, that the person should concerns about associates so how want that concerned about him. What do you think of it?
If you come here, you will find an ensemble of different architecture here. There are also theatres, cinemas, cafes and many other cute places.Though salary in Russia very small, I earn enough money to contain myself and to live in full prosperity. Though I haven't my own flat, I live with my parents in three room apartment. My parents are on pension already. But pensions are so small that my father works sometimes a watchman in the car park. And now I would like to ask you some questions. Tell me more about yourself, please, everything you want me to know. Where do you live, what place do you work in? Tell me about your parents. Everything you write me will be interesting for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone and computer that is why I use the service of the Internet-Cafe that is why sometimes delays can be in my replies. I hope you understand me. Waiting for your reply.
Your kind friend Svetlana.

Letter 2

Hello, dear Matt!
I was happy to hear from you again. How are you? Hope everything is Ok. In this letter I will try to tell you more about my life style.
I like music, reading, movies very much. I often meet with my friends. Sometimes we go to the cinema or to the theatre. But sometimes I prefer just to stay at home, to read an interesting book or just to watch TV. I am fond of languages, I had a course of English in the University so I speak it rather fluently. At university I studied 5 years, I studied psychology,elementary education, rules of behaviour of the child with 3 till 6 years, it to be useful to me for all life. I like to visit a sports hall. I am engaged 2 times a week on aerobics.
I have nick name it Sveta. You too can me so to name. And do Matt you have any hobbies, what are your likes and dislikes? And more it is a little about itself my growth of 167 centimeters(5 foots of 47 in.s), and weight 62 kilograms (136 pounds). I as the girl in soul want to have fun and learn all a lot of new.
I very much love children and it is a pity that.I do not have brother or the sister. I have 3 sisters cousins and one brother, they live in SARATOV. I when was not at them on a visit. I like to travel but there is no time. I very energetic person, with sense of humor. And in nutria I am very tenderness, and sometime, I shall give all tenderness to my favorite's person. Matt know, I decided to use the service of the Internet because I have a dream to create a family. Unfortunately I was not able to find a man here in Russia. They don't care about their women and I dream about a loving and caring man. I would give him all my love and tenderness in return.
ps.The most favourite film (MEN-IN-BLACK)Favourite actors TOMMY LEE JONES, BRAD PITT. I like rock and roll music and like to dance and have.
I do not have favourite person. I have few photo, but I shall send you the most favourite, I am able to play on a guitar, to this me have learned at musical school, to play on a guitar I studied from 8 years.
As you have liked me also I think at us the different duet can turn out.
Waiting impatiently for your next letter. Have a good day.

Letter 3

Hello dear Matt.
I too experienced that I can not write to you the letter, and I speak that I shall fairly try to write without delays. I very much like to float, run on water. In our city there is 4 pool but I not frequently go as it dearly and not everyone will dare. In this letter I'll tell you about my town Kashin and want to give you presentations about our future relations. Our city is not so big, but very convenient. My city to be 550 km from Moscow these are 7 hours of driving. 2004 the urban population has made 440 000 person. The city of Kashin is formed 1238.2003 the big holiday to city was spent was executed 765 years. There came many the well-known singers in Russia.
In our town there are 2 theatre, 5 movie-theatres, park, near with which I live, and like all usual towns, in our town there are bars, cafes, shops. Our town is very good, but there are not worthy men in my town. All russian men don't respect women and consider that woman doesn't have any rights, and all russian men, basically, are alcoholics. I have gone to Internet-agency to get acquainted with you, because I know that you are quite other man. American men respect women. Am I right?I'm 29 years old and I consider that it is time for me to create my own family. Matt i have been postponing money for a long time, and now I have enough to arrive to you. I do not want to hurry events, but I consider that it is necessary to meet each other in person to know well each other. If you, as well as me, have intentions to create the family, let's get to know each other better, and if we decide, then I'll arrive to you, and if we love each other, I'll stay with you. I consider,that in relations no love is important, but trust and understanding are important. Man have to be head of family, but he has to consult with woman. I can completely take all homeworks in my hands. Matt i like to cook very much, I'll cook for you so tasty, that you'll forget about McDonalds. My friends say, I AM THE BEST! I like to cook Russian traditional food. Also I'll work to support our budget. If you want, we'll have child, but if you don't want, I don't mind. I hope that I do not scare you, asking these questions so quickly. I am sure, that you are, Matt, that man, who I need, I hope to your reciprocity. In each letter I shall be to you as I live and that to me to like. And certainly about the family.
ps. I very much like to dance and a lot of vigorous music,music to like Classical and Dance.
Purtova Svetlana Sergeevna.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 4

Hello my dear Matt!!!
Finally I have an opportunity to come to Internet-agency to talk with you.
I am very happy that I have you.I have told to my girlfriends about you,they tell you hello.
My parents are glad that finally I met man and want to create family. My parents tell you hello.
Today Autumn, to become coldly, and northern wind blows, I is happy, and my mood very good,because I have you. I am very glad, that I very much want happy family I wrote to 2 more Americans but have now ceased to write to them and have stopped on you Matt. You have liked me and wish to find out about me more than others they need one that I have arrived and have made love. I love flowers of a rose yellow, I Hristyanin,am more than all from food I love a shish kebab, music I love Contri,Classics I love summer heat that it was possible to not leave water, I like to dance and probably each girl likes to dance, I went for a drive on skis a little I love a bicycle, I do not smoke and when there will be no,a favourite season summer, I very much dream and like to travel and spend the night in tents in a wood, that necessarily was a guitar and a fire,I love animals strongly love dolphins, go to the Internet of cafe,I strongly love children and with them be friends and I am able to play it my work and pleasure. Love this miracle of the nature also it is not necessary to hurry up it it is necessary to enjoy.I want to know about you as much as possible. It makes me near to you. Dear, tell me please more about yourself. What do you do in time of resting??? Where are you spend your days off??? I like to have a rest more on the nature. In the summer I and my friends go to campaigns, well you know tents, the open sky, a fire. It's a great pleasure, to walk on a green wood early in the morning, to breathe fresh air, to listen to the birds singing. And if do it together with loving person, it is probably indescribable feelings. I have spoken, we have very beautiful places behind our city. There are a lot of fish in the river. It is a pity, but I cannot frequently afford it, in summer I work also, and the free days off are seldom. But if I and you, shall decide to meet to learn our approaching to each other, I am ready to give up work, for happiness I am ready on all. Certainly, it is early to speak about it, we should at first learn each other better.
I love sports meets. We, in Russia, have different kinds of sports, you play football (the American football), but in Russia the English football (soccer) is more popular. I like to go to theatre; it is very interesting to look for game of actors. I have not noticed how time have gone and I need to go home, it is already late. When I go to bed, I'll think of you to see you in my sleep. Good bye, my love.
ps. These photos I to whom not to time did not show, you the first who sees these photos, it we with the girlfriend bathed on Rybinskoye Vodokhranilishche. Thanks for photos,very much was pleasant to me.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 5

Greetings my close friend Matt.
Today I have quickly decided to write the questionnaire, you need to know it.
That I prefer it, almost every day, that I like and that I do not like and I am not able.
1) - every day I rise early in the morning, it is 6-45, or 7-15. I do not like to roll for a long time in bed.
2) - I love coffee, but not strong in the morning, it is necessary with milk.
3) - a week I run 3 times in the morning, sports not fast run, 1,5 - 2 km.
4) - it is necessary downpour, after downpour I like to resemble naked.
5) - as I work with children, I move all the day long much, after the working day I accept downpour.
6) - during the lunchtime I love soup, I have dinner a little, I prefer, milk, a spicy food, very much I love a spaghetti, Russian borshch, sausages without bread, greens, salads.
7) - at leisure on work I read, I love detectives, love novels, I listen to music, ELVIS PRESLEY, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi.
8) - I like to bathe, to pool I go but not frequently, I like to ski, on a motorcycle, on skates.
9) - I am not able to go behind a rudder of the machine, but I think that I shall learn.
10) - I do not love lie, lies, and to speak about the person any mucks, I have many girlfriends which speak bad about others much, it is very bad to me to hear such.
11) - very much I love the work, I love children, and for a long time to play with them.
12) - I like to dress up in everyones beautiful a dress, I love make to myself hairdresses, I like to change the shape.
13) - in the man I like that was charming always that kept up behind myself, was clean, without a reminder took a shower, helped me to prepare.
14) - I do not smoke, I have no children, it was not married, I do not drink alcoholic drinks if a holiday that I prefer liquor, or champagne. When had no drugs, and I despise it.
15) - to me very much to like to watch on TV, the golf, football, billiards, is very good games.
16) - I well speak and I write on English.

I think to you it was pleasant, it simply my prompt replies.
I wait each your following letter.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 6

Hi, my dear Matt!!!
I got up early in the morning being in a high spirit! I was thinking about you!!!
Cooking breakfast I imaged how I would do it for you! Do you like to have breakfast in bed?
I saw a wonderful wedding when I went to work... Fiancee was so beautifyl in her white dress...
You know I was even envy a little bit. I just imagined me on her place...
And I remembered again my dream of life - to create a happy, strong family. I love children so much. But I shall not have children without the consent of my husband. Therefore if the husband will not want to have children, and will be!!! But the most important person in my life will be my husband. I will take care of him and will love him deeply. I imagine how we spend the evening together. Only you and me. We have candles in our room everywhere. I look so beautiful in my red dress with just washed hair. And you are a man of my dream, you are so gorgeous! You look at me with the tenderness and love. I took away your shirt and you my dress. You touch my skin and I feel your warm hands around my body. I will such a deep passion and love inside. And we have a night of love only for us!!! I told you my fantasies. Do you have any?
Tell me, please. It seems to me that I begin to fall in love with you. Now I stop on this.
I'll wait for your answer. I love you!!!!
The love is the most important gift that is given to a person from the God. So, that's why we should take care of it. The family is the result of the love, when two persons decide to join their destinies for ever. The ideal family is to be based on the trust, on the mutual understanding, and on the love. The woman as the creator of the home comfort has to do all her best to save the family. In general all the responsibilities are to be shared equally between the wife and the husband, but still this is the woman who is responsible for the home and the family comfort.
I want my family to be full of love, happiness and kindness. Coming back from home the husband has to be happy looking at his beautiful, smiling wife. On weekends we have to be together. It is so great to spend time together! When children appear, we'll spend a lot of time with them, going together to the cinema, to the park, etc. I believe that both parents have to participate in the upbringing of children. The main condition for the family success is the wife's tolerance, her understanding and the care for the husband. I think the husband's responsibility is the care for the wife. The responsibility of the both is the careful attitude towards each other and, of course, sincere, fair love The dream: My family is the happiest family in the world! There are no disappointments, a lie and a perfidy! There are only the understanding, the happiness and thelove!

I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, I left my body laying somewhere in the sands of time, Well I watched the world through the dark side of the moon I feel there is nothing I can do. yeah.
I watched the world through the dark side of the moon after all I knew it had something to do with you.
If I go crazy will you still call me Kitty?
If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand?
I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might Kryptonite.

This is how I feel sometimes when I think of you.
I am looking forward to your next e-mail.
ps.These photos are made in 2003, in the south of Russia, in city GELLENDJIK, it to be by the black sea. I the first time was on the sea.
Forever your Svetlana!!!

Letter 7

My dear Matt!!!
How are you today? Hope everything is fine with you. As for me, I feel good just a little bit sad that you are not with me. You know, I got used to your letters so much, they are a part of me. I like you very much but I don't want to be betrayed again. I was in love with one person. It was a light and clan feeling... But he cheated and went to another woman. I was hurt but I was able to overcome this and for long time I have been alone. I was just afraid to have any relations again. Men in Russia drink much, smoke and get drugs. I know you are not such a kind, I believe and trust you. You are my treasure!!!
Could you trust me, as we communicate only through the Internet? You have never met me in the real life! We have been corresponding for long time already and know much about each other as far as we can get from the letters. You are a wonderful person and the best what I have in my life. I think about us all the time, about our meeting ( and I should say this excites me so much!!!) In my fantasies we are together, one whole! And I am waiting so much for the moment when these dreams come true! I would like to ask you a very serious question. Could I?
What are you intentions about me? Would you like to meet with me? Would you like me to come and visit you as a guest so we could get to know each other better? WHETHER YOU SHOULD SOLVE YOU WANT our FIRST MEETING WHETHER OR NOT?!?! Perhaps, you think that is too early but life gives us such a wonderful chance to be happy and we should try not to miss it. LIFE is TOO SHORT. And consequently it is necessary to be more resolute in life...
Matt I shall tell to you as I look at a life.
1) I think a good wife is a kind, a trusty, a modest, an understanding and a generous woman. She has to be not only a "wife" for her husband, but a good friend too, ready to help and to support him in any situation. The relations between the husband and the wife are to be confidential.
The relations with the children are to be based on the trustiness, on the understanding, on the kindness, on the caress and on the love. The base of the bases in every family is to be the love and the tenderness. This is the responsibility of the woman to preserve this feeling in its original form.
2) As the woman is the keeper of the home comfort, her main duty is the preservation of the family.
I think that the majority of divorces are caused by the incomprehension, by the impatience towards each other. So, that's why the wife has to find different ways to escape difficulties. I think the divorce is an emergency case that we shouldn't think about. These are the children who suffer from it. My attitude to family responsibilities is good, I do the chores around the house with pleasure, I dream of my own children and of caring about them.
3) My appearance is very important for me, wherever I go: to the street, to the theatre, to the work. I think it is not necessary to be super fashionable just to be nice-looking.
It is important to follow the rule: to have the sense of measure in clothes. As the man's wealth is defined by his wife's clothes, so the woman has to conform her man. I think I can be nice-looking and at the same time I can be modest.
4) Every religion these are its traditions, morals, concepts, ideas, so that's why it is desirable that the wife and the husband will have the same religion. I am Christian, so that's why the traditions and the ideas of this religion are considered to be the best. Christian religion is a very humane religion that permits to think more or less independently, comparing with other religions. The religion is a very important thing, but it is not the main thing. The main thing in the family is the love, the mutual understanding, the trustiness
It was a few my reflections 2000 Year. My address Russia 420503 Kashin PUSHKINA 2-11.
Bye for now.

Letter 8

Hi, my dear Matt!!!
I am happy to hear from you. With each day you became a more close and dear person for me.
I hope we'll be together soon. And then the life will be complete at last.
I want to tell to you small needs, my most favourite color red, I love the machine red, the bottom linen red, my most favourite season this summer. I like to bathe, and that it was always hot.
I very much love coffee that coffee was with boiled milk. These are three things which I hold in my life, since the childhood.
You know every day I dream about us. Sometimes I think I am getting crasy as I feel you near.
I feel your strong hands on my body and imagine how it would be to make love with you.
And after our passion nights, we would just relax in our bed and enjoy each other doing nothing, just kissing. I want to tell, I LOVE YOU!!!
You can tell, that it is too fast and it is not possible to fall in love with the person, after several letters, and never having seen a lot him!!! You will is accomplished are right!!!
You should understand, I love you Matt such to which I now present you, such which you have described yourselves in letters!!! And consequently I want an our meeting. You should understand, that it is virtual love!!! And I want to check up feelings and it can show all our first meeting!!!
I want us to be together so much, that trying to do something for us to see each other at last. I want to tell you today Matt, that I have made all documents for getting foreign passport and to begin to make the visa. Parents have helped me with money, and now I have money for the visa and on tickets. , but this is because it is very difficult to receive a tourist visa to the USA, more so after the terrorist actions on 11 September. It is possible for me to get a work visa for to come to you. I have to do some paperwork and to pay some money for visa. I write you through the tourist Internet-agency, which give a such opportunity. Agency works more than 1 year and many girls went to the USA with the help of this agency. Agency will find work for me with the help of their employees who is working in the USA, and then agency will send me there as worker. After my arrival to you, we'll get acquainted and if we decide we'll make all documents to make fiance visa for me, whereupon I'll be able to stay with you forever. While visa is being making, we shall communicate through e-mail, it will allow me to learn more about your life. I love you Matt and I hope you trust me.Thanks for photos, and for pleasant music to like me this music.
ps. I have made these photos in the summer, I think that was pleasant to you. I ask you to not show to whom as I want that you only enjoyed my photos..
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 9

Hello my dear Matt!!!!
How are you today, hope everything is well. Today I saw you in my sleep.
I am very happy Matt that I have you. And also I am happy because soon we'll meet. This so romantic, here is already about month we communicate with you via email, and quite soon we'll meet each other face to face. I have such feeling, like I know you long ago, like I come to you as to my bridegroom. I feel that I love you so much. I hope, you'll love me the same, when I arrive to you!!! My foreign passport is ready, but it will be remained in agency while visa is being made. The visa will be ready aproximately in week, but to get it, I'll need to go to embassy to Moscow. There I'll need to pass the conversations, and embassy will decide to give me visa or not to give. But don't worry, in agency I was said that I will not be refused in visa. I'll have a work visa H-1B, it will give me right to remain in USA for 90 days. The Agency will find work for me in USA, but when I arrive, I'll be able to find any other work, which is close to you.
I am very Matt glad that quite little time remain before our first meeting!!!
I worry, even it is little scare for me, after all I have never travelled outside of Russia, more so, so far to America, on the other end of our planet, I have tremor on skin under one even thought about this. But I immediately becalm, when think that you Matt' ll meet me, and I'll be under your protection.
You will, after all, be able to meet me in the airport? Tell me, in what airport I have to fly you to be able meet me? I wait your answer. Well, it is time to go, it is already late, but else I need to come to the shop to buy the products for supper.
ps. I ask to send your exact address,phone,and the airport where you can meet me.
I should know this information and her I shall write to myself to a notebook.
If you can card and a route where do you live that I knew a little.
For earlier many thanks.
Good bye.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 10

Hello my sweetheart Matt!!!
I only now have an opportunity to write to you. I have been borrowed by preparations of documents. Now I have some minutes to write to you. Today it is wonderful weather on the street. Matt i am very happy, because little time remained when I'll be in your hugs. In agency I was said that probably, by the end of next week I'll go to Moscow to embassy for conversation, whereupon I'll receive a visa and will buy tickets for arrival to you. I am very happy. I didn't think, that the documents will go so quickly. This is because agency works directly with Moscow embassy. When I arrive to you, I'll be the happiest woman in the world, because I'll be near my loved man. Matt, I am in love with you so much. You live on other end of our Planet, but I feel that you are my soul mate, I have to be with you till the end of our lives. When I go out of the board of the plane and see you, I'll fall into your hugs immediately. Then we'll go home, I'll have a rest from the trip, then we'll have a supper, and then I'll fondle you for a long time, I'll kiss you and all of your body, I'll give you all my tenderness, which was saved in me so long time. My love, I have to go. Matt I have good mood everyday, because I have you.
Tell me, how are you??? You miss me???
I hope everything is fine. I love you!!!!
ps. I danced on a holiday, and this my dress for dance, near to me my mum.
Forever your Svetlana!!!

Letter 11

Hello my Loved Matt!!!
First of all I want to tell you, that I love you so much. Every day I live with thoughts about you, with dreams of our first date and our future life. My parents tell you huge hello. I much talk with them about you, my parents are very happy as me, that I'm in love with you. Matt i talked with my friends about you, they are very happy, too, they even a little envy me.
I talked with them about that, I leave them forever and we'll not see each other for a long time, I'll miss them, but, after all, we'll be able to talk via email. And someday, in many years, you and me will have a travel to Russia you to be able get acquainted with my parents, and I will introduce my friends to you. What do you think of this??? Today remarkable weather, the sun shines also mood very good. Today I went in for aerobics and I understood, that I have to go in for aerobics more often to be graceful for you always. After aerobics I went to the agency and I was said there,5-Wednesday I'll have to go to Moscow to receive the visa. So, it is little time before our meeting, Matt soon we'll be together!!! Matt every night I see dreams how we make love, we are on the big bed, and you kiss all of my body, the I'll begin to do the massage to you with aromatic butter. Then the massage slowly move over to to the ndearment with tongue, I begin to lick your neck, bosom, then I take a lower, I begin to kiss your belly, and then I take more lower, and I begin to fondle you with my mouth. Matt i'll fondle you until you reach orgasm.
Then you take me with your strong hands and begin to fondle me until your power is restored. Then you'll execute your the most bold erotic fantasies and do with me all what you want until you get orgasm again. I love you, with you I'll be able personify all my erotic fantasies, you will be able to do all you dreamed of.
I'll stop on it. I love you, soon we'll be together.
ps.Yesterday I was on a visit, at native, and there I have told that I am going to leave for America, I have told that I shall leave in marriage, my aunt very strongly was delighted, everyone send you greetings. Everyone speak that you me coast.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 12

Hello my beloved Matt!!!!!
It's just quick note to say you hello!!! I am well, everything goes as scheduled. I have little time, I am very tired for the whole day. I have already left my work, but anyway, I don't have enough time to write you. But soon we'll have much time to talk face to face. I am very happy because of this!!! I can't fall asleep for a long time in the night because I very think of our first meeting, but when I fall asleep, I see you in my dreams. I have loved you so much. I even don't imagine my life without you. I very hope that I'll justify your waiting, when I arrive. I'll do all, you to love me as I have loved you. I have to go. I have not yet eaten anything, and else I need to go to the shop for products. I love you Matt!!!
Today I shall go on girlfriends and to say goodbye tomorrow I shall write to you the letter. I strongly whole you mine Matt also want to be faster in your embraces. I very much want in your hands.
It is a photo with my familiar. We went to dance with girlfriends, and have met her. it is a photo July of this year.
Your Svetlana!!!

Letter 13

Hello my dear Matt!!!
I am the happiest woman in the world! Today I'll go to Moscow, I shall go by train, it occupy at me 7-8 hours, I have chosen a train as it more cheaply. And after receiving the visa, from Moscow, not returning to home, I'll buy tickets and arrive to you, my sweetheart. I am so happy, that I'll not sleep tonight. I am ready for everything for the sake of you, my love. I'll fly to you through half of globe for us to be happy for the rest of our lives. When I come to Moscow, I'll find Internet cafe there and write you. I ask that you have sent me your phone number, I shall try to call in Moscow to you. My mom has given me gift for you. When I come to you, it will be surprise for you. I have so strange feeling inside of me, my new life will be begun tomorrow, and in this life you, my loved Matt, take the most main and the most important part. Now I'll live for the sake of you. I'll be meeting you, when you return from work, I'll cook food for you, I'll take care of coziness of our dwellings. I'll love you. I'll live for the sake of you. When I come to you, you'll know as far as strong my feeling to you. My beloved, I need to go to gather my belongings, also I need to go to say goodbye to my friends, though we'll talk via email, but, anyway, I'll miss them.
I'll write you as soon as I receive the visa.
I love you Matt!!!
ps.The Daddy and Mum have told to protect me and send you greetings.
My girlfriends which will see off me, they send greetings to you.
Forever your Svetlana!!!!!

Letter 14

Hello ours Matt!
We, parents Sveta,Mum ZOIA PURTOVA, daddy ANATOLIU EROFEEV. are very glad to your acquaintance and the future happiness!
We are pleased, that we have an opportunity to write to you the letter, in Agency the employee has agreed to translate our letter that it was convenient for you to read him.
Our daughter has left for Moscow in the and we are glad, in fact all parents dream of happiness of children! We have noticed, how our daughter after your acquaintance has changed, it seems to us, that she became younger and more cheerful! As all parents, we certainly experience for our daughter, this our treasure and we are pleased, that this treasure gets to you!!! We hope, that you will not offend her, and awaken to care of her, and she will care of you!!!
With huge trust ZOIA and ANATOLIU!

Letter 15

Congratulations my dear Matt!
I have arrived to Moscow, and at once have gone to the Internet of cafe, with me all is good.
I ask do not worry for me, I shall be cautious, I understand that I am in another's city and was not present whom familiar. I have been arranged in an apartment to the lonely grandmother, she hands over a room, it costs 20 dollars a week, and it is cheaper than in hotel. Tomorrow I shall go to embassy to receive the visa, and I shall be at last make all documents,it not occupy it is a lot of time. As soon as I shall receive all papers, I am going to enter into the airport and to buy tickets, the information I shall write at once. I very much wait for our meeting. Soon we shall together for ever. On trip to Moscow I am very tired, all the night long I experienced, and asked to the god that all was good. In a train it is a lot of to people and I did not sleep. Now I am going to go to have a rest, I each hour think of you, I love you and I want that you knew it. I shall necessarily call.
On always yours Svetlana!!!

Letter 16

Hello my beloved Matt!!!
Matt, now I have gone to the embassy and I have been said very "good" news, Matt. To put it more exactly, bad news, it is unpleasant news for us. They have told me, that when I'll go to the board of the airplane, I'll need to have no less than 1800 dollars in pocket and document, confirmatory this. Because I'll arrive to you with the work visa and I'll go to the USA as a worker. Your name and address are not pointed in documents, only it is pointed that I'll fly to USA. And this money is needed for a life in the USA for 90 days (since validity of the visa is 90 days). You lose nothing Matt! Because when I arrive you, I'll give you this money. Without this money I'll not be released outside of Russia. I have money for tickets, but I do not know where to take 1800 thousand dollars. They has told me that we need to buy round-trip ticket. I was very wondered, when she has said this since I was going to buy one-way-ticket, because it is cheaper than round-trip ticket. But she has told me, that with work visa I'll not be released from Russia with one-way ticket. This is explained that now there are too many emigres, wishing to leave our country, who do not return to Russia, and live in the USA with illegal rights. With ticket round-trip there are determined warranties that person will be back into his country. Especially, this is wide-spread for young women, not having children and relatives outside of Russia. Also she has said that I'll need to to make the insurance. I have to pay for my ticket here because if you will buy ticket in America, I shall have to buy insurance, which costs 956 dollars. But if I shall buy ticket here, then cost of insurance will be included in price of ticket. I went to the airport, 2 tickets will cost 1680 dollars. Matt, now I am very upset after these news.
I know Matt, that money is much not only for me, but for you, too.
I even begin to think that our meeting in person is impossible. I begin to feel myself worse Matt.
Now Matt, we need to pass the last step and we'll be together. I love you Matt and want to be only with you!
So I ask, that you have sent 1800 dollars
The western Union, as it - the most safe way to send money.
For this purpose You will require in exact address:
PS. I shall try to call to you tonight.
I necessarily today shall call you.
Your Svetlana!!!