Scam letter(s) from Vasilisa Romanenko to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Good day my nice friend!
Thank you for writing to me, your special interest, I hope so much it will turn a close friendship, relations, love spark and passion for both in future. We'll be closer and closer to each other through the lines of our letters. So I'd like that our connection will be excited for us. Let's allow to tell you a little about me. I'm affectionate, communicative, kindhearted, intelligent, thoughtful and devoted, clever, family-oriented girl. Perhaps, I have the kind name, Vasilisa means care, goodness, charming. On my character, I am ready of sympathy, help, serious, sensitive person. I had graduated from the college, have a pedagogical education and now I work at primary school as a secretary.
There are much children, the flowers of life and we must care of them, don't agree? I feel in the right place, because i work in the women circle, where a headmistress is a kind and intelligent woman, I have such positive simple before eyes. After work I have some time to go for sport club to be in a good shape, to meet with my girlfriends, to walk, to go to disco or visit the cinema.
I like to watch TV, listen to music, cook. I live with my parents.
I love to cook the tasteful dishes for my family. They like it and always compliment for me.
At that moment of my life, I am in searches of love, romantic things, passion, real feelings, a close soul mate which contain my feelings and give me love. I believe in love and feelings. I am looking for my second half overseas, want to find a loyal, good, reliable, careful, considerable man and passionate and tender for both. Maybe, you can think, I am too fastidious to my chosen person, what do you guess? I want to share, to experience with someone is close to me, these warm thoughts and expressions will grow strong and long.
I am saying that you are defiantly that person, you are getting close by your thoughts.
To me people can write thousands of letters speak on the phone many times, but everything then becomes the reality of a dream lived in previous thoughts and the dream lives on,I would like you to be part of that dream. And you? Why do you seek for a woman among the ukrainian? You make sure, our women are more better? What do you want to have from our connection? wait for you, dream of you....
bye-bye, Vasilisa
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