Scam letter(s) from Sandra Gregory to Al (USA)

Letter 1
I'm a USA ciziten born and breed feed in Idaho at salmon, i have told you that Agent don't have scanner he would have since when you are asking me too....O.K? I'm not forcing you to send the money so don't ever have the thought that you want to waste money .....O.K?

Heart That Cares
Letter 2
That is the Passport baby .I think you can believe now, i have tried all i could just because to reach you with these.

Heart That Cares
Letter 3
Well i think i have played my role , you never believe me the birthday date , was mistake if it's Dec 12 , i gave them 12/30/79.I never know what i could do to please, i think i can say hold your money at these level because you dont know stressed i go through.... Goodbye Al , i can see that you don't want me ...

Heart That Cares
Letter 4

Name: Julihanna Scofield
Address: 1 Apete Road
City: Ibadan
State: Oyo
Postal Code: 23402
Country : Nigeria
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