Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Ferry (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, I would like to get acquainted with you. My name is Tatyana to me 30 years, will be fast 31 year on October, 3rd. I the blonde. At all I do not know that to you to write at present more. Write me on my personal email address I wish to get acquainted with you. The photo of mine at present is not present, as I only have made today registration of a site and yet have not made the coordination. I the beautiful girl, it objectively. I hope, that you are fast will already write on mine email and will be glad with me to get acquainted. Write more likely.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Ferry! I am very happy to receive your letter, I am very glad. If it is fair,I did not expect to receive from you letters. But you have written tome, and I think, that we will begin acquaintance! I live in the finecountry under the name Russia, in a small city under name Zelenodolsk.Our city to be in 700 kilometres from Moscow, to our city of 460years. And with the population in 90 thousand. And you live in whatcity? In my city very purely, Our city very pure, in comparison withothers. Our city is surrounded from different directions by woods.From Russian Zelenodolsk to be translated as green. She passes on themost part of Russia. Tell about the city? I will describe myself. Myage of 30 years, it is fast on October, 3rd at me put a birth to methere will be 31 year. I the blonde, harmonous, my growth 168, weightof 56 kg. At me brown eyes, on a sign on zodiac Libra, my favouritecolour red, black and white. I have a little described myself.Describe itself? I like to go in for sports, in the childhood I wasengaged in gymnastics. Now I go to the fitness centre but only notalways there is time for this purpose. When there is a free time I gowith the big desire and I go in for sports. And you go in for sports?In the general love. Concerning my feature: in the basis I optimist,sincere, sociable, In general in me the gentle arrangement. I estimatein Mercy of character, and honesty. I have not many friends andacquaintances, but I have the best girlfriend, her name - katya, weare familiar with her from school. She has advised to me to try to getacquainted with the person on the Internet from other country. Me thequestion why you get acquainted with the girl from Russia interestsvery important? Why you do not get acquainted with girls from thecountry England? To me the answer to my question is very important.And the answer to this question will affect for our further dialogue.I hope, that you will fairly answer it. I the Christian also trust thegod, you trust the god? In you other religion, but the god one for allpeople, you agree with me? I send you the photo, I hope that it tolike you. That you wish to know about me ask I always to you I willanswer. I hope that you will answer all my questions, it is veryinteresting to me to know about you. I very curious girl. Send meplease the photo. I will wait for your full answer. The answer withthe big impatience. Your new friend Tatyana
Letter 3
Hello Ferry! I have just come from work home. In the street it is warm. And whatweather at you? It is very pleasant for me to read your letter. Howyou? Thanks for your answer. I looking for the man from mine thecountries, but was not present with whom I would want to be together.And consequently has decided, that through the Internet I shall find.At all my girlfriends all to miscellaneous develop relations. One mygirlfriend live with the husband they are fine, there are no at themserious quarrels, live happily. At other girlfriend, but sometimes herhusband dismisses on her hands, it is simply awful. I think, that itis last business to beat the woman. What do you think of it? Write tome your ideas about it. My second girlfriend loves the husband, and heto her uses as wants, feelings it seems to me at them is not present,constant quarrels. I think what to get children it is very big step.And if it has turned out so, that after joint residing there werequarrels, scandals it is not necessary to torment not the child. Theadult person can bear and caress and care instead of scandals isnecessary for the child. You with me agree? And I yet have not met thethe man, I and am sure in his searches, that I shall find. I am todayvery strongly tired on work, I work the pharmacist in a drugstore. Ineed work to be liked very strongly. You help people, you advise whatmedicines are necessary. I work every day, target it happens only oncea week. It would be desirable more than the days off. And where youwork? Tell to me about it. My work is filled my time, and I spend alot of time for my work. Anyhow I the fan to enjoy the period of alife, as it. I hate lie and treachery. I do not like any cruelty, itis possible because I - too closing and the sensitive internal partyof my basis. I love flowers, especially roses. I love an internalconsolation, care and rest concerning family Yes, there are manythings which we should find out about the friend the friend. Also Ihope, that with each letter we shall know about the friend the friendmore! On it I shall finish my letter. I shall wait for your answertomorrow. Your friend Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello Ferry!!! I am glad to receive your letter. Today I am very tired on work, allthe day long standing. A drugstore in which I work, to beapproximately in 250 metres from my house. When I with my girlfriendleft after work, there was simply awful weather - very strong windwith snow. And we have decided not to go home, and to come to have adrink coffee. After a coffee cup, we have gone at once home. How youhave spent day? At you what weather? I can correspond with you only bye-mail. When you have established structure, in a site ofacquaintances, you thought to be relative Possibilities to find theperson for serious relations? Possibly you Made it to have smallentertainment? Explain to me concerning it Please. Explain to me whyyou have decided to get acquainted on the Internet, instead of In thestreet. I in the life had acquaintances not accessible sense in in thestreet. I think That, if the person especially uses a site ofacquaintances, it has Serious intentions to find the person additionalfor himself. To me Told concerning many games on the Internet, but Ihope, that you the Serious person. I would like, that you have toldnot much about yourselves as the usual person in your countries lives.In our country various culture and the life period, and I think, thatthis site will help me to understand better you. I think, which on TVinform to tell not always the truth, and I never opinion concerningother people from TV. I hope, it will not inform some thingsconcerning it tiresome For you. What value of family in your countryand what opinion in you Concerning it. Now I wish to tell to you aboutmy family. My mum is called Rimma, to her by 68 years. She at me onpension. My daddy has died that year in August, he was 59 years old.Has died because of a pneumonia. He at all did not say, that ill. Italways was such. If something is ill it, he never to whom will tellabout it. I think that it badly. As it is necessary to speak about theproblem with health. My father has brought up me very strictly. When Iwas small it very much was not pleasant to me. Me often did notrelease to walk during later time. But now I can understand all it.And I am very grateful to my father for education. My parents alwayssupported me in all my undertakings. I do not have brothers andsisters. In us small apartment, but convenient. Our family, veryfriendly. Tell to me about your family? I think, that it will be notdifficult to you to inform me some details of your life. I readarticles from newspapers and heard from girlfriends, that the majorityof the European women for them the most important is career growth.What do you think of it? I in search of the real man. Now I do nothave that only thing, but think, that in the future all will be good.And what you think of it? Tell to me about it, ok? I think, that inrelations the main thing - mutual understanding. You agree with me?You what prefer to read books? I like to read romantic books.Ferry, please, answer my questions. After all only so I can findout you. It is very interesting to me to find out about it. I send youa photo where I with mum. On it I finish the letter. I will wait foryour answer. Tatyana
Letter 5
Hello Ferry! How you? It is very pleasant for me, that you continue to write to me.I hope, that it is interesting to you to communicate with me. Everyday with impatience. And each time I see your letters in my box I do apray to the God that there has come from you the letter, I am gladthat have met you in my life. With each our letter my relation to youbecomes better and more Serious. It is a pity, that we - are from eachother far; I Tired to be that. You cannot imagine in general as it isdifficult not to Have the person about you which loves you, cares ofyou, and respects you. Sometimes, when I come back home after workfrom which I collide with despair. And only your letters really do mestrong, Help me to leave my loneliness. I feel your care and kindnessFrom your letters. I want to tell, that you thank you very much. Iregret For such introduction, but I want, that you knew, thatsometimes I feel. In this letter I would like to tell to you moreabout me directly and to tell It - is a little about my ideas to makeyou, to know me better my day has passed as usually. During a lunchbreak we with fellow workers talked about the one who and as hascarried out this summer. I went with the relatives in the summer, toaunt Olga who lives in city Dzersninsk. From Zelenodolsk cityDzershinsk to be approximately 320 km. We have gone by the bus as itis more more safe, and is cheaper. Dzersninske at us it is a lot ofrelatives. At station of us have met. We so were pleased when havemet, in fact we did not see two years. We have gone all on a summerresidence to the aunt. There it is very good - fresh air, a wood froma house in 30 meters, in 50 meters the small small river proceeds. Ithere felt myself very well. In the evening we fried meat, had fun,communicating with relatives. Early in the morning we have gone tocollect mushrooms. I have typed about 50 liter bucket. Having comehome we have fried mushrooms with a potato. It was very tasty. Youlike to eat with mushrooms? Then we have gone to city, and we alreadyshould gather back home. I so would not like to go home, in fact itwas very cheerful, I have very well spent, my aunt and other relativeshas found out how are. When the bus has driven off station at me oncheeks tears flew, I so would not like to leave. Whether frequentlyyou meet the relatives? To me very seldom to have to meet, because atme it is a lot of work. This trip has made on me Huge impression alsohas left good memoirs for all life! It so is interesting. And you liketo travel? You can know what - be beautiful city which you havevisited and you can tell to me about him? It will be very interestingto me to find out that - that new. I want to know, how you havecarried out the evening? With me. I want, that you thought, it can be,I am really that woman of whom You - searched also, that I searched.Probably In some days which we shall spend, together will solve ourdestiny. And For this reason, my honey, I want, which you have solvedfor you directly which does you Want: to continue the correspondenceor to meet in the closest future. Choice - for you. My dear, I speakall my words and ideas From my heart. I think, that you - my destiny.I regret, there can be I Did not answer the some people from yourquestions, but I think it things I Told in this letter are moreimportant than questions which you have asked I. I shall finish myletter on these words. Gratitude, that you. I Expectation of yourletter with impatience. A sensitive kiss you, yours For ever Tatyana.On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your answer. Your friend Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello my darling!!!I so am glad to tell to you hello. How at you an affair? How are youdoing on work? I hope that at you all perfectly. I also in the order.Only I very much miss on you!!!! I am simple I can not live morewithout you. I would like to be every minute with you. I so want youto embrace, kiss, caress. I want that you whispered in me ear yourgentle words. I so want to be with you. I waited for your letter, butyou and have not written. I am upset. I very much miss you. All thedays long I thought only of you. You for ever in my heart. Mygirlfriend also transferred me Hello! She is very glad for me, that wewith you soon shall together. She knows as for me it important to seeyou. Now it is my most treasured dream. I so wait for that moment whenwe can see each other. I hope, that it will be fast, as we and wanted.Only do not overlook as I miss, and I want to be with you. Anybodyanother is not necessary for me. I shall wait for your letter. Withgood news, I very much want to be happy.Yours Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Ferry!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. How at you business?How your mood? I hope, that at you all is good also you had remarkabletime. I'm fine. What weather at you? At us simply warm weather, in thestreet very warmly. War in Southern Osetiya At last has ended. I so amglad. Many people were lost, it is awful. Peace inhabitants were lost,from hands of Georgia. I am am resulted by it simply in a shock. Iwould like to find out more about you. It is very interesting tocommunicate with such interesting person, as you. I will tell to youas I spend the usual day: I rise in 6:30 mornings and I make toilet, Igo in shower, I have breakfast, and I go for work. And when there wasa summer, I did in the mornings jog, it helps to support the form andhelps to wake up up to the end. Then I go for work. I work with 8:00mornings and I stop to work 17:00. Then I go home, at home I havedinner, and then I go to the cafe Internet. In the Internet of cafe Icheck the mail box to look, whether there is no from you a letter andwhen I see your letter, to me it becomes pleasant, that you havewritten to me. Tell to me how you spend the usual day? Yesterday wentto be engaged in a sports hall so has got tired, that since morning ofa fur-tree has got up. I so would not like to be full, therefore Ilook after myself. After training took a hot bath. My best girlfriendKatya.Iia has then come lives at the next entrance. We with her solong said, that I have laid down to sleep late. By the way, I to hertold about you. I send you the photo. I hope that you to see very gladthem. She was glad, that I have found to myself the friend oncorrespondence On it I finish the letter and I will wait for youranswer. Yours the friend from Russia Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello my a tiger. I very strongly miss I did not receive your lettertoday. Why you have not written. You are occupied on work. Let to meknow. I worry. Write to me more likely. I wish to continue ours withyou dialogue. To the fast Yours Tatyana
Letter 9
Hello my friend Ferry!!! I of waters have again received from you your letter. How at you anaffair? How work? At me all as is usual, on work all is good. In thestreet at us warming, at once has appeared desire to take a walk oncity. Before there was no such opportunity to take a walk becausethere were frosts. Today we met schoolmates, we have decided to meet,find out as who lives. I so a long time did not see the schoolmates,all have grown, I even all over again have not found out someschoolmates, they so have changed, if we would meet them somewhere inthe street I has not found out them. We have agreed to meet about ourformer school. I for a long time was not at our school, school too notfind out because Have made repair of school, the school became verybeautiful, I even agree to learn once again at school. I have seen theold class, we studied in him. Then We have waited all and have gone towalk. But unfortunately were everything as the majority of schoolmateshave parted who where, in searches of the best place. We have gone tosmall cafe for celebrating such remarkable event. With us there wasour first teacher from the first on the third class, she was the goodteacher, all of us love her and we respect. In a gift from us she hasreceived a huge bouquet of colors. We recollected what were whenstudied, much at this occasion laughed. We the second time gather itvery pleasantly, I would like to meet more often. But it isimpossible, because at all the cares and affairs. This evening to meto be remembered for all my life. I have told you as I have carriedout today day, I hope that it was interesting to you to find out thanI was engaged. And you had meeting with schoolmates? It will beinteresting to me to find out about it. Yesterday when I have comehome I had conversation with mum. I have told to mum that I go to theInternet - cafe and I correspond with you. My mum has been very muchsurprised with it. She has told to me that I should be cautious withyou. She does not want that I have been deceived by you. My mum sospeaks, because she very much loves me and she wants to me only iskind. I think that will not deceive me and we with you shall continuefurther correspondence. I want to tell to you that for me veryimportant to know that people of me do not deceive. I hate lie, I hatewhen people tell lies. I think, that it is very bad. When Iunderstand, that the person starts to tell lies to me I at once tocease to communicate with him. I think, that you the good person andme is not necessary to break off with you correspondence I hope thatalready soon you will write to me. Write to me I with impatience Ishall wait from you the letter. With the best regards Your girlfriend from Russia Tatyana
Letter 10
Hello my dear, I very strongly miss. I have come and have not seenyour letter. Why you have not written Can that be happens? I worry.How you spend weekend? I wait for the letter of your letter.
Letter 11
Hello my dear, what happens? Why I have not received today yourletter. I'm fine, only you do not suffice. How are you? How your work?I miss you. Answer my previous letter. I wish to know your opinion. Iwait for the letter. I have run for work.
Yours Tatyana
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