Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Gizatullina to Roger (New Zealand)
Letter 1
Hi my lovely man my kitten Roger!!! I only have received your letter and was happy to read each your word and those feelings love which you test to me the letter have been impregnated these feelings. At me on the person the smile has appeared and I simply was happy I was so happy as the person that again your letter brought to me so a lot of happiness and love. I have received money for the visa, then have gone to travel agency have paid for the visa, then to me have told that my visa will be ready on July, 28th it approximately in a week with visa reception all will be normal, I already wait for our meeting my kitten Roger, I liked this bridge on which you stood in a photo when it has been constructed? I wait when we will meet, you will show the house, and will tell all about the country. Still I was interested at the tourist agent in cost of tickets, to me have told that the ticket will cost 1500 euro. I consider that this money anything in comparison with our love. You agree with me? You spoke to me that doctors in your country receive quite good money, I could on arrival to you mine Roger to get a job. I consider hundred our distinction of age does not play any role if two persons love each other and wish to be together nothing can prevent them in passionate love! And you as consider??? Roger you the person which will learn me as it is necessary to behave with you and I will acquire this lesson. I consider that the person is more senior me, is more skilled. Certainly I agree with you that I young, but to me the age is not important, we in Russia have a saying "LOVE ALL AGE are obedient" and I adhere to it. Simply love is very strong piece.
I only wanted to speak with you as far as much at me now dreams about you I dream before sleeping every day I I dream of you dream of us when we with you together both all this is so real also to me it seems that it happens ever I only I wait for this moment when we shall be ready to this it is very responsible moment that we could solve with you that we do and as far as is serious I only wait and dream of you I wait ours with you a meeting start up can be she will not soon but the person this such creation at which is simple at even very small idea that all this happen it dreams as it occurs and that we shall do all. I was literally yesterday has lain both only was going to sleep and only I could not fall asleep thought of you thought about ours with you of the relation thought of ours with you of feeling. And I have simply presented as we with you houses simply we sit on a sofa we embrace also you allow to me the big passionate kiss and I only to tickle your ear and I whisper to you as I love you much as I happy to be with you. Then there was still a dream as we only have woken up morning you kissed me and went on work and then I only prepared to eat cleaned the house erased linen and you have made all on a facilities then has come with work all tired and I only have shown about you care I cleaned for you have put to you to eat has kissed passionately and we with you stirred that did you all over again then that I did. And then we only with you went in a bedroom and there started to make love then I fell asleep at you on a breast and all this ideas about you and all dreams of us brought so a lot of heat in my soul and it became so good me from that that I love you and that I only want to be with you and that nobody is necessary for me that you are necessary for me only that is necessary to me only you. I shall wait for you how many you will tell I shall never throw you and that or did not happen promise me that if you will find other woman or you will cease to love me that only will tell to me about it and I understand you and I forgive always I forgive people. So it is much easier to live so now we only with you shall wait for this moment and I love you know this my heart devoted to you and do not worry we shall be together and you can feel my soul it is necessary only is strong to want and it is necessary to grow fond strongly only of it and then we can be together. Well I while I finish this letter and if you have any questions either what or offers speak me well I shall wait a lot of for your answer and I shall wait for your letter when you will write to me and speak with me soon I only I wait and I believe. Yours and only yours and I hope to love you always Anna!!!!
Letter 2
Hello road Roger!!! It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the letter! My flame of love. The address to you, still burns, and is not going to die away, only you can help me, I spoke to you that tickets will cost 1500 euro, road I do not understand your actions, we with you both wish to be together to be arranged together, but I do not understand that for this purpose stirs, can eat what that a hindrance? Can is to doubt at you me? What has forced you doubts in me? I do not understand if we very much love each other and we wish to be together, that can prevent us, I wish to be with you and you wish to be with me, I want you and you want me, you love me and I very strongly love you!!! I send a copy of the visa that you have familiarised with it, and have drawn conclusions, that I do not deceive you! I today specially, have asked for leave at the chief to make a copy of the visa! Dear love washing, I only wish to tell to you that I never deceived you! And I wish to dispel all all all your doubts that you always trusted me, and LOVED me!!! I very much wait for that time when we with you at last that, will merge in a single whole that never between us was disagreements that you were true to me and I will answer you with the reciprocity!!!!!
I wait for your answer faster to meet!!!
Your love Anna!!!
Letter 3
Hello my love Roger!!! It is pleasant to me to write today to you the letter, operation of my mum has gone successfully, it passed 5 hours, the surgeon has told to me that with my mum all will be good also to me it became easier at once! Today at me good mood! A kitten I consider that we will soon meet you also to me very much it pleasantly, a kitten I wish to tell to you that while I cannot arrive to you because I do not have this money which you have sent me, I have given this money for operation to mum, my love I has not told to mum where I have found money for operation, the kitten let it will be our small secret! My love to me very much it is not pleasant that I do not have more money, but agree with me that we with you HAVE simply rescued the LIFE to my MUM! You agree with me? A kitten, I do not know where I will find money to arrive to you, the kitten, very much would be desirable me that you held me for a hand and kissed so that my head was turned! Kitten, please do not think that it is a deceit, it not a deceit, I consider that you would arrive in the same way on my place, unless not so? I need to find money to arrive to you, my love I already at us in a city occupied from all at whom only it is possible on operation for mum, my love I promise to you that now anything to us with you will not prevent to meet ANYTHING! A kitten I in the big confusion, I do not know where to find money to arrive to you! My love I sincerely want that you have understood me and that I LOVE YOU! My love Roger I last time ask your help in that that you have helped me to arrive to you, I understand that I have brought for you many your expenses, a kitten, but I consider that no money will prevent love of two persons, I consider that IF there is a LOVE THAT ALWAYS there is Also a HOPE! My love I very much want that you have helped me last time! I understand that you doubt, but I promise to you that I will never disappoint you more!!! MY LOVE I PROMISE TO YOU THAT AT ALL OF US WILL BE GOOD, ONLY HELP ME LAST TIME!!! Your love Anna Keys waits for the help from you my love Roger!!!
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