Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Rene (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Good day Rene !!! I am glad that you have become interested in my letter on datingsite and answer me on e-mai! My name Katya, I'm from Russia and life now there! I'm 27 years old!I'm single and never been maried and I don't have children! I would like to learn more about you! What you search from correspondence. What do you wish to find? I tell about myself more in next letter! I send with letter my photo for that you could see with whom correspond =) And I aks you send your foto too! I Wait answer from you ! Katya.
Letter 2
Hi my darling Rene!!!
And again your letter gives to me huge pleasure. It is remarkable when there is a person To which you are dear. For me it is very interesting to learn about you more, to know your tastes, yours Habits, the nobility that - that for you is important in this life. Today wonderful day, and me would be desirable to be pleased lives. My dear as yours today mood? At me today all is simple as in a fairy tale. In fact I was written by such remarkable person. We with mum today went to shop Behind products. And I have not regretted that have gone with mum to walk on Street. We had today simply excellent weather. My dear to me very much It is pleasant to sit and observe of the nature. In fact knowingly speak that all Abilities in the person are given by our remarkable nature. I am a pity that Not the artist also I can not draw the nature. In fact it so it is strong to me It is pleasant. My dear I wish you to ask: And you like the nature? As I very much like to sunbathe in the summer on the sun. I wish to ask you Reneeaeie day in your life was remembered to you of the greatest, I think That you have such unforgettable day. My most unforgettable day in my life is a day when we had a final ball at school. I till now remember that day when I have said goodbye to the teachers, with the schoolmates. It was for a long time, but this day for ever remains in my life. I hope soon to see your letter in the mail box.
Your Katya.
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