Scam letter(s) from Anzhelika Unk to Dean (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear Dean. Well, I at once want to inform you, that I from Russia, instead of from the country which is specified on my profile. Why? I tried to make registration to Russia. But, I do not know why, but at me it was impossible to make it. For this reason Dean, I have made registration on other country. I am sincere with you and I hope, it will not prevent our attitudes. Well, further information on me, for you. I hope, it will be interesting to you. My native city in which I was born and I live now dear Dean, these are Zelenodolsk. In my city, I work as the seller of children's toys. My work, it to bring pleasure to children. I like my work because I do children happy. When children smile and to laugh, I also am happy. About me: my growth of 167 centimeters, weight of 54 kgs, also I am given birth on December, 15, 1980. At me white hair and grey eyes, you can see it on my photos. I the lonely girl from Russia, live I together with mum, the daddy and the younger sister. I was never married, therefore, I do not have any children. But, I love children, very strongly. And in the future, I would like to have children, together with loved the man, it is possible 2 or 3 children. Children, this our future, our property and pride. It is sure dear Dean, that you agree with me. During a life I like to travel, I love the nature, mountains and any kind rest on the nature. I never was in other countries, but, in the future, I certainly would like to visit other countries, together with loved the husband and children. In a life, I would like to meet the man which will be concentrated not only on work, career, money etc, but also certainly on family, on education of children and the help to each other. It the man which wants to develop with me good family, and certainly to have from me children. I am very serious in search of my future husband. I am sure, I to find him, it is a matter of time for me. I am disappointed by men in Russia. Why? Because they think not about family, only of entertainments, sex, alcohol etc. It not for me because I want family, children, with good the man which will care not only of me, but also about all family as a whole. Certainly, in each country there are good men. But, in Russia dear Dean, very few such men. Moreover, I think, the life in other country is much better, than in Russia where it is a lot of violence, criminality. I think, I and my future family, are worthy the best country, than Russia. I am sure, you understand, about what I want to tell to you. In soul, I the romantic girl, I love the nature, theatre, cinema, sports. I much like to sit on coast of lake, to meet a dawn, to listen to singing birds and inflow of waves to coast, it is very beautiful and romantic in my opinion. I love practically all kinds of music, all depends on my mood. I respect fair people who is capable to understand me, to estimate my opinion who can listen to me and support me a difficult minute. At once I want to tell to you dear Dean, that I to search for serious attitudes which will be based on understanding, trust, respect and fidelity. And if you search only for sexual attitudes or the friend then you should inform me about it. The life is short also I do not want to spend your and my time, and we shall stop correspondence. But, I sincerely hope, that you want to build attitudes, with such girl as I. Please, tell about itself, everything, that you consider it necessary. It is very interesting to me to find out about you more because I sincerely expect, that our attitudes will have good continuations for us. I hope, that our correspondence becomes a first step that we have found out about each other more, and I hope, we became closer. I shall be very pleased dear Dean if you will answer my letter. It is my first experience of acquaintance with the man, by means of the Internet. I really hope, that you write to me. You good the man, I can feel it and consequently, I certainly wish you good day. With the best regards, your new friend Anzhelika.
Letter 2
Hello dear Dean. Thanks for your letter dear Dean, was very pleasant to receive it. Also thanks that have answered my letter. I could not believe, that you write to me. Nevertheless, I am very happy, that you have written to me. Once again thanks. Well dear Dean, I shall be fair with you, I many times tried to find attitudes with Russian the man. But, because of the reasons which I informed you in the last letter, at me it was impossible to make it. Sometimes even it is ridiculous, and I shall tell to you, why. I have good girlfriend, her name is Olga. Each time, in the past, she tried to pull out me in a public place, theatre, cinema, a disco etc that I have got acquainted with the man. Now to me it becomes ridiculous, when I think of the last moments. Subsequently such acquaintances, I have understood dear Dean, that all Russian men, practically everything, I informed you in the last letter, they identical, and they are not serious in attitudes with the girl. Then, we with the girlfriend began to think of my problem. And she has offered me acquaintance on Internet, moreover, I perfectly know English. Therefore, I have decided to search for my future husband on Internet. And it is pleasant for me, that I have met you. But, there is a small problem dear Dean, I have no computer of a house, therefore, my letters, I to write to you from Internet cafe. Probably, I not always can write to you my letters. But, I shall try it to make, each time when it will be possible for me. I hope, that you to understand me. Further, about us, about our correspondence. I shall be fair with you, and I really hope, that we shall develop our attitudes. Certainly, I shall not demand from you the letter, every day. Write to me always when you will have time for this purpose. I understand dear Dean, that you also have affairs which demand your attention. Therefore, to write at any time convenient for you. I shall always wait for your letter. And certainly, as soon as it will be possible, I shall answer with pleasure each your letter. Now I want to write to you, that I very much love animals. I on an apartment have very beautiful white rabbit, her name is Ksyusha. In general dear Dean, I like not only rabbits, I also love cats, dogs, fishes, turtles, domestic hamsters etc. All pets, they it is similar to the friend for me. It is always amusing to have a pet because they bring fun and pleasure in the house. And certainly, as you have understood, I very much love my rabbit Ksyusha. Inform me, what animals are loved by you, it is very interesting to find out about it. Well, on it I shall finish the letter. I think, I have given you more information which you have found out about me more. Write to me when you will have time and an opportunity, I shall wait your letter. Sincere wishes and respect, all to you dear Dean, your friend, Anzhelika.
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