Scam letter(s) from Natalia Morozova to Daniel (Spain)

Letter 1
This email is for you:
At the beginning, wish apologise for disturbing you with my email. My name is Nataliya. Why I am droping a line you is the fact that I am in am in search for for a person for a life to get old with and a friend, my soulmate. You know I am tired of being lonely. The internet dating is unusual and new to me and I have never tried that before. I was at the internet and somehow I entered a website Dejatequerer and don't know how I got your email and I decided to respond you a line. I don't want you to think that I am some kind of virtual programm or something. IN this email I am attaching my pictures and I hope you like what you see. Let me tell you more about tell you some more about me and my life. As you already know Name- Nataliya and I am from Russia. I am 24 years old. I can people say that I am myself like kind, loving, tender, open-minded, intelligent, with a sence of humour. I would be happy if you have the same traits of character. My family is not big and I live now with my mum and I am lonely without my second half. If your interested in me and in knowing each other better,if you like to continue our correspondence please email:natalimailbox[AT]optimaltelekom24[DOT]com
Looking for your respond.
Have a good day!
Letter 2
Hi my Danny! How are you today? I am very glad, that you have found time to answer my letter. I want to tell you more about myself, I hope that you will much glad to hear about my family and my life. I'm 25. I was born 20 February 1983. I was born in town Vasilievo, here I was at school till I am 18. Then I went to Kazan to study at the institute. I hgraduated from the Kazan Financial-Economic Institute. Now i have the diploma and have received a profession of the manager in sphere of trade and have work in large trading centre "Aquarius" in town Vasilievo. I love this work and i like to contact with people, and this is very important for me. I like sports, I like skiing. And it is a pity, that it is possible to do it in only in winter. I visit sport club twice a week. I like to swim and go to the forest for picnic. Also I like ride a bicycle. In the night I like to look at stars. My favourite season is summer as it is possible to go to beach. I love dogs and cats. I have a cat. It's name is Baron. Sometimes on the weekend my friends and me we go to the park and there are some horses there and we ride them. But I think that when I will have a happy family we will have a cat and a dog. I live togehter with my mother. I have a separate room. It's very small but very cosy. There is a lot of flowers in my room, I like to look after them. The dream of my life is to create happy traditional family with the man, who loves children. I think, that any woman dreams about this... I have never been married and I don't have children. Why do I search for a man in internet? I do it as I am disappointed in russian men. I do not want to have a husband from Russia because they frequently drink alcohol and do not respect the wives and frequently treat their wives roughly. Nearly all my friends who married the russian men were unhappy. Sometimes russian men beat their wives and russian women may have bruises on their hands or body! And I have made a decision - I will NEVER marry a russian man. I want to be happy, and if we are together someday, I ` ll give you all my love. I think, that I can be a good wife and mother because I want it. I'm very simple, kind and frank woman. I don ` t like cheating. The most simple things can make me happy: a smile, a small gift, or person, who is close to me. As well as everything, I hate lying, I ever don ` t try to contact with people that lie. I am very romantic woman.I do not see sense in life without love and children, without a favorite person - the good husband. I think, that this is the most important things in my life. I want to find a person, whom I will spet all my life with. I may be too forthright but I want only one man, who will fully understand me. I want to give my heart to a man, who wil with l love me. Please answer me what are yours parents? What do you want from your life? DO you like children? How many children do you want? What do you do during your free time? What is your hobby? Write about everything. I hope to hear from you soon. I heard a lot about the virtual programms. AS for the age difference is not a problem for me as I think that a man must be elder than a woman. I know something about Spain but not much. My last name is Morozova.
Best wishes from Russia, Nataliya!
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