Scam letter(s) from Olga Potapkina to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, dear Mike!
We very much wish to communicate with you, is simple we often we happen are very borrowed, or at
Us a problem with Internet.
We are very upset that to us chocolate will not come.
We in Russia have such chocolate, but it costs very dearly. (((
We have no money that it to buy.
We shall be very grateful to you, if you will send us of money by mail,
Approximately 200 $
It would be magnificent!!!!!
We very much wish to arrive to you on a visit and to see you.
You can send us of money for the same address and for too name post
At all of us it is excellent, only Lena it is a little sick.
How you? How at you business as your examinations?
What new at you occurs? Also what with your friend?
Mike, please, do not take offence at us, you still our friend. Simply
Often there are problems. Because of which at us difficulty with dialogue.
Once again we apologize.
wich love, Vika and Lena.
Letter 2
Greetings, Mike!
We are very glad to receive your letter! Many thanks to you!
We wish to inform you, that your name Mike sounds in Russian as Ieoa (Misha)
It shall be possible we you so sometimes to name?
At us is in Tomsk Western Union so transfer will not have problems.
If you will send us it tomorrow that probably we tomorrow them and we shall receive, it
It would be very healthy!!!! We shall be glad to see your son tomorrow. At you one son?
We are always glad to your calls, but often we do not understand that you speak us,
As our English is bad.
We send you the next photos. It was last summer and we walked on
To Tomsk.
Letter 3
Greetings dear Mike!
Are very glad to receive your letter once again!
Many thanks to you for money! We still have not received them, as on days off
At us it cannot be made, but on Monday we can make it.
We have a magnificent weather.
I, Vika, now make a supper.
mike, you are able to prepare. When we shall arrive to America we shall be very glad
To make to you a supper. We with impatience would like to go to shop and to buy
The American chocolate!!!!
In fact we never tried it.
On Monday at us very responsible action: we finish liceum
Also we protect the diplomas, there us will check to everything to that have learned for 3
But after that we shall not study any more in the given liceum. And it well,
Because study there was very complex.
It is easy to us to translate you letters on English as at us too is
The translator.
How there pass your days off?
Excuse, Mike, we have casually confused the address of a site. Look us, please,
On site
With nick blackexotics
Fine to you days off!
With love, Vika and Lena.
Letter 4

hi, Mike!
Our old mail does not open and we can not prohonour your letters yet. Excuse.
We hasten to inform you, that our passports will be ready on Thursday and we can arrive to you on a visit!!!!!
How is yours the son and the friend? How are you doing at you at school?
How you have lead days off?
We are fine, we go to a sports hall to go in for sports.
As soon as we i?i?oai your letters, we is indispensable on them we shall answer.
You it is very favourite, Vika and Lena.
Letter 5
Greetings, Mike! We are very glad, that we shall receive today passports!
We finally that can arrive to you and see you in real. We wish to embrace you!
From Tomsk up to Moscow of 3000 kilometers and to us it is necessary to reach this city in which we never were.
We are very grateful to you that you wish to help us money.
When we can arrive to you? During what time?
We shall eat together a pizza....
When we need to buy tickets? With love Vika and Lena.
Letter 6
Greetings, Mike!
We are very grateful to you for the letter and we hasten to tell to you, that too you we love. If you wish to help us with the credit it will be magnificent and we shall try to arrive before. We hope, that your idea will appear magnificent.
Today we shall go on a beach and we shall write to you only tomorrow or on Sunday.
With big our love, Vika and Lena.
Letter 7
Greetings, Mike and A?i!
I only today have arrived from lake. This time I went on lake which cancelling in 600 kilometers is, it is very far, but it is very beautiful, I lived in tent with mum and the daddy four days. Was very fine and cheerfully, I send you a photo!
Write, how you spend time and that at you new. I shall be very glad!
I have sunbathed and became black a little... Because at us the sun brightly shines and it is very healthy!
But the summer at us small and soon it will end, and I very much love summer.
Still I want to you on a visit and it will be good, if you will help with the credit!
I love you, Vika.
Letter 8
Greetings, Mike!
When I can answer you the letter rapidly always it I do.
Certainly, I for you worry.
To me have told, that with my heart anything serious is not present, but nevertheless I will need to go to the doctor.
I shall be very glad, if you will send me a hat, and I shall necessarily dress it on work.
I shall be very grateful to you, if you to me will send on August, 22nd 100 $, thanks to you.
I have phone of Lena and sometimes to it I call, but it is borrowed also I do not know why, but does not go for work.
Very much I hope, that in
Fast time it will come also I can see it.
I for it very much worry.
Same as I wrote my home address to you earlier: Russia, Tomsk, Gogolya 12-14, 634029
I think of changing work because here to me began to pay few, but I do not know where to go.
Write, how will pass your interview, good luck to you not it!
How your businesses and businesses of your son are?
With love, Vika
Letter 9
Greetings, Mike!
I have just received your money and at once have paid for the credit: 100 $ and still the 100 $, it is necessary 700 $ to pay yours only. And I think, that to Christmas I can arrive to you!!!!
With love, Vika
Letter 10
Greetings, Mike!
Thanks you for your letter and for your care for me.
I too very much about you experience.
Lena has returned to Tomsk and I am very glad.
Give we shall talk in yahoo in no??ioo in 12*00 on Tomsk time, well?
I think, that if you to me will be I am sent on 200 $ every month and I shall monthly pay on 100 $ that I think, that for Christmas I can arrive to you.
I do not have house a web camera therefore if I can communicate with you on the camera in yahoo, only on work.
I shall write more closely
Now, that your translator could translate all words, hurrah is means yahoo!
I am very grateful to you that you will give me the information on Bahamas! Thanks!
Protect to itself, with love, Vika

Letter 11
Greetings, Ieoa!
Thanks you for the letter and that you come to me on a site where I work.
I am glad, that it is pleasant to you as I look.
And also I am very glad, that at school and on work at you all is good.
The programmer to me has completely reinstalled system in a computer and all programs, is absolute everyone have been removed!
yahoo too it has been removed, if I can establish it by Saturday I shall necessarily talk to you.
I shall try and I shall start to establish it today.
To me
It is pleasant, that you wish to help me with the credit and now the dollar exchange rate is really high also it good.
I begin to walk to the courses of English language since Monday to manage better with you to speak in Bahamas.
I have learned, that when I completely shall completely pay the credit in a week I will have a passport for travel abroad.
I think, within 2 months I can do it.
I go on dances to group of girls and we there are engaged a choreography and usual club dances and it very much is pleasant to me. Ieoa,
My dear if I do not answer your letter soon it does not mean at all, that I do not think of you, it means, that on that is the reasons on which I could not answer at once.
If something not so, once again excuse.
With love, Vika
Letter 12
Greetings, Ieoa! Today has received your money and I wish to tell to you many thanks.
I naaiaiyai (until ?????) the late evening was in courses of English.
We it is necessary to pay 380 dollars for the credit.
I shall not work there and really badly more, that you cannot see me on the camera.
Soon both of us will are borrowed, and certainly ?oaa (are able ???) to speak on yahoo and to send each other letters.
Take care.
With love, Vika
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