Scam letter(s) from Olga Antonenko to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, please write me at this e-mail address
I lost password from the first :-(((
I am sorry that I could not reply you earlier, just it happened because I lost password from the first :-(((. Really, I don't know what the reason to set it there was.
I have found your add on the source and I think that you are a really good-looking man, so am in really interested to get acquainted with you.
But first of all, I want to describe myself, because probably, you are interested in my personality.
Oh yeah, I wonder your name is a real one.
You know there are a lot of nicknames online, people tend not to use their personal data :-)))
Well, what about me? My name is Aleksandra. I am 28 years old, I am 167 centimeters High (it will be 5.5 foots),
and I weight 60 kilograms. I am single, and never had a husband, and I have no children, too.
I like to be good-looking, I am slim I like sport and I am keen of jogging. It helps mea lot to keep fit.
If you remember, I am Ukrainian, I live in the capital of the country, Kiev, but not in the very site, in its outskirts.
Probably, Thanks to my place of living I can do jogging easily, because out of the city the traffic and the life itself are calmer.
Still, I happen to travel to the city very often, because I work as a waitress in a restaurant, which is located in Kiev.
I work every second day there. You know the life in the city? You should be fast, quick-minded and smart to live there.
And I have learned this way of life providing that my parents were dead when I was a child.
It’s not easy to say, but very often I feel alone, because I know that there is no one who cares of me.
I don’t like to talk about my Mom and Dad, because it still hurts me.
Hey say that growing up you should forget of some terrible things, but I simply can’t. I was an only child in my family, so I have no brothers or sisters…
But don’t think that I am a looser, it is not true, I love life, I enjoy it in its every way.
I know that even a bad situation can have something positive. I appreciate experience. I live a normal complete life.
I think I have everything by now…No, not everything…Still there is one thing I can’t reach.
I would very much like to have a close friend.
Some person that will let me cry on his shoulder, who will let me tell him everything, who will manage to calm me down,
someone who will love and to whom I can give my love. I am a very caring person I can devote myself completely to the one I love.
For me it is something special to see the person I like smiling and happy.
As all in loved people I always tend to see the pros. We are not perfect and to love means to accept the way we are.
So I finish my latter here because I am writing you from an internet cafe and my time is over. I have no pc.
I will trine you every second day because I will need to be in the city. --
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