Scam letter(s) from Shana James to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Good Morning Jim and how are you doing today good i guess anyway i'm doing fine here as well..... I am a single lady, never been married, no kids, I work as a Hair Stylist and i am love my job, I am very outgoing, communicative, easy going, outspoken, I am also a very Romantic type, love to cuddle, hold hands while walking, I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back, lol... I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive. I am alone child as well, parents are late now though, lost them to an auto accident sometime back on their way to OH, presently I live with my step mom here because she's from Africa Nigeria she';s just suffering from some cold. yes you can pray for her are you a Christian?, I love watching Movies, Television, listening to Music, Singing, Reading, Writing poems, Swimming, playing Basketball. Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it... k., I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him, I caught him on bed with my best close friend, you know how that is, it's a SHOCK, lol... so this led me to break up with him, was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man, who will come home to me, love me, adore me, a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever, a compassionate man, one with good heart and know how to handle matters, I want a lover not a fighter, loll I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love with. My ideal match is someone who has a zest for life, someone who can have laugh and have fun but, and at the same time, he most be responsible and serious. Someone with whom I share a strong physical and emotional connection. In the long-term, I believe that it is essential that we share similar values and that we have excellent communication with one another. I love to cook all types of food but I have no one to share a meal with-so I cook only when I have to. would u like to have a meal with me. Its a pretty good here in Lagos, Nigeria anyway but its a little bit sunny and I don't have Choice had to live here like that and i will be coming back to the state anytime soon, just want to find someone nice before i come because im ready to sacrifice myself the right man not the wrong man and make me happy,.. Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.
PS.... Send me your recent pictures and also tell me more about you if you are interested Shana
Letter 2
Good Morning Jim and Thanks for getting back to me.. I must confess that you have a good and nice pictures and i will love to get to know you more better and see what the future will hold for us cos i am in a stage in my life that i want to settle down and have a good family...Sometimes i find its hard to trust any man in my life due to what my ex did to me but i cant die of been single so i decided to join the internet dating seeking for a true and genuine matured man who is ready for a long term relationship cos i need a Man to make me happy...My Pastor and my boss with my mother always tells me that if i want to meet a true and genuine Man..I have to be honest and for real for me to with a true Man with No Games cos i have a pure and sensitive Heart...More about me..I was born in White Plain in New York..I lost my mother when i was 2yrs old and my father had to marry another wife to take care of me..I lost my father when i was 4yrs old in auto accident and had lots of problems with my late dad family..My step mother decided to bring me to Nigeria where i have been living since when i was 5yrs old..I am searching for a true and genuine man in the state before making a Big Step coming back to the state...I will like to come back any time as soon as i see my true and genuine love because i am seeking for true and genuine love.....I am very happy u write me back is nice time having a men to spend the rest of my life with so how do u treat a woman can u send me some of ur pics? if you did not mind because i believe in one thing in life anything u are doing u must be honest loyal so that u have ur gold so can u tell me about ur last relationship so how do u feel when u did not have a any woman with u ..................What I am seeking is a man as laid out in Proverbs 31 in Bible. A man who is strong (but not overbearing), loyal, respectful, kind and sweet. That carry himself like the king he is in all situations. That arouse my intellect as well as physical desires. Looking for a that somebody that I can share my entire self with. Somebody that is not afraid to be loved as well express love...........Well I will like to tell u that am a Sensitive Woman,Am Honest,Kind,Caring, and truthfully, You r so Handsome....I don't play games and I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage being the ultimate goal! I am caring; compassionate; respectful; and I consider myself a gentle person..I treat men with respect and i do Love to take them Out. i will like to let u know that i agree with all u have said cos friendship first and Relationship Start So we can Have Much in common, cos i don't want to Lose a man Like u. u are so gorgeous and Handsome, but i don't count that as a Big deal cos all i base Upon is Love .. Without that relationship is Nothing and i will like to tell u that i will do anything to make u Happy since we have Know more about each other and have Much in common and i know something corresponding will come out of it.. Shana seun James
Letter 3
Hello Jim and Thanks for getting back to me...I must confess that you look cute and good for my liking..I want you to know that i want to settle down and if i dont want to get to know you more better i will not reply to your mail..I want you to know that i will be 29yrs old Next week Saturday and i am making some plans toward it because before i met you,i prayed to God that i want to meet a true and Genuine Man who is ready to settle down and have a Good family and i am happy to have found you...I want to talk to you on the phone for me to hear your voice on my Birthday so that we can both know what we are doing and whom we are dealing with cos i am in a stage in my life that i want to settle down and have a Good family...Its almost 11pm here in Nigeria and i just finished Ironing my clothes for Church tomorrow..I will get some more pictures of me as soon as i have them download for you.. I will be thinking about you and also pray for you tomorrow Shana seun James
Letter 4

Hi there My New Friends and how are you doing...I just finished working and its 7.30pm here in Nigeria...I have not receive any mail from you..I hope you are doing good cos i am worried about you..I want to get to know you and see what the future will hold for us..I have deleted my profile from Yahoo single cos i want to get to know you more better and also lots of men are mailing me so i dont want to cheat on you..i am a one mans woman and i want you in my life...I know you are Matured and a real man so i want to take good care of you Hope to hear from you soon Shana
Letter 5
Good Morning Jim and Thanks for getting back to me...I just got back from Church not too long now and i have a Good News for you..I told my pastor about you and she prayed so hard and told me that she saw a good vision for us coming together and have a Good family and i am happy to hear that from her...Now i want to meet you and get to know you more better...You sound real and genuine to me and i think i will like to get to know you more better and see what the future will hold for us...Got your mail response .I am so pleased to read your reply,it has warm my heart and I am hoping to get to always hear from you.I hope this will take us to the next level and we could build a relationship that will last forever.Distance between us does not bother me as I know we could meet,I liked you so far cos you sound real and genuine to me and also ready to settle down cos i am in a stage in my life that i want to settle down as well.It will be my pleasure to get to know more about you and I am putting this questions to you..... What do you do for a living? How Long have you been doing the Online Dating Do you think You can settle down with me been 29yrs old? Do you live alone? What do you seek for in a relationship? What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady? What sort of relationship you seek for? What interests you? You ever been married? Got kids? What do you do for fun? Do you like public intimacy? How long have you been single? What's being single like? How do you treat your lady? Why do you need a lady? Can you love this lady? What is love to you? Would you hit your lady for any reasons? I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions. I want to get to know you and meet you. You are a darling, Shana
Letter 6
Hi Jim and How are you doing..You sound upset and to be honest with you..I think you need to try and understand why i want to know you more better..In your mail,do you tell me if you like public intimacy or how do you like been single..You never told me that and i was sad when u told me to contact any other men that contacted me..That was so bad to hear from you...I will like you to be honest with me if you want to settle down real soon...Is there any way you could help me with my Birthday cos i need 350$ so that i can buy cakes,clothes,Food and Drinks and also send you my Birthday Pictures cos i am inviting a photographer to come and i will also make use of the money to buy a calling cards and call you so that when we both hear each other voices... Its will be good Shana
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