Letter(s) from Daria Sherstnova to Scot (USA)

Letter 1

Hi !
My name is Daria. I was looking for you for such a long time! Fortune scattered us to different countries, but i think we will correct it. I was born in Ukraine, in the city of Zhitomir.
I am 21 y.o. My weight is 48kg., my body is 83-61-86.
I am merry, sociable, romantic and clever. I think that the most important thing is to avoid loneliness that is why I am looking for my second half with whom I want to open all the world!
In my free time I read books, watch TV or have fun with my friends!
I hope you liked my letter and pictures. I am waiting for your answer, where you will tell me about your job, hobby, family and plans for future.
Goodbye, Daria

Letter 2

The letter was translated for Daria by Tanya.
Hello, Scot!
I thank you for your letter. I am very glad that you answered me letter so fast! I would like to tell you more about myself.
I graduated from the college of Art and Culture. Now I work as art director in one college. And I'm interested in everything concerning literature, fine arts, architecture. I also like reading classical literature. I like dancing, listening to rock and country music and I also like listening to my favourites: Joe Cocker, Maria Carry, Celiene Dion, Brian Adams.
My favourite films are: "The Titanic", "Gladiator", "Pride and Prejudice", "The New World", "The Cold Mountain". But I don't like watching TV-programms though.
My English is still poor. So the letters are translated for us.
I'm a very romantic person and I'm looking for the only one, for the one to give my heart and warmth to. I want to meet the sunrise with him, look at the stars together, do scuba-diving together, fly on an air-balloon and seal our alliance with a kiss.
Scot, I want to ask you one question. What is your reason to look for a partner in a foreign country? And one more thing, would you be so kind so send me your photo or to put it on your profile! I am very curious how the person to whom I write letters look like! :o)))
I have thought about moving to another country and I think I would do it with the person, I will fall in love! Of course, I will miss my motherland but I hope that it will be possible to visit my mom here from time to time or invite her to me there.
Well, I will close my letter here and I hope to receive a quick answer form you!
Have a nice weekend!

Letter 3

The letter was translated for Daria by Tanja.
Hello Scot!
Thank you for your letter. How was your day?
It was pleasant to get to know that we have the same tastes to the music and films. I think that it makes us closer to each other.
I am also thankful to you for your photo. You make an impression of a kind-hearted and pleasant handsome man. And these are very nice features of character.
Your working day is too long. I think that your work is responsible, if it takes so much time and efforts. Am I right?
Nevertheless I wish you success and lots of energy.
I didn’t have an experience in diving before. But this summer I want to correct this situation. My work is really interesting. Every day I prepare a concert for the holiday. But this profession is not so serious and stable. And it looks like a hobby. That’s why I want to start finding another job in the nearest time.
Tonight I want to visit and exhibition of young Zhytomyr artists. It is at the central city library. And what is you attitude towards paintings?
The weather is changeable now. It is warm (+15C). But it is windy. And this tangles my hair.
And how is the weather in your city?
I think I will finish my letter here.
I wish you a lucky day and lots of positive emotions.
Goodbye, Daria.

Letter 4

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, Scot!
Thank you very much for your letter, it seemed that I waited it for a long time.. How are you? I sincerely hope that you are alright and the work will give you some time to have a rest.
What about the weekends? Are you going to work on the weekends too? It is very pleasant for me to know that even being so busy you managed to find some spare minute to write me.
As for me I am doing almost fine. It is a pity that the weather frustrated my plans to go for a walk. Today in the morning it rained, and the temperature fell to +4+5.
Yesterday I had a very responsible day, I presented a concerts items on the festival called “Sofia’s Stars”. This small festival takes place every year and is always held by Agricultural-Ecological College. Several educational institutions participated there, including Building College where I work. Among four our items two were chosen as the best. . My students were very happy; it means that soon they will have another competition in Kamenets-Podolsk.
Today in the evening I am planning to read a book, and to watch a movie. In any case there is no time to get sad. Do you have some free time in the evening? If you have, what do you usually do?
You asked me if I believe in fate.. yeas and no. I believe that there are many things in the world which depend on a person, and you should not complain about your life, because it is up to you to change it. But of course there are things which cannot be changed, they are given to us from heaven and what is destined to happen will happen.
It is good that you are romantic, because me too, I like nature, holding hands and meeting the sunsets together … walks at night when only the moon shows the way where to go…As for kissing in public places, I have never had it, only friendly kisses. What about you?
I am closing here ,
Have a wonderful day,
With all my best, have a wonderful day and smile more!

Letter 5

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, Scot!
Thank you very much for your letter.
How are you today? I hope that your working week is going on very good because everything must be great in such a great man like you!
These days I often think about you, maybe it is only spring, but with thoughts about you my day becomes better and more pleasant.
Right now I am reading a very interesting book by polish author Boleslav Pruss. The title of the book is “Doll”. It goes about people of different social class, with different views on life and on money. But the most important topic of the book is love.
The movie “last Legion”, which I saw lately, was to my liking. It is a romantic, beautiful love story which happened in the times of decay of great Roman Empire. If you watch this movie ( I recommend you to do it), then it will be very interesting to know your opinion about it.
As for the weather, it is very sunny and warm, but it gets cool in the evening. Sometimes the temperature drops below zero.
I wish you a wonderful day and very warm night,
With all my best, Daria

Letter 6

The letter was translated for Daria by Yuliya
Hi, Scot!
I am glad to get your mail!
How are you?
Thank you very much for the photos. Your dogs are just amazing! How do you call them?
I always liked these animals because they are very clever and faithful. As for me, I still haven’t got any, because I can’t make the choice about the specific kind. What will be your advice? :))
It seems to me that deep in my heart I prefer rather small decorative dogs… What do you think? :)
You asked me about my plans for the nearest future. Now it is quit difficult question for me to answer… But being optimist, I believe that my life will change for better!
Of course, as any person, I want to meet my second half and spend all my life with him. Perhaps, it is kind of romantic naivety. But I believe that marriages are created in the heaven. And each couple has their chance to arrange stable and nice relationship.
As for children, the model of ideal family for me is such where there are two sweet kids – a boy and a girl. But, of course, the issue of children has to be discussed with the husband.
You asked me about my past… Let us know each other more and then share our memories, ok? I hope you understand me…
I decided to register in the agency to find my true love… I can’t add more to this…
I hope that I answered all your questions. And of course I am curious about your future plans for the life.
As for the points for achievements for me, these are the harmony with myself and my close people. I am not career person and I don’t live by the principle “Faster, Stronger and Better”. I think, everything which we achieve in our lives is a gift of destiny, and the last word is always the word of the destiny.
Best wishes from,

Letter 7

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, Scot!
I am very happy to get a letter from you, thank you very much. How are you?
How is your working week? I hope that everything is fine with you.
Thank you for answering my question about your big and loving friends :)I liked their names, and I thin that they correspond to their characters, hey are also so playful and cheerful and kind-hearted.
Today is the last day of my vacation, and tomorrow I have to go to work.
Yesterday my student mate called me an invited me to spend the evening at the country-house of
her grandfathers. There were four of us. The nature is so beautiful outside the city, everything is so green and so fresh! The first flowers appeared! We played like children outside, but a strong and cold wind forced us to go inside and warm up a little bit. We didn’t notice how fast the time passed and it was late to catch a bus. We stayed to spend the night there.
I just got home only an hour ago.
Dear Scot, please, don’t think that I don’t want to correspond with you, far from it. But I am sure that one meeting is much better than thousands of letters, what do you think about it?
I hope to hear from you soon,
With all my best,
Hugs and kisses,

Letter 8

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, Scot!
Thank you very much for your letter! How are you? How is your weekend going?
I hope that everything is fine with you.
I am feeling fine!
Thank you very much for your birthdays greetings for my friend, I am very pleased, it is very kind of you.
I bought her a pretty pot made of clay for cooking hot dishes.
You know, I like very much that we can understand each other so easily.
I am waiting with impatience to see the photos of your children. Did you tell them anything about me? What do they think about me and about us?
Did you show them my photos?
The weather is very sunny and warm, but lately I was bout to get wet under the heavy shower! This Thursday when I was about to leave work, it started raining and I had to spend 40 minutes in my office.
Right now it is very sunny and warm and a lot of people go to the beach. The beach is situated in 40 min of walking from my home, the water is very warm in the river. People get there by busses, and it is not far from the centre of the city.
But I will take care of my health from the sun and stay at home; I will read a book and watch TV.
So this is how my life looks like these days.
I wish you to have a wonderful weekend! it is a pleasure for me to know that you think of me so often, I can say the same about myself too :)
Kisses and hugs,

Letter 9

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, dear Scot!
I am glad to get a letter from you, I am happy to know that your weekend was great! My little “vanity” believes that it is all because my letter.
The start of the working week is usual for me. Today the weather is cloudy and a little bit windy, so on my way to the agency to write you a letter I felt a little bit cold.
Now at work I have a lot of free time , as my students have an examination sessions. So I have much time for myself. I take this time for reading books ( the memoirs of Sarah Bernar) and from time to time I do some cleaning in the costume-room.
Alas I did not get the photos of your children, I wait for them with pleasure.
If you want so much to see my country, I am looking forward to meeting you!
I think that our love not only grow, it becomes the part of ourselves, like an air.
I wish you to have a pleasant day!
Hugs and kisses, a thousand of my air kisses, may they fly over the Ocean, I believe at least one of them will reach you!
P.S. I bought a very nice dress ! I think you will see it when we meet, ok?

Letter 10

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, dear Scot!
I am very happy to get your romantic and touching letter. It is a pleasure for me to know that your heart is filled by the most beautiful felling that a person can experience!
Like for every girl, I am glad that I am the reason for it, because every girl dreams to be loved sincerely and truly.
I like that you are interested in my country. You can trust me, you will not get disappointed here, it is very interesting. I am sending you two photos; it is my mother with me there.

Letter 11

My yesterday meeting at work went very boring, as I expected. But I did a small trick, I took a magazine and I spent half of the meeting reading about last news in fashion. And sometimes I realized that I was thinking about you, I imagined our meeting, it was the best thoughts to think to the voice of the boss, who spoke about the work of the building college.
Right now just before the weekend I want to go shopping for food and I also want to find a painting for my room. I want to find a landscape of forest or the desert.
My mother has some plans about remodelling our house and from time to time we discuss some ideas how to change the design of the rooms.
What plans do you have for the weekend?
I sincerely hope that your children are dong fine and you will see them soon!
I wish you to have a wonderful day!
With all my best,
Kisses and hugs,

Letter 12

The letter was translated for Daria by Olya.
Hello, dear Scot!!!
I am really sorry that you are feeling bad! I was looking forward to your letter and I knew that the reason for your keeping silence was your cold. I would like to be with you and to help you to recover sooner.
As far as I understand your Independence Day was not as pleasant as you planned. I hope that your next Independence Day will be more pleasant than this one. This day in Ukraine is very cold and it rains here. The temperature fell to 15 oC and today when I was walking to the agency I got cold very much.
I have already heard very interesting news my friend Christina wanted to share with me. She told me that she attends the courses of massage. She talked a lot about different things for women, like cosmetics and clothes, but the most important news she told me at the last moment. She smiled and laughed and said me that her boyfriend Sergey made a proposal to her. So, in autumn they are going to marry.
In the evening I am going to watch TV, though it would me more pleasant to lay in the sun in my yard. Perhaps, I will make salad with vegetables.
I think it would be more pleasant to spend time with you.
My dear Scot, I want you to know that no matter how far away we are from each other I think about you and I feel all your worries.
I wish you all the best and I hope you will recover soon.
Kisses and hugs,

Letter 13

The letter was translated for Daria by Kristina.
Hello, my dear Scot!
I am glad to receive your letter, my dear Scot!
How are you doing these days?
As for hot days Ukraine also can break world records as for the temperature, because it is very hot here. The temperature is near 40 degrees by Celsius.
As for the work in Ukraine you noticed right that it would be impossible and financially unprofitable for you.
My dear, I think that we must try to do everything possible for our meeting, for our happy end.
I would like to have the photo session. I have already some ideas for my future photos.
Tell me please when you can order this photo session.
As for me I can say that I have a good day today. The weather is so hot; that I am thinking about taking sunbathes.
By the way this Friday we have a great holiday in Ukraine, the Independence Day.
That is why on Friday I will have a day off the work. I am going to spend my time with my mother. We have not any plans yet. But I think we will enjoy the time together.
My dear, Scot, I am glad that we are easily understand each other. It is wonderful that our hearts and thoughts are equal, even than we are far from each other and have not seen each other yet.
I wish you a nice day!
I am hugging and kissing you!
I miss you very much!!!

Letter 14

The letter was translated for Daria by Tatyana.
Hello dear Scott!
I am very glad to receive all your letters! How are you doing there? I hope that you are feeling better now! How is your working day?
I have very hectic day today. Besides my work I need to make a medical check because I work in educational esteblishment and I need to have this medical chake every year. It is boring and it takes a lot of time.
My dear, Scott, I am very glad to know that you liked the photos I have made for you! I am very flattered that you take care about me but you shouldn’t worry. Sweetheart, you asked me to send you more photos, but good photos are not very cheap in Ukraine...
Dear Scott, I appreciate our relationships. You have written me a lot of pleasant words and I know that every girl would like to hear these words! But I think that we should meet with you at first to make any propositions, ok? So your visit is the most important and mnecessary thing in our relationships.

Letter 15

The letter was translated for Daria by Tatyana.
When I have free time in the evening, i will read something or watch a film on DVD.
With the beginning of the autumn the evenings become cold and I feel lonely and sad. I dream about you and think it would be great to sit with you on the bench near our house and hold each other by the hand drinking tea from one cup!
My dear Scott, I can’t describe with the help of words that i am very happy that we have found each other. I need you as air! It is great that we understand and respect each other! The most important thing between us is trust. This is the thing i want from you. I hope you understand what i am talking about.
Well, my dear Scott, I wish you to have a good day and good luck at your work!
Hugs and kisses.

Letter 16

The letter was translated for Daria by Tatyana.
Hello, dear Scott!
I am very glad to receive your letter. How is the beginning of the weekend? you probably see sweet dreams right now. It is sunny and very warm today in the city.
I am planning to meet with my freinds today and go in the park and then in the cinema. We are going to see the movie "Adobe of Evel-3".
My dear Scott, purchasing of a new house this is very difficult and responsible task. I am sure you will cope with it perfectly! I hope you will choose the best house.
How are your children? I hope that the weather doesn't ruin your plans.
My dear and tender man, I am dreaming to be right beside you. you are the light and warmth in my life. Beside you I am afarid to begine a new page in my life. I am more than sure that in this book of destiny, we will write the most romantic lines about our life.
I wish you to have a good day.
Kiss you and hug you.

Letter 17

The letter was translated for Daria by Juliya.
Hi,my adorable man Scot!
How was your day,my dear?I hope it was full of dreams and thoughts about me but it did not prevent you from work,honey.I do not want to be the cause of your problems,I want just to bring you joy and make you happy,my sweetheart!
I am looking forward to our meeting and I want to see you so much!Honey,you have to take warm clothes with you as it is going to be cold when you come and I do not want you to catch a cold!
As for the cultures,I do not mind the difference and there is not so great difference between our cultures.Anyway,we love each other and any difference doesn't matter much.If you have some problems,I will hepl you with everything,you do not have to worry with your nice supervisor:-))
Kiss you thousand times

Letter 18

The letter was translated for Daria by Juliya.
My beloved,your pictures are marvellous!I have an idea to make my own photoalbum of your pictures.Can you send me more of your photos for me to put them into my album?I hope that when you come we will make photos of us together.Where would you like to make a photo with me?Tell me about this please!
And do not say that the photos were not the best ones!They are the best for me and nothing else matters.Dear,by the way I am going to visit a photostudio to make new photos of mine,so soon I will be able to send you some new pics of mine(if you want of course:-))
Wish you to have a nice day.Dreaming about you.Your Daria.

Letter 19

The letter was translated for Daria by Yuliya.
My dear Scot!
I'm happy that sometimes I appear in your dreams. I means that you think of me.
My grandmother could solve them. Every dream has its own explanation. And every detail is of the great importance for the solving it.
My mother told me that saw a dream many years ago, as if she swam in the pure water. And there were a lot of fish around her. She tried to catch them, but she didn't manage. And she felt so happy!
My mother told this dream my grandmother. And can you imagine, my mother appeared to be pregnant! So my granny explained that when you were swimming in the dream and there were a lot of fish so you would become a mother soon.
Don't you think that there is some miracle about dreams? As for me , I really believe in them.
I'm happy that I've met you in my life. You are my biggest gift. We not only love each other, but our views are similar, our intellect and bringing up, and something else.
I have found everything in you.
You charmed me from your first word!
When I come to USA the most important thing for me is you and only you. If you are next to me I'll be the happiest woman in the world. I want you only to take care of me and to be near me.
And what do you expect of me?
Waiting for your replay!
Yours, Daria

Letter 20

The letter was translated for Daria by Juliya.
My dearest Scot!
Thank you for the information about the visa.I think that it is possible for me to come to you in the nearest future.Of course we will need to fill in a lot of papers and to do a lot of formal procedures but eventually we will be together and this is worth effort,don't you think so,my darling?
My dearest Scot,of course that will be fine if you visit me in ukraine while everything is being in process.i am afraid that having seen you once it will be hard for me to part with you even for a second,so my dear you must be ready that I will not let you go:-)
Darling, I miss you so much.With love your Daria.

Letter 21

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
My dearest!
I also miss you!
My weekend was restful. On Saturday evening I was at home and just watched films.
But on Sunday my friends and I went to play billiard. Do you like to play it?
First we visited a very nice cafe. And then went to play.
It was so cold in the evening that when I came home I was trembling. So I filled a bath and decided to lay in it. I relaxed so that I began to doze. I was laying there almost for 3 hours! Can you imagine!!!!
Do you want to be in the bath with me?

Letter 22

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
My dear Scot!
I like what you've told me about myself. It seems to me that you know me very well.
Usually I can't talk with everyone about everything. But you are completely different. You are very close for me!
It is so difficult to express you by words all my thoughts the words and the sentences which you can read are not half of what I think about you. I wish i could meet you soon and to speak to you....
Hug you, my dear!
Yours, Daria

Letter 23

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
My dearest!
The first word I'll teach you is I'm glad to see you.
I'll try to spend as much time with you as it is possible.
I'm waiting for you!
Kiss you!

Letter 24

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
My dearest Man!
I wish you successful flight!
I'm waiting for you here impatiently!
I miss you!
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 25

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
I'm glad to see your letter today.
It is so pleasant to receive such lines. I was about you. But I'm glad that your flight was successful.
I was sad when I came back home. I put all photos on the album and was looking at them all day long. They are so cool!;-))))))))))))
I'm glad that your parents are happy for us. I hope they will like the pictures.
Say hello to your children.
My dear, I believe that we'll be together soon. You are the most careful man! I hope we'll overcome all the difficulties.
On the back way from the airport I tried not to burst into tears. I didn't want you to leave.
You are the tenderest man!
I love you!
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 26

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, my Scot!
Thank you for your sweet letter. I'm very glad to receive it this frosty morning.
I see that your wife doesn't take care of the children at all. But I'm sure that you are very nice father and you'll never leave your children.
It is very cold here. The temperature is about -15 C. I wish it was just a couple of degrees below zero. It is perfect weather for a going for a nice long walk. And if we did take a walk and we stopped at a Macdonalds,what would you have? I myself like to have a coffee,or a milkshake and a hot apple pie. I do not eat the those hamburgers anymore. Would you have an ice-cream cone? If it was warm I think I would. We could then walk to the theater and watch a movie. After this we could stop at a pub and find a nice corner and enjoy some cocktails together. And after a few drinks we could go home and...;-)))) That is what I want to do with you this weekend, do you want to join me?
I love you so much!
Will you visit me this night?
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 27

This letter was translated for Daria by Lena
Hello, my dear Scot!
Thank you for your letter.
Thank you so much for your letter. You know how much they mean to me. Every time the girls at th agency say that I have got a letter from you my heart fills with warmth and i realize that I have a person in this big ,big world who cares about me and never forgets about me!
How are you feeling today? i hope that you are ok there?
Tell me how are the things there?
How are your children and your mother?
I am not very well here, because i am really ill and i need a lot of rest!
I miss you so much my love and i am so sad that you are far away from me.
My dear Scot, you are the most important person in my life and i can't wait the day we are together forever!
I wish you to have a great day and take care.
My best regards to your family.
I love you and I am waiting for your letter.
Kisses and hugs,
Yours forever, Daria.

Letter 28

This letter was translated for Daria by Lena
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your letter!
I am happy to hear from you!
How are you there, my dear?
I am so proud of you that you help your father. That is so kind of you!
I am also happy to her that Daniel is doing great now. My best regards to him and also Abigail and Myra. Tell them that they have to listen to their father, I mean you, my dear!
I think that your parents are happy to have such son like you are . I have never met such men like you are before!
Yes, Philip called me and answered all the questions I was interested in concerning the documents.
But one thing worries me for a long time:how much does all the layer service costs? You have so many problems now and you have to pay for everything!
Philip said that their service costs 2000 $. How do you think, is it very expensive?

Letter 29

As for my job, these are my own difficulties which i will solve by myself.
My dear, I am waiting for our meeting with impatience. That is so great to spend the time with beloved person. We will have a walk together with you and see the places we didn't see before.
Besides, i warn you that epidemia of flu is coming to Ukraine, so dress warmer and take care of your health, to feel yourself comfortable.
I do not know whether i will be able to accompany you to the airport.
I was glad to hear that you greet with my photos every morning, wish me good day and good night when you go to bed.
It is very romantic my dear. I can tell you that that is amazing, because very often i look through the album with our photos.
My dear, I wish you to have a great day and take care of yourself.
And remember, no matter what happens-I love you very much.
Kisses and hugs to you,
Yours forever, Daria
P.S. I have some ideas as for our poems!

Letter 30

The letter was translated for Daria by Alina.
Hello, dear Scot!
I am happy to get your letters. They are so romantic and tender. I liked very much the love stories that you sent me.
I am happy that we established so reliable and trustful relations. I know that you are a very caring and a kind man. I like to reread the poems that you send me very much!
And it is difficult to express in words how much I love you.
Our yesterday evening was very significant to me, it was a pleasure for me to have dinner with you and my mother, I would like that evening to never end, for us to have more time, but unfortunately I was very tired and I had to get up early to go to work next day. I waited so impatiently for your call, and now every morning I listen to the songs of your gifts.
It is so interesting, and it reminds me about the days and every seconds that we spent together, I know that it is only the beginning of our better and blissful life!
During the time that I spent with you I learned more about you, but as you know, my work did not leave you much time to be with you.
My dear, I miss you and I am sorry that sometimes we misunderstood each other, but I know that with time I will know English better and we will find the perfect understanding, but now our love helps us to be together!
I love you and I want to be with you forever. Our children will have the happiest parents on earth!
I am with you in my thoughts,
All the best,

Letter 31

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your peoms. They warmed me up on this cold day.
Dear, you know [erfectly how I love you. Every line of my letter is filled with love.
It's a pity that neither you nor Philip could manage to reach me yesterday. You know for sure that the connections arevery bad. I pity that Philip thinks such things about our relations. You know that I value you and our love.
I agree that if you love somebody you'll do everything to spend much time with that person. But Philip doesn't understand that I have to earn money for living.
I do my best to find time to spend it with you. I'm looking forward to our meeting with a great impatience.
I think it will be better if you come in the middle of April or in the end. But tell me the most suitable time for you.
My mom said me that you called. I like your idea to teach English to my mom. But I'm not a atecher. And I'm learning it too.
How are you children? Say them hello.
Do you have any plans for the weekend? Share them with me.
Try to call me today. Maybe you'll have success.
Have a nice day!
Love you!
YOurs, Daria

Letter 32

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!!
How are you today? I hope you had a great weekend? I also hope you had some time to think about me. As for me,I have not been feeling so good the last few days. I think I may be coming down with a cold. I wish that you could be here right now to take care of me.
Thank you for another wonderful letter my dear,they will always be my best medication. I want you to know that I have been thinking about you the whole weekend!
On the weekend I managed to visit my friend. She was very glad to see me. We went to the forest with her husband and a little son. The weather was very warm and sunny. We had a lot of fun.
I hope you had some to think about me? I thought about how wonderful it would be to have you with me all weekend long! I thought about how you could keep me warm as we lay on the sofa together. I hope you know that when your woman is cold and she needs warmth like I do right now,its best to take our clothes off and hold each other so very close. And if you know of any other way to provide more heat for us than thats what we should do, my dear!
Oh, dear, the weather here is really spring like. I'm very happy that it is warm here at last and I hope it will stay the same. I am sure that we could find plenty of things to do with beautiful weather like that.
I still feel very tired and I will need to read your words to get back to my healthy self. I hope you write me soon?
I have missed you so much!
You are so important to me!
Have a wonderful day.
I need more kisses to get back my strength.
Yours, Daria

Letter 33

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
It is a great pleasure for me to see your letter today!
You make my heart leap!
The weather has spoilt again today so it is very dull and cold outside now! I put on warm clothes today because I do not want to catch a real cold!
As for me I am feeling better today and its all because of you . You always make me feel better!
Thank you for your wonderful letter my dear,it made me feel so warm. You always seem to know what to say to me to make me feel better and I thank you so much for that.
I was thinking about you yesterday and I felt so good because I knew that you were thinking of me too!
Yes, it would be great if you could understand what sweet words I'm telling you when you call me. I began to understand yours more.
My English lessons are fine. It is more interesting for me to learn it now.
Yes, we are living such a period now that begin to suspect in everything. It is normal now. But don't worry! I'm only yours.
I'm very glad to hear that I'm a daughter for your parents. You know I also consider them to be my parents and take care of them too.
Yes, we'll redecorate your house.We'll make it our nest.
Dear, when you come I'll show you the city and we'll visit everything you want!
As for dresses, I saw several I liked. We'll look at them when you come.
Dear, i love you so much and I'm thinking of you all the time!
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 34

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
My dear Scot!
Thank your for your letter.Your massages and letters make me happy.
You are my stream of sunlight. You make my world beautiful. I'm so happy when I read your letters.
I'm glad that you liked the holiday Willow Sunday. I'll tell you about it when you are here.
I'm looking forward to your coming.
How is your family and children? say hello to them. Why don't your children write me? I miss their letters.

Letter 35

How was your weekend? It's a pity that we couldn't manage to talk on the phone. For the first time i heard yoir voice something has happend. Did you call me after that?
This weekend was spoiled by the rain. And today it is also cold. The day is gloomy. but the grass is green alredy. The first flowers appeared on the trees.
My dear, it is so great that you'll come soon. I count the days till your arrival.
Have a nice day!
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 36

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
How are you there? I hope everything is just fine with you.
I miss you very much these days.
Dear, yesterday we celebrated Easter, as you remember. And of course, I went to the church. For the first time my friend and I were going there together. But I went there with my mom because my friend felt not well.

Letter 37

Our relatives came for dinner and we exchanged colored eggs.
I don't know why but this Easter was special for me. I prayed for you in the church. I hope that everything will be just fine in our relations.
My dearest man, it would be nice to share this bright holiday with you. I hope that soon all our dreams will come true.
Have a nice beginning of the week!
Kiss you!

Letter 38

The letter was translated for daria by Lena.
Dear Scot!
It makes me happy just being by your side
All those feelings I just can't hide
You'll always be in my heart
Can't bear the pain when were apart
Nobody is as special as you are to me
Now I hope you are beginning to see
Just how much I care for you
And all my feelings will always be true
I can't describe how much I care
But when you need me, I will be there
To wipe those tears when you are sad
To make you happy when you are mad
All these things I really can do
Just remember I'm thinking of you
You are on my mind 24-7.
Yours, Daria

Letter 39

The letter was translated for Daria by lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
You sent me a wonderful poem. It is very romantic.
How are you? I hope you are ok.
How are your children? say hello to them.
I'm very busy now as I told that I'm working. I need some rest but I can't find any time for it.
Now I have a lot of problems.
Two days ago Imy gum began to bleed. I thought it would pass. I used some medicines. But I had no success. Then I asked the doctor. He said that it is inflammation. It was provoken by different problems with teeth. And I have to begin a treatment. If I don't do it I can loose all my teeth.
Now I have unpleasant feelings while chewing any food and I'm afraid to loose my weight.
I wouldn't ask you for help but I spent much money for reparing my house.
My finance need to be better. But I need $420. I know that it is expensive. But I also was shocked. I have no health insurance,as you know.
You are the only person I ask for help.
I can only hope for your quick help.
I hope that you won't leave me alone with this problem because you are very close person for me.
Have a nice day!
Bye, Daria

Letter 40

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
How are you?
I'm very glad that your father takes care of me.
My illness is cold paradontos. It is an inflamation.
In one thing your dad is right tat it was triggered by stress.
In fact, I had this illness before but strees influenced it.
I don't know how it is in the uSA, but here a madical doctor and a dentist are the same.
I think that those questions you read somewhere in the hospital. Frankly speaking, I haven't understood some of them.
I'm glad to hear that your father has contacts in Donetsk. But as you understand I can't go there.

Letter 41

I'm very tired and worn out. I have to overcome the pain to go to work.
I hope only for you and your care. But if you don't want to help me tell me that.
I have no forces to answer your questions.
Yesterday on the phone I told you that I need money.
I hope to hear an answer on it.
Bye, Daria

Letter 42

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
I feel very bad!
My weekend was awful. I'm glad to hear your weekend was nice.
I'm glad that you want to help me. But it's a pity that you are not in a hury with it.
My dear, thank you for the wonderful poems. But I couldn't value them because of constant pain.
Let me know when you are going to help me and if you are going to do it. I wonder when it will happen.
Can you believe that I saw you on Sunday? No, I'm not crazy!
I went to buy some food to the supermarket. Then near the shelves with sweets I saw a man. I came close to him and he recognized me. It was you!
You greeted me and said that you were looking for this meeting for a long time. You hugged me and suggested to go for a walk.
We went to the park and found a nice bench where there were no one around. We were talking for a long time and became hungry. I showed you the most romantic restaurant in my city. We entered there and there were no one. Just me and you and a lot of candles. We were dancing and hugging and kissing

Letter 43

I hope you liked our first meeting. Maybe it sounded crazy. But can you imagine how I want it to happen?!
Dear, the weather on the weekend was cold and without any sun. I hoped that you send me some to warm me up.
So, dear, I'll finish my letter here.
I'm thinking of you all the time, my dear.
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 44

The letter was translated for Daria by lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for writing me today.
I also was very glad to you on the phone.
I'm very thankful that you sent money.
You know, the girls at the agency said me that I ned some code to take money. Can you write me it in the letter or just send sms?
The weather has spoilt and today it is rather cold outside. I saw people wearing boots and warm coats again!
You know, my mom told me about her co-worker who can predict the weather. For the first time I didn't believe in it. But yesterday my mom came and said that it would be cold the next day.
I see that the man who is working with my mother was right and I think that I will follow his predictions!
I wish I could predict the weather by myself!
Waiting for your reply!
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 45

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your letter. You are the light of my eyes.
I thank for the help you made for me.
My dear, your care is very pleasant for me. But I was surprized with your messege. As you understand that I needed those money not for entertainment but for medical help. And everyone would do the same being in your shoes. I'm proud of you.
Dear, how are you? How was your day?
I hope you are ok. Say hello to your relatives and I'm thankful for their support. I wish you were with me then. And my pain would go away.
Now I'm getting a treatment. I have a little time. But in spite of it I read your letters and the letters of your children. Say them hello.
My dear, I imagine very often how I get acquianted with your relatives. Thank you for your poem. You are so careful.
I often think about waking up and seeing your face every morning. I then kiss you as I pull you very close to me. I want to hold you so very close and never let you go. Then I kiss you one more time and ask you what you want for breakfast. And as I get up,I take another look at you and tell you that I feel like the luckiest woman on earth to have you as my man. Then I say lets have some coffee.
Do you want our mornings to be such?
Dear, have a nice day!
Kiss your sweet lips.
Yours, Daria

Letter 46

The letter was translated for daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
It's a pity that we don't understand each other. It's a oity that the meeting we were waiting for a long time wasn't such as we expacted.
I thought that a man who is going to marry take some duty to take care of his woman. Because we shared all difficulties. You saw that my living conditions demand some help, and also I need the knowledge of computer. Our world is well developed and I need to be a well-educated part of it. I wonder with that fact that you knew that I haven't a computer and to buy it was settled without any words.
You could bring one of your note-books from home. But I see that you ignore my difficulties. I understand that you have some money problems now because you don't work now. But why don't you work?
Scot, it's a pity that my request to buy a accssesuaire was so problematic for you.
I value what you are doing for me. But till you begin to take care of me, for example, to buy a computer, I think it will be difficult for us to understand each other.
I pity that you are sitting in the apartment without any water and food. But I think you can ask a amster of that falt for help.
I leave your camera at the agency. You can come and take it.
I hope that you made some conclusions. Please, don't call me because I'm busy today.
Bye. Daria

Letter 47

Hello, Scot!
I just want to say that we can meet at 2 p.m near your porch. Don't be late.
I'll be waiting for you.

Letter 48

The letter was translated for Daria by lena.
Dear Scot!
The girls from the agency told me that yesterday something has happed to you. Tell me about it.

Letter 49

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Dear Scot!
I'm very glad that you are ok. I hope that those terrorists will never bother you again.
My dear, I hope that our misunderstandings will go away because we love each other and are going to marry. Am I right?
Of course, I'll come today but what will we do? To watch the films or to play chess?
As you know, we will have sex only after the wedding.
I wonder how you write me to come to your apartment because you have money.
I feel that I ask for brilliants but not for computer. Make a choice what relations we have. Have I pay for everyting you do for me with sex?
Of course, I plan our time. We'll walk on the city, have a rest.
It is great that you have found new friends. I beleve that I'll not be disappointed with you. But I was so surprised with your messege:
Do you want computer, come to my apartment,I have money.
Bye, Daria

Letter 50

The letter was translated FOR dARIA BY lENA.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your letters.
I value that you have told me about the problems which worry you. It is hard for me to explain you in words how I'm happy that I'm have found you. I always believed and still believe that you are a man I need.
Wedding is a great respect and care about each other. I was very happy when we became engaged. And I imagined our wedding not once.
Of course, not everything is fine in my life as it can seem to be. My work doesn't allow me to provide my self with everythong I need. And it seemed to me that when you came to my place you have understood everyhting.
That's why I have to earn some extra money. For example,to prepare some private parties. Of course, you understand if you hadn't been my groom I would have never asked you for money for the treatment, and now it is computer. I don't want it for entertainment. I have to print the scripts and go to the other people and pay them for that.
I haven't thought that I had to tell you about it as I thought that my beloved man can solve it.
I also care about Visa and I want it to be done as soon as possible.
As for time I devote to you, sometimes it seems to me that you don't love me. Sometimes it seems to me you hurried with Visa and soon you'll doubt about me.
Of course, I value your relatives' care and support. It is great that your father helped with the trip and now I can see you here.
Og course, your help to me is a thing of conscience. In such a way you can value our relations. I agree with you completely that monet makes no sense in any relations.
I hope that you will understand my letter in right way and make any conclusions. Because you understand that I'm not going to demand anything. It simply seems to me that you love me and I believe you.
Yours, Daria

Letter 51

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Dear Scot!
It's a pity that I didn't manage to come to you. I have big problems at work.
Almost all our musical instruments were stolen.
It is awful that this disappearance was found out not at once.
I was called in the evening and asked to come to my work. We called a police even.
I came back home very late at night and went to sleep. I was very tired.
Today I also have to do a lot as for that accident.
As we have a holiday in several days, I have to arrange many rehearsals because of it. I have to do it all today.
It's a pity that it happened.
Don't worry, I'll try to make all documents today.
Dear, don't write me so many messeges! Don't behave like a kid!
I'll tell you about everything later.
I wish you a nice flight!
say hello to your relatives.
Yours, Daria

Letter 52

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Dear Scot!
I have written you that I have problems at work. I just had a dinner for several minutes and I have to hurry to work again.

Letter 53

The letter was translated for Daria by lena.
Dear Scot!
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow
But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow
My days of sadness are a thing of the past
Because I have found true love at last
My days of emptiness are gone for good
Because you fill a void in my heart that you should
You've opened a window
You've shown me the light
And my love for you will continue to burn bright.

Letter 54

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for all your lettersand especially for money you gave me. You are very supportive and careful man and I think I won't regret that I have chosen you.
Your life experience is very hard. thanks God that you stayed alive and I can talk to you now.
I hope that your flight is fine and you'll be at home very soon.
Write me how your childrn are. Say hello to them.
Today I'm going to have very hard day. It is all because of that accident. Besides, I have a concert today in the evening.
I worry a little bit.
have a nice day, dear.
Kiss you!
Yours, Daria

Letter 55

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Dear Scot!
Basket full of pretty posies
from the "you" I love,
both of us to talk together
under stars above.
A whisper sweet discloses
the magic that you feel,
I'm delighted with the roses,
roses tell me love is real.
We sing a song of rainbows
to the tune of a lullaby,
you and I both wearing halos
so in love ~ as time goes by.
Yours, daria

Letter 56

The letter was translated for Daria by lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
I'm so glad that I can write you this day. It is Sunday today but I'm really happy that I can read your letter.
How are you today? I hope everything is just fine.
When you called me last time I just had an awful headache.
I'm very glad to hear that your flight was nice. Say hello to all your relatives and especially your children. I hopeto hear from them soon.
My concert was successful. All students liked it very much.
Dear, i try to tell you about all my problems. But I don't want you to worry of me.
As you know today is another holiday all over the world. It is Mother's day, dear.
I like this holiday very much. I'm glad that this day I can make my mom happy even by saying her some warm words.
You can't even imagine how I'm thankful to my mom for having given me a birth. I love her very much and I hope that her life will be very long and happy.
Today in the morning I got very early. I wanted to make my mom some present and decided to buy her flowers. And when she woke up a big bouquet of red roses was waiting for her near her bad.
She looked at it and tears appeared in her eyes. She said that I'm the best daughter in the world. It was so pleasant to hear it.
Dear, our relations are going on and you shouldn't worry about them. Soon everything will be fine, I promise.
I hope your weekends are going fine.
Kiss you and hug you.
Yours, Daria

Letter 57

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your letter. Your poems are always nice.
I value that your relatives are so warm to me. They became close people for me.
Of course, I'm afraid to go to the USA. But I know that I shouldn't be afraid because of your relatives' support. I'm sure that we'll overcome everyhting.
You are simply wonderful person.
I value that you are worrying about my problems. I didn't want to tell you about them.
As I told you before, somebody has stolen all equipments at work. Now I have a lot of problems. I'm irresponsible for it.
It is good that those people were found. They appeared to be drug-addicted. But they managed to sail the equipment.
Now I have to pay for it several thousands grivnas. I have to pay 3542 grivnas.

Letter 58

My dear, I hope you won't leave me with such problem. As soon I pay that debt as soon I receive a document from police necessary for the Visa.
My dear, it is so unpleasant to tell you about it. This accident interfered our last evening. Thank you for that monet you left at the agency. They helped me much in this situation.
Dear Scot, I think that during this week you'll help me. I thank you in advance.
Hug you and kiss your sweet lips.
Yours, Daria

Letter 59

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, dear Scot!
Thank you for your letters.
I saw all of you in them.
It is funny that now I realized that you don't mind my problems.
How can you have money if you don't work at all?
But it is nice that you have found some job at last.
It is very starnge that a man who is going to marry and who has children doesn't work anywhere.
Of course, I'll cope with my problems by myself. I have people near me who are ready to help me. But didn't want to accept their help. Now I have to do it.
I just thought that I have a man who can help me in everything.
How are you going to live with me without money? If those coins that you spent on me you consider to be money, I pity about it.
As far as I understood, you don't mind all those documents.
You understand that we don't depent on each other and from this moment i break our relations.
I hope you'll not write and call me.
Say Philip that i stop to gather the documents.
Wish you the best!
Bye, Daria

Letter 60

Those $100 are 475 grivnas. It is nothing comparing with my problems. But still I'm thankful to your DAD for it.
Your words that "you are sorry if I don't manage to get all necessary documents" just killed me.
You think that it is bad to live anywhere but only in the USA.
How could you think that I can be happy in the conditions you live!
You are not adapted to the every day routine. So, I think you need only a servant at home. Your ex was such.
How can I grow up, if your manhood haven't grown up?
I don't like such a sex.
P.S. I only pity that I was in a hurry with our engagement. Say hello to Philip and say that I stop the Visa process.

Letter 61

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
I don't understand your leters at all.
You tell me what bad I am, that I deman only money from you, that I only have problems ( you know, there are also problems in life), how evil I am, and I have no soul. But you are very poor, you try to prove me something.
Scot, if I'm so bad, why should we marry. In your situation it would be better to listen to Mr. Roth and to cancel Visa. Why haven't you done it?
Why do you threaten me if I cancel Visa not I will never move to the uSA? Do you think that it is my life ambition to find an American man and to move to the uSA?
You haven't understood the main thing: I want to meet a careful person and I don't mind from what country he is.
It is logically that we don't match each other.
I repeat once more: leave me alone.

Letter 62

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
If you really want to help me you are welcome.

Letter 63

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
I read your letter.
I have a suggestion. Let's break our relations but without any arguments. I just want to be friends. I don't want you to remember only bad things in our relations.
I'll remember only happy moments. Try to do it too. OK?

Letter 64

The letter was tranlsated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Letter 65

The letter was translated for Daria by Lena.
Hello, Scot!
I asked you not to write me any more.
I don't want to hear from you and to see you.