Scam letter(s) from Maame Paker to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hello, Keith! How you? It is probable, if you have assumed, it - Nadezhda:) I It is very pleased to receive your answer! I am happy so, that you have written to me, trust me, Keith! Also, I hope, that my e-mail was so big Unexpectedness for you also, really? But the most important, I would like to tell To you, that I have decided to write to you through gratitude of the Internet To my best girlfriend to Lena. My girlfriend Lena has met good the man From Germany, the Hamburg City, on the Internet also. Its friend Claus. Lena and Claus are very happy together. I see, that they Happy so together, and I have decided to find the man with another The countries also as Lena has made it:) it is Possible, you can ask me why I have not made To find Russian the man? I shall be very serious, I shall answer you, it I had the friend from Russia from my City, I loved him very much, but He has thrown me last time. He has found other girl as I have Understood. Also I saw, that he liked to drink alcohol very much Very much, so it is a lot of men in Russia do it, you know about it. I I do not love it when men like to drink as my last friend Has made it! I - teetotal and the girl also do not smoke. Simply, I have no harmful habits! Also I want to tell it concerning words of my girlfriend Lena, men from other countries, it is especial from Germany and the USA, Are very good, and they can to estimate and respect women as Significant men also. It - opinion concerning Lena, and I want to agree With Lena completely. Lena has chosen her friend Claus from Germany Because she knows German language a little. I do not speak in German Language, I can speak and write the English language, and I have decided To find the man speaking on English, and I have decided to write to you, Keith. Well, Keith, let me to tell to you about me more. As I have told you Earlier, to me of 28 years, I am "Taurus" on the Zodiac, I was born On May, 17 1978. And when you have been given birth? What - exact date of your birthday? Tell to me, well? I - the White Russian ******* a nationality. On religion, I am a Christian (the Russian Conformist), and I believe in God Jesus. As I have told earlier, I I HAVE been NEVER MARRIED Also, I HAVE no CHILDREN. I sensitive, and Kind, thoughtful and easily surprised. In opinion of my friends and relatives, by the form I, cheerful, clever and intellectual, Purposeful, sociable. About my City where I live:) I would like to tell to you that I I live in Kazan City here in Russia. Kazan it is located approximately 800 Kilometers from the city of Moscow. Through our city the river Volga floats. I love my remarkable City Very much, though the population of our city of Kazan - approximately 15000 People. There are many beautiful streets, the areas and another Sights in ours Kazan. I want to tell to you, that is still warm in our city, though it almost autumn!!! Summer - my favourite season, and What your favourite season?:) Also today temperature of air Is +18 to +20 degrees C, it - light of the sun in streets, it - many Voices of birds, it - is romantic so. And you love summer?:) It is a pity that the summer soon will end Also I would like to tell to you about my formation. I studied in Kazan State university. I have finished university in 1994. Also I Want to tell to you, that I have learned the English Language when I Studied at university, I can speak English without anyone Problems, I think so. But I can see, that I do many spelling Mistakes, I think so, I hope, that you will be can to understand my English language Without any problems? Really? Please, tell to me about it in your following E-mail, well? Also I would like to tell to you that after the termination From university, I have received the Diploma of the Speciality of the Manager ". But unfortunately I did not require my formation nevertheless, Because here in Russia, as in many other countries, it - very much Difficult to find good work on a good speciality. Now I work as the seller in a bar. I like to work here in ours Bar, and our visitors - good clients. Also I want to tell to you, That I have access to the Internet a computer which is located in Cabinet of our director here in our bar. Because I have no Computer in my house, and I have asked the sanction in our director for My use of the Internet, and he allowed to use to me a computer in a Free time from my work. Anything to myself, I have written so! I did not think, that I can to write about Independently so, really. Probably, I shall stop to write my e-mail to you. Keith, I shall be grateful so if you will write to me about you directly How I have made it. I would like, if you will tell to me, for example, About your city where - you, residing, about weather, is there a Hot the end of summer? I never was in abroad, and I shall be pleased to know about Your country. Well, let me to finish my e-mail, I hope to see yours The answer soon! I hope, that you will like to observe my photo also. Well, good bye, Keith, hoping to See your message is fast! Sincerely,
Your friend from Russia,
Letter 2
Hello my friend Keith! I am very glad to receive from you the letter Again! It is very interesting to me to read your letters, from them We learn more about us, and I start to know more about you, Keith. The my dear friend, certainly, can be you, want to learn about me more, About my essence also, really? As I want to tell, that I Lena, which year has decided to get acquainted through the Internet from my girlfriend Back has got acquainted with foreigner German Claus, I have told to you already about It earlier. Keith, maybe, it is possible, we shall be together in The future, there can be I would like to look our marriage also, if you Will want it, I do not want to hide, as it so the important fact, but We should learn about each other more and more, it will be reasonable and Correctly. Really, Keith? I hope, that you agree With me also. Please, tell to me about it, well? But on mine To opinion, again and again, we should learn about the friend the friend more and more, I I repeat it! Please, agree with me, Keith. My dear The friend Keith, I would like to tell to you about my family. I want To tell to you, that I have not the big family. It - my mum Alla, mine Daddy Andrey. Also I have the uncle and the aunt. They are Leonid and Ekaterina. Mine To mum 51 year, and the daddy 54 years. By trades my mum - the confectioner, and mine The daddy the driver. Our family lives without any conflicts, also we We have good understanding in our family. As, I think it mine Parents educated me good formation. I think, that it is very good, And I am very proud, that I have my mum and mine the daddy. Also I want To tell to you, that I live with my parents in one apartment. Also I I want to tell, that I consulted on my parents about acquaintance with You through the Internet, they well have apprehended it, it as is positive, Because they care of my future life. My parents want That, I have a happy life, and want that I have found the second Half. As I have told to you earlier, that I never was Is married. I already spoke you in last my letter that, I work as The seller in a bar, here in Kazan. It - a modern and cosy bar. Mine Work is very pleasant for me, people in our city are kind, and visitors The cafe - are not rude to us, certainly there - there were cases, when visitors - not Are polite with us and spoil mood, but it happens very seldom. I- Very much interested to learn about your work, Keith. And than You are engaged during free time from work? During our days off, In my free time, we - with my girlfriends, and also with Lena and Claus, We leave on walk on city, we like to sit in cafe at a cup of tea. I I love my girlfriends very much, it is especial my best girlfriend Lena. She - as The native sister for me! I want to tell to you, that Lena worked as The waiter in our bar. Also I want to tell to you, that Lena and Claus Live now in the city of Taganrog. Lena has visited Claus to Germany in The last year when Claus has asked Lena that she has visited him in Germany when they have understood that they like each other. I remember, Lena It was very happy at that time. They lived together during two Months in Germany. And then they have wanted, to arrive in Russia, to Taganrog. Simply, Lena has told Claus, that she misses on the To parents, also that she wants to visit some time of its parents, and They arrived to Taganrog from Germany. They are very happy together, they Like each other very much, I envy Lena and Claus a little:). Certainly we We meet with each other sometimes and spend a lot of time together. We- So good friends! Also I want to tell to you, that I never was Outside of Russia, I never was in the USA and other countries, but I would like When not be to travel, it so romantical, I think:) it is Good, Keith, I should to stop to write my e-mail To you, I hope that we shall continue to correspond with each other, And you will tell to me much more about you directly, and I shall be To try to tell about me directly as much as possible in the following E-mails. I want to ask you about a lot of things, Keith, and I hope, that you will understand my questions, and will be To answer me them. I want to learn more about your country, please, Tell to me about your family, about your friends. Big hello to you from My parents, and my friends Lena and Claus. I hope to see yours The letter is fast. While... YES GOD WILL BLESS YOU,
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