Scam Letter(s) from Maame Paker to Darrell (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello Darrell.

Thank you so much for your time taken to chat with you and i would be glad to get to know you much better since a good relationship is based on knowing one another and williness to build Honest,Commitment.Trust,Understand,Believe and haven Faith as well..

To tell you a little about me :I am a fun and easy going understanding person who enjoys life and wants to find someone to share it with. I am past games and pretense and am honest with who I am and what I need.I am a single warm hearted woman looking for friends to share dinners, movies, walks and conversation with.I am also Outdoorsy and down to earth. Athletic, loyal, faithful, caring and deeply honest Sensitive and empathic. Passionate, compassionate, sensual, a good listener. Big heart who believes in taking good care of herself and would be happy to take good care of you.I am looking for someone with similar interest, goals, values who wants to have fun and be happy! I am unashamedly a hopeless romantic. I desire a long-term, fully committed, monogamous relationship.I am looking for someone who is warm and caring. Someone who is not afraid to show and receive affection....!

I am attracted to kindness, intelligence, a quick wit, a good kisser, passionate. A good career is important, but so is enjoying the benefits of working hard. In addition to a balanced life, I also value good communication, emotional availability, integrity and HONESTY! Someone who can admit when he's wrong. Someone who means what he says. "above average".I am also not looking for someone one to have games with or play with as well but someone i will love for who he is and also what he has in his heart for me too.

Thank you so much and i await to hear from you soon.


Letter 2

Dearest Darrell,

Its been a pleasure and sound idea reading from you and the words sounds so great and lovely to me and my world,how are you doing?,i hope things are going on well and you had a sound and blessed sleep last night.How is the family doing out there?i also do hope they are allin the hands of the good Lord and well taking care of.Actually i am a woman of 28years old single never married but have been into a relationship before in life as well..i am therefore here as a woman looking for a honest and a long term relationship as well..I am 5'8"tall and also weight 120lbs thus 58kg.My favuorate colors are red,white,blue,black and also orange too...I also like reading,chatting and making friends and also..i am very conversations and also like to get to know more about the new things and other histories in other countries too.Am very glad reading your email this morning,

I am very serious about this. I have been single for soo long, I had a guy once in my life time but things didnt worked the way i wanted in life due to bad treatment i receive from him which made loose faith in men but my lovely mum encourage me never to gave up in life but
rather have faith in myself and whatever i do and willing to achieve in life, I have been single for 3 and half years now. someone will say beautifull as you still single yes I am because to what I know is Gods time is the best thats why still single.

I have to tell you much about me so you know me well, I am a simple woman of class, very intelligent woman,very much romantic and sexy,single and very much determine to find a soul-mate,I am very serious and much more ready to have the best man in my life.I am open mineded woman, very passionate and Honest. also I'm a little self-critical person, but I'm sure, I have easy-going personality. I'm placid and active, serious and cheerful, well-educated and inquisitive, reasonable and romantic, witty and intelligent, frank and friendly, tender and caring,sporty and elegant, honest and reliable person. to be honest with you I am really serious about you and if you reading this mail I mean it soo much for you to know who I am . Its rather unfortunate that things are not going the best way YOU and I want in life,but its really true when you said it a matter of YOU and I working out all that involved.Being together was the best thing i always think of but in some ways too,all i think of is for us to know more about one another,these helps in believing in each other and creates a faithfulness and everlasting relations,marriage is an eternal relation that should last forever and we should both be prepared to live that kind of life when we are together.I want to wake up with you and sleep at night with you,i can't imargine a whole night without someone beside me,but the greatest thing i have now is the memory and imarginations of you,its keeps me through the day and wakes up with me always.I will always cherish such a great and warm heart feelings.Sometime you dont get the trust you should get from a man just because of what someone has done to him or what others are doing. Well,Hope to hear from you soon and take care and good night.

I will meet you on line soon




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