Scam letter(s) from Julia Bundzanga to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Uliya. I am from Ukraine. I live in Ternopol. That is in the west of Ukraine.
I am 23. My height is 5'7" (1m 70cm), my weight is 52kg . I am Virgo.I have the blonde hair and green eyes. I have finished the medical college and got the diploma of pediatric medical nurse. Now i work in the hospital in the pediatric department. I like my work and respect people, who can create something with hands. I'm young, with energies and dreams to realize.
I like all around me. I like nature, animals. I like summer, worming rain, calm sea and mountains. I adore kids.... Seeing them every day makes my life brighter....i think the people tell correct that the children are the flowers of the life.... Do you agree??????????????????????????
I am romantic and optimist. I like merry and cheerful people. I like reading, going to the theatre, cooking original dishes and growing plants. I am not married. I prefer frank, serious and trustworthy man, who could become for me a faithful friend and companion of my life. My greatest dream is to find the perfect man. Yes, I know that there are no perfect people, that's why I will make a little amendment-man perfect for me.
Appearance is a quite secondary factor, I need man with beautiful heart, pure soul, golden hands, for whom such notions as true friendship, love, devotedness and duty are not alien. I want to make a strong and happy family with unique family traditions. I adore listening to music, animals, I dream to travel. My passionate is cooking. You can't imagine how tasty are our Ukrainian meal!!! I like to cook, I don't know why, but that gives me a chance to experiment with food and try to surprise and satisfy the man I love. In the relations between man and woman I appreciate honesty, devotedness and sincerity.
I am kind and romantic, able to make compromises in the relations. I read your letter and feel that we should try to change the e-mails and tell more about each other... Maybe Internet will be our first step in our long and passionate life together...
With best wishes, sinceriest smiles and tenderest kisses
Letter 2
I can't explain this feelings of joy when i get your letter.
At my place the sun shines and now it shines even brighter especially in my heart, thank of you. I'm truly amazed how our lifestyles and view are like and it is like we were waiting for something like this to happen.
Beginning to write a letter is always hard. Beginning to write one to someone you don’t know is harder especially knowing that just this letter could change your life forever. I mean how do you go around starting something as important as your future happiness? In lack of thinking out something better I thought that I in this letter should try to present myself, then it’s up for you to decide whether or not I’m worth getting to know better.
As I work as a medical nurse my daily life is like this , I wake 6 o'clock 3 days for gym and then 7 other two mornings,I start work 8 finish 5.
I am very active , sport girl who is very tender and fragile at the same time.
I need strong and protective man who will be my standby in good and bad times with whom I can feel like behind the stone wall. I dream about intelligent romantic man with great sense of humour with whom it is pleasant to discuss all topics and just to be silent dissolving in each other's arms and eyes. by the way i did learn English when I was studing in the college.
My feelings are sometimes good, sometimes not, I happy when I hear good music, sun shine in my face, when have holiday, watch good movie, and have love and kisses from you When I have bad feelings, for cruelty for people and animals, when somebody talks behind your back and possibly more but nor really intresting.
Tell me about your feelings ? What makes you happy ?
I just came back from my work and have to go there again soon because my break is finished. I will finish my letter here and promise next time I will tell you more about me and family I have good feeling that we are starting something beautiful between us and hope that will be always like that
Letter 3
Hello dear! Thank you so much for your open and sincere letter. I really enjoy reading your letter and the way our distant friendship develops. You light up my days; fill my heart with joy and hope; give me strength to carry on every day, something to look forward to.
My Dear, I think that it's better at first to tell you about my family and my life with the people surrounding me. I have a very nice family.
I live with my mum Aleksandra and my sister Kate. I don't have a father. My parents were divorced when my sister was born. My father found another family and now he lies in Russia with his new family.
Once a year he comes here to me and my sister. My mum works in the library. She is a librarian. She is very nice and kind woman. She teach me all i need in my life. She is a very good friend who can give me the advice, she is a very good colleague, because she always know what is better for me to do, and the main her features is she is a nice and wonderful Mum. She has given all her life to me and my younger sister Kate. By the way Kate is 12. She is a pupil at school.
Our family is not rich but we have everything for good and happy life.
We live in small flat in multistory building. The city we live in is called Ternopol, where I spent all my childhood. I was brought up in the loving family. I am kind and romantic, able to make compromises in the relations.
Though I have many friends I understood that I am desperately lonely, I believe that there is a person in this world who is able to understand me and to love me as I am. Maybe the God create us for each other??? We will see..
By the way, I can cook very good, and not only our traditional dishes, but much of foreign food. I love to taste different kind of food, I don't know how to cook the foreign dish but i'm sure they are delicious!
I like my home be light and clean. Because without that, there will be no any comfort.
We are still at the beginning of our relations, there are still so many things to know about us, i wanna discover you slowly like when you tenderly make the love with somebody, i wanna taste every step we make.
Dear,tell me more about yourself.
Thank you for you sweet letter once more. I will wait for another warm words from you impatiently. Bye for now, my dear
Regards, Uliya
Letter 4

Dearest! It does my heart well to receive your letter. Hearing from you makes me feel good and happy. It is a wonderful way to start the day.
I am very interested in you, I am not playing any games cause I don't have time for that but I am very serious in finding my soul mate over the Internet....
In life if one does not take a chance then one never knows what will happen in life. I think that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is as important as what is on the inside and not only the outside. You don't need to have a lot of material values to own my heart. I don't need rich man. I think that money itself can not bring happiness. I also think that we need to do everything together and start our life together putting material and spiritual values. I believe that husband and wife should put a lot of love and efforts to keep a strong and happy family. My dream is to find a man who will turn my world upside-down and tell me one day:
"You are my star and I want you to brighten my life way forever".
The qualities I am looking for in my partner is someone who is caring, kind and loving who is genuine, honest and trustworthy.
Tell me more about your character traits? Are you shy or outgoing?
Talkative or Quiet? Adventurous or Passive? Romantic and passionate?
Dominate or Submissive? Affectionate with your partner (like holding hands, kissing, etc.) are you also ****** and sensual by nature?
Have you had many girlfriends/lovers? Any long term relationships? What attracts you to a woman?
What are you searching for in your life? What are some of your dreams and goals?
Well, I hope all these questions did not offend you in anyway. I am serious
about learning everything I can about you.
Regards, Uliya
Letter 5
Sweet! Your letter it is so nice and beautiful.Thank you for your letter.
I appreciate your openness to me and promise to do the same...
I am romantic to a girl I love especially when we are compatible in character….I am submissive but I am dominant sometimes especially when I am maltreated..just a sort of balance and moderation in orientation like time,place ,person…I am passionate to my beloved partner like you(I enjoy holding hands,kissing and whatever my love likes).I am a ****** sometimes and a sensual person,but if you like to join with me maybe it was very exciting,especially in our dreams….
To tell you the truth I had some bad experiences in love and now I'm a bit afraid of new relationship with man. My ex boyfriend played with me and with several girls at the same time. I loved him and I letted him enter into my soul but there was nothing in his heart except egoism. After I let him go away I felt I can't live any more.
Everything was meaningless without him. For some period my heart kept in silence but now I feel it's open again. I didn't lose trust to men but I don't want to be hurt again. I don't want to see beautiful eyes with empty and indifferent look. I don't want to hear sweet words and ruthless endless lie behind them. I believe in real love and
happiness. I want to be an open book to my partner. Every day I will tell him that I love him. I will care about him and I will surround him with all the best I can give. I will make our home cozy and peaceful. I'm a good cooker and I like cooking. I think that man and woman are two halfs of unified whole. This is something as natural as the very nature. My heart now is open to you.I believe that we have chance to change our lives and make each other truly happy. Believe me and I will lead you to something wonderful and pure what you never experienced before. Sincerely yours,
Letter 6
Sweet! I really can't wait to see you in real life.... Developing a relationship with a man on the other side of the world has probably qualify me as an adventurous woman but i know that it will be nice and excited to meet you soon. I really do dream of that day and that would make me the happiest woman in the whole world when it comes true and i see you. I hope you feel the same way. I am so serious about meeting you and living my life with you.
I would not waste your time or mine if I didn't see potential for a relationship between us. I will do whatever I have to do to prove my intentions to you and its going to be up to us to make feel comfortable and secure with feelings about us together. I don't have a lot work today and i have finished my work at 3 p.m and now i came to write to you and let you know that i am thinking about you and I really want to be together.... today i need to make some shoppings to buy the food and some other things for the cleaning the flat....
Honey, you know in my dreams, we are always together supporting each other in difficult moments, crying together when we have grieves, laughing together and making jokes every minute, cooking together in the kitchen and making each other ***** with the dough while making our favorite cookies, I see how you get acquaint me with your relatives and friends !!! I see us making romantic evening for each other , arguing when we have some problems and being able to solve all the problems easily.........I am really serious towards you Take care of yourself, thinking of you and hoping only for the best for both of us and know the one I am in search of is you.... Kisses
Your sincere Uliya
Letter 7
Dearest! Meeting someone on the Internet can be really different than meeting someone face to face, but I think that using the Internet and writing letters to one another, gives a lot of background on the person even before meeting him. Of course meeting the person face to face is essential and hopefully our letters can lead to that. I will be very happy to actually meet you… I really need to be there with you and be warmed up by your arms.... I just have been longing to find someone like you for all of my life and it in a way scares me to become close to you.
But I do very much want to see where this will go. I feel that fate has brought us together and hope that you feel the same.... My dream is come to the sea not alone but with my soulmate. I want to experience with him the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore with him the wonder of moon's reflection on the water and a lot of other things. I don't know more romantic and attractive place. The marines azure is associated for me with calmness and carefreeness. I definitely want to experience this with my partner. There is some mystery in marine silence. At this moment there is something to live unsaid and it makes me more and more excited. When I close my eyes I see how blue waves swallow me as well as love overwhelm my heart. I'm laughing, I'm happy, I'm swimming away but then I return to the shore and my darling is waiting for me there.
He was waiting for me all his life because he was born for me only. He is embracing me on the shore, kissing me and wrapping me into the towel, touching my wet hair and whispering sweet words on my ear. We belong to each other and there is nothing except our omnipotent love.
This is the way I dream. I'm waiting for man who will say me one day: 'Honey, haven't you recognized me? I came from your dream to be with you forever'. With the tenderness, your Uliya
Letter 8
Sweet! You don't know how I am glad and versify full of activity because I find your letter blighting in my mail box, you are like a jewel in my life now that I hold it with all my sense and fight to keep it with me, thanks for your hopes to me.
I liked your letter very much! It made my heart beating quicker and quicker. Your words written here in the letter made me fell the best I have ever have. I even can't express all I feel. Hope my letter will bring kind smile on your face( as your letter did it with me ) You know , I began feeling you. Yes, yes, don't laugh! It seems to me that now you are in good mood and even smiling. Where are you writing from?
From home? Or from your job? Where are you now? I wish I were by your side now. It would be so exciting! Let's decide what we would do if we were together? I think, first of all we should eat something.
Something extremely tasty. Like.. What would you prefer? No, not pizza, please! Something like.. ice-cream with strawberry I would say.
Do you know what's the best way of eating ice-cream? No? than I'll teach you. It's so exciting, believe me. But, I can't describe it through the computer.
I'm not sure that this metal machine could work after that. It will be burnt. With shame, or with passion ( depending on the computer's morality). Of course I will teach you how to eat ice-cream! In a special way... It's especially exciting on the hot summer day, but the outside hotness isn't the necessary condition...
When everything inside is burning the thermometer is of no help... The greatest art is to lick the ice-cream before it begins melting. And the strawberry, the only strawberry will be the prize for the skillful winner. It's extremely delicious! I'll do everything for you to be mine! You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this! My sweet, maybe we should meet? With my tender kiss to you
Your Uliya
Letter 9
Dearest! First of all I want to thank you for your such a beautiful and lovely letter. You even can't image how I was looking forward to receiving the letter full of passions and warmness from you. You know it is autumn now but my soul is freezing without you. and I always begin to read your letters and it becomes warmer. but I think that It will be much warmer if we meet each other. I'd like you to hold me with all your passions and never give me up, because it's time to tell you that you behave become a great part of my life, you are a sense of living. My darling I can't wait our meeting any more. I like to travel very much and I never been aboard. It will be great if I can visit your country.Oh, my dear, if we can be there together I'll be the luckiest woman in the world. You know I want to meet you as soon as it possible. It's very hard to have such a large distance between us. i want to be with you, to catch your strong hand, to love you. just to have lovely man near me. I am so impatient to have you in my arms.This will be the greatest happiness in my life. Day by day I desire to be with you and all of me is waiting for you.Tell me, for godness, when Will I be the happiest woman in the world? When will I be able to see you? This is like dream now, but we make it happen. I'd like to be with you forever, and never complain to be your woman. My darling,I promise You will be the luckiest and the most desirable man in the world. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. So, I wait for your replay. I want to make our own world and we call it paradise where you will be my angel. Thus,I want to be in the paradise soon.
I am sending you my deepest love and warmest kisses..
be good and be safe baby and know that you have a special place in my heart...
Your Uliya
Letter 10
You know every time when I got your letter it makes me feel very nice and I feel closer to you.... Dear we will do everything for our meeting..
I am open book to you. Every day I tell you that I want to be with you. I will care about you and I will surround you with all the best I can give. I will make our home cozy and peaceful. I think that man and woman are two halfs of unified whole. This is something as natural as the very nature. My heart now is open only to you. I am sure that we have chance to change our lives and make each other truly happy.
I am your fluffy kitten .........................MUA....................
hmmmmmmmmmm I dream of passionate kisses, making sweet love to you and being everything you have ever wanted in a woman and wife. My body trembles at the thought of your hands running up and down my ******, and this tremble is a good thing! Well we will do step by step for our meeting....First of all I can't get the visa without having the foreign passport. So I need to get the passport. The government officer told me that it takes about one week to get the passport. The passport costs 112 USD and i will get it in the government office in my town. I was told that it is better to ask for the tourist or visitor visa because everybody can take this visa for knowing the country better. Well, ok. i will be waiting for your letter and news...
I will make you very happy ...and i hope that you will be happy with me..
you are the sunshine that brightens my day with every are the reason i was born...and the reason that i will continue to live..
Wait for your letter
Your Uliya

Letter 11
Sweet! I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your last e-mail. I did just like you did with mine...kept reading it over and over. I really feel good about this and i am so exciting about our meeting....
Well, Your words make me feel really happy! It is so pleasant to feel that you are ready to our meeting! My darling, I think it would be really nice to meet with you. It would be so romantic! i am very glad that you can help me I'm happy because very soon we can be together and we will spend some beautiful days together. Dear my visa and passport will take me about three weeks that's why I must to begin with it just now. You can send me at first money for my visa and passport. I need to pay for the international passport, it costs 112$. The tourist visa costs 187 $. I want you feel that my heart goes only for you.
I need to tell you that we can use the Western Union system to pay for everything i need... Here is the information about myself
My full name is Uliya Bundzanga
My address is Veselay st 4./11
Zip code 46000
I will make you very happy ...and i hope that you will be happy with me..
You are the sunshine that brightens my day with every thought..You are the reason i was born...and the reason that i will continue to live..
I hope to hear from you soon and have the positive news about starting the process to be together Kisses
Your Uliya
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