Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Aklanova to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Michael. It Svetlana
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I thought you will not answer my letter. But you have answered. Thanks you for your answer.
My letter not completely clearly to you will be possible.
I cannot open at once to you.
But I think that it to not prevent to learn us better.
I want to write about myself.
And also I shall send you my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is pleasant to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me of 27 years.
I was born on 22 December 1980.
I live in the house with my mum.
My father has died 8 years ago. He has gone to serve to the Chechen Republic under the contract.
He was the different soldier, military. Always could protect our family. When I was offended at small age by boys.
I always spoke the father, that me offend. My father always protected and helped us with mum difficult minute.
Well him any more did not begin. And we with mum have remained to live one in this world.
It is huge loss for us.
Well all will suffice we shall not speak about it. To me and so now it is hurt to recollect. That we one with mum.
I do not want that you asked me about the father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it will be hurt to me to answer your questions.
Today it is the closest and favourite person for me., it is my mum.
And already as 8 years of me bring up and to teach in this world one person. SHE IS my MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no brothers and sisters, and I have no own children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to have own family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to lift own children.
I have been given birth also dews in Cheboksary city.
My mum already now does not work. She cannot work any more. As already old. In the age of.
And all our charges on residing are taken by me on myself. I pay for all.
And consequently I was brought up by mum so that I was the independent girl. I shall tell about mum in the following letter.
Now, as I spoke, I shall write about me directly
As I spoke already, I have been given birth in 1980. Till 6 years I have gone by a kindergarten.
I have gone earlier as my mum spoke, that I the clever girl.
Since 7 years I started to go from school.
I studied very good.
When I have left school with the Red certificate in 1995, and I have left in
" Cheboksary state humanitarian university ".
Faculty of pedagogics and technique of preschool education and foreign language - the English language.
As I had the fine certificate about my finished school.
I could study in University free-of-charge.
In 2000 I have finished studying in university.
Since that year I work in Cheboksary in one of schools of city of Cheboksary. It is school 69. School settles down to the address :
The city of Cheboksary
Street of Lenina, 13B. My work will be to bring up in children a sound mind. That children became educated.
Were able to read and write. That they were happy in this life. I also see off with them class hours.
Where I tell it, about different cases in our city. As passes through road.
My work with children compels me to be more attentive.
My work with children is more difficult than with adult people.
And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure, that I can help children.
Probably the love to children has arrived to me with my age.
And now I have understood, that children - are our future.
Therefore I would like to have my own children.
I shall ask me why I have chosen you?????????????????? Why I shall not find the the man in own
The country?
I do not know as the answer you. YOU KNOW, THAT the MAN SHOULD HELP the WOMAN.
My girlfriend, my colleague has suggested me to find acquaintance to the inquiry
I write to you the letter from a house. I HAVE the PERSONAL COMPUTER of the HOUSE.
I ALSO HAVE WEB CAM. I shall be soon registered on the messenger hotmail.
Only real relations. I do not want lie. I am tired from a deceit. I bought a computer 1 one year ago. I took money on credit. Also bought a computer.
I ask you to not trust other girls. Because in Russia each citizen has a computer of a house.
Because each person can take a computer on credit. You understand me my friend?
I can write to you letters from a house every day. But I am on work. Also I can miss your letters. I shall try to answer your letters every day.
Well, I shall finish this letter. You reading my letter and if you agree on
Continue with me acquaintance.
There can be I can ask to you one question: " YOU WANT TO CONTINUE WITH ME CONVERSATION ON THE INTERNET"??????????????????????
Thanks you THAT YOU COULD LISTEN to me. Thanks you that you are in this world.
TELL to me I CAN WRITE to YOU the LETTERS??????????????????????????????? Yours Svetlana!!!!!
10 October 2008
Letter 2
Greetings my friend Michael
I ask you to tell to me: you have received mine 2 pictures????? 1 picture has been made near tracks. I love trains.
I wait certainly for your answer my pleasure I ask you to listen my friend to me: I want to trust you and I want to begin new relations. I cannot tell lies and deceive you. Only sincere relations. I cannot waste time. I am not ready to play with you. I shall communicate with you and I shall tell to you about my life. I want to be yours the future wife. But at first I want to be the girlfriend. I cannot so for a long time to write to you the letter. I want in the future only a real meeting.
Today in Cheboksary autumn. Today 10 October 2008.
And at us now temperature +2 heats. Tomorrow speak that there will be colds. And the temperature will be-3 frosts. I ask you to not worry. Because I shall write to you letters every day. Also I ask you DO NOT WRITE to OTHER GIRLS.
I want real and present girls. DO NOT WRITE to OTHER GIRLS. I shall go now in souls. I every day accept souls (in the morning and in the evening). I very much love water. I ask you write to me of the answer. Send me the pictures. I want to see your picture car, houses, friends, animal. And certainly your pictures. I shall send also pictures of my house. I promise, that I shall be following time to send you a picture of my house. Wait for my letter tomorrow.
Your beam of the sun Svetlana
Letter 3
Greetings my pleasure Michael
Today at us in Cheboksary Friday. I cannot write to you the big letter with a picture. I ask you to wait tomorrow for my letter with a picture Today I could not write to you the letter. Because today I had problems of a house.
My mum was ill. But all is good. I should be now near to mum. My mum already old the woman.
And now I cannot write to you big time. And I now do not have time.
I should prepare now for mum of a medicine. So my mum now feels like well
I ask you mine to not worry the man. Mine mum now in the full order. And all is good.
The doctor has appointed medicines. And now my mum to be treated. And I help mum.
And consequently now I have no time much. And also I should be prepared today in the tomorrow's working day.
I should prepare all my books and the information to my pupils. I ask you to wait for my letter tomorrow.
I shall necessarily write you my letter
I miss on you. Also I ask you to not forget me.
I now simply have the borrowed days. It are at each person
Your swallow Svetlana
I ask you to wait for my letter tomorrow
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