Romance scam letter(s) from Beth Melton to Ken (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, I must confess that i was touched my your kind heart and i pray that God bless you abundantly for trying to help this lil kid. The infor where you will send the fund when u get to Western Union is below .pls let me know when u get this information and also get back to me with details of the western union when u send .. ok ?? Take care and God be with you the information below :
Address : 013 Sherwood Way
City : Vientiane city
Country : Laos Republic
Zip Code : 01100
Letter 2
I swear with everything cos i have not lied to you about anything and i will never do so . You know, i think you should just play your part if you really wnt to help this lil kid and leave the rest to God . Anyway, here is a few of the information that you asked for cos i dont have all ... BELOW :: I have attached a few pictures of the kind of health care ( by the organisation ) that goes on around here . Also the hospital is : Mahosot Hospital, Vientiane, Laos. Also here is a phone number that u may reach the organisation on : +856-71212-280 It is not always reacheable during the day as everyone around here are always busy nontheless, you may send an SMS and they will sure get back to you . Here is the best information that i can supply you with for now ... ok ???? Stay cool and keep up the kindness. God bless u .
Letter 3
I got your email and thank you so much for taking time to reallyunderstand my last email and also knowing that all this is just aboutsaving lives . I want to thank you once again for your strong faithand kind heart, i want you to know that Mr Cole wont be ableto pick the money until i can provide him with your name and addressas the sender's information without this he wont be able to pick thefund, so all you have to do is send me your full name, address andzip code plus a phone number too , thats all and he will be able topick the fund . I will wait to read from you and will also inform youwhen the fund is picked up..... Beth
Details of money remitted:
MTCN No: 698-681-3649
Amount: 624,943 Laos Kips
Letter 4

Once again, i want to thank you so much for your support, for your kindness and for you strong trust in me because without this, you wont be able to send the fund to asist the sick lil girl . I thank you so much and i pray that God continues to guide your path and Bless you always .... Beth Melton .............
Letter 5
Hello, i have not heard from you in a day or so nowi just hope that you are doing fine and i wish to chat withyou online today ... ok ?? take care and stay blessed . Beth Melton .......
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