Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Sofronova to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear prince!
I have received your letter and my heart again have trembled. Me became so easily as was never. I was happy that you at me are that I am not lonely in this severe world.
Today there was a good weather. Since the morning the sun shined.
Though also it was rather cold. Today I have woken up with good mood, from that that today I was with you, was with you in dream. I at all did not want to wake up, I wanted that this dream last eternally.
In dream we were in a unfamiliar place for me, but you similarly already were there. You showed me something, told to me about something much, I all the day long wanted to recollect what you to me told, but and have not recollected. We long with you walked at night.
There was a full moon and the moon shined to us road. The sky such star that was seemed to me as if it is billions angels are pleased to us. And during this moment we went silently, thinking everyone about the. I was so is happy and thought, that only for the sake of this moment it is necessary to be born on light.
On work I all time thought of you and about the dream. Probably all the day long the smile did not descend from my person. All visitors looked at me as with a smile. It seemed to me that all world is pleased together with me, probably my pleasure, my mood was transferred also to all associates me. Today there were many visitors, it is more than usually. All needed to be shown phones and to answer their questions. Probably day should last eternity and I should get tired. But marvellously day was passed as one instant and weariness by me have felt just now.
The darling, I want, that I have arrived to you! I wish to arrive to you, but not you to me! To you I at first will arrive! After we will be with you together we can arrive and to me! But at first I need to arrive to you!! You understand me??? To arrive to you, I need to make documents, but I cannot make documents because I do not have money.
For official registration of papers I need 560 euro! This all money, that is necessary to me for documents!!! You understand me???
I am very glad, that you care of me, about my mood. I am very glad, that I to you am not indifferent also our feelings are mutual. Care of itself, take care. All my ideas only about you.
I aim you and with impatience I wait for your letter.
With love yours Anastasia!

Letter 2

My loved Jose, I only at once to come in the Internet of cafe both again and again to see from you of the letters. Your letter has made me happy and at me the smile on the person has appeared.
That concerning money as you can send me them I have learnt how it can be made!
I went to our bank and to me have told, that I can receive money from other country by system of remittances! Our bank can accept money from systems Western Union and Money Gram, you know, what such is? I have learnt recently and did not face it earlier so I have taken an interest that I need to know! They have prompted to me, so I can know now that is necessary for me, and that need to know you!!!
The most easy remittances it Western Union so to us with you it will be easier if you send me money from Western Union.
Here that I have learnt:
That you could send me money to you it is necessary to know my full name and a surname:
Anastasia Sofronova
My country and city in which I will receive money:
Russia, Volzhsk
It is all that it is necessary to specify to you!
That I could receive money to me will it is necessary to know your full address, to me have told, that it is necessary! Still I need to know your full name! Only the full name and a surname, reductions are not accepted! So you should write me your full name!!!
As it will be necessary to specify the exact sum which you will send!
And the most important thing, that to me have told it transfer number!
To you will give control number of transfer, and you should me write it! This most important thing!
I have learnt this all in our bank, I have written down everything, that they to me have told, so I know now all, and you too know I make this letter long. Your letters so are necessary for me also you it know. My loved Jose, I want to speak only with you my love and you my the large happiness. I want always care of you and to help you on the house. Because you my large love and I can not live without you. My Jose , you sometime to look at stars? You to see the sky. I want to tell you that if you to see the moon and you look right now at the moon. Because I to think that if the moon is a symbol of grief. I as the moon to look with is high and to observe set of the people. And you as the stars which always turn near me both I can not stand and I want only you my loved. Me is very boring to live without you and I can not without you. I want that you spent all free time with me. My loved Jose I want to tell that I as the moon is very tired to be without you my loved. And it is very heavy to me to see and to look when your star will come nearer to me. And your star will enter me. My love I want that we always were together and when I shall be with you. I shall feel as the sun both I shall be happy also I shall shine with happiness. I want to turn in the sun from the moon. And consequently I love only you my love. And I to think and so I shall decide hat I with you my love and nothing will stop me on this difficult for me of a way. My dearest Jose when on ground yesterday fell a comet. I to see small fire in the sky.
And I to think of desire. I to see yesterday in the sky a comet, because I to look yesterday in the sky and to observe of stars and me was so boringly without you without your love and without a kiss. My loved , I to see it and I to think that: I want to be with you. My desire was only to be with you. I to think of this desire and I to think that it will be executed and then I shall be happy. My Jose, look today at the sky and tell to me what you to feel when you to see stars and moon? To me you very much will would be desirable to know that to feel these minutes. But I to feel to the large mountain, because it was very boring without you and is very sick. Because I want to be with you . My loved thought about much us and many ideas were at me in a head. And I again and again dreamed.
And my dream was to be with you both to love you and to enjoy our life. When I to see the moon I to present that one half it you, and another it I. Because I to think that you also to miss for me and when there will be a complete moon in the sky, it means our hearts and our love to merge together. And I to think in this occasion and to reflect. My Jose these days probably all to have a rest and there are people to have a rest a lot of together with the favourite man. But I to sit in it to an apartment and to think of you my love. Because it is very heavy to me also I to think that you understand me. Because I too to think that to you it is heavy to be so far apart. But I to know that soon our hearts to join and then we shall be together and we shall be happy. My loved Jose , I
would not like anywhere to go because to me boringly and is sick. You understand me and you understand as me poorly without you my love. and my hope for all that in me.
My loved Jose today perfect day also shines the sun and so well. Now perfect weather costs in our country. And it is all the same boring, because you are not present beside.
My love I to know that to me it is necessary slightly to relax to calm down, but I to think that only with you I to relax and me it will be good. My love I already resolutely to be adjusted to be with you. I to not know that to me to do and to go to miss along the street.
Now warmly, but all the same on trees is not present a sheet and there is no large grass. And I want to see a grass both to look at trees and to inhale aroma of colours. I want to inhale aroma of roses. I already long to not feel aroma of roses. I already have forgotten taste of colours. My love I want to see a rose and to inhale its aroma. Both it will be true and it will be perfect. My love I to think that when I shall arrive to you you will stand in the airport with roses and I to receive from you roses and your perfect kiss. My love I will decide that it is the happiest day and I shall be happy on the present. My love I love only you and I to think that to me so you you are necessary and only my love.
My love I love only you and I to think that you has understood having read this letter. My love I want to be with you and I want to kiss you my love and I can not live without you my love. My love I want to tell you that you always be in my heart and that I to wait when I shall be with you and I to turn in the sun from the moon. My love is strong to you and me very hardly without you my large love. I again again to compose for you verses.
I as if as a flower and life will ascend also the sun too. And only beams will pass in me, I shall understand all also I love you I only shall find out all your love.
And tenderness all yours in me is now.
And I to feel your love to me
I scarlet color love also it mean that I like
I only love you and I can not without you
My love flares, thirst
And I want some water from a cloud of love
And before me to arise you and you will show me the dreams
And I love you my love
And I only can live in love.
My love these small proses about love to you and all that I to speak you, I to speak with a hint about you and I the truth and very much truth I can not without you my love. Yes, I need to have a rest to calm the nerves, because I am very strong melancholy on you my love, my love I to not complain to you, I only speak you that I can not without you and I to express all ideas on you and all that I to think and to reflect for this time. My love each time I to count days and I to think of you my love. I love only you and you my present and large love. My love I want only you and I shall be for you the safe and only for you my love. My love I shall hold for you by the safe and I never to change to you my love. My love I again and again to speak you that I LOVE YOU.



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