Scam letter(s) from Dinara Azizva to Alejandro (USA)

Letter 1

Hi. It's Dinara from Yahoo!
It's good to hear from you! How are you? Fine I hope!
Weather here good! I hope at you too!
My new friend!
The first! I want to send you my photo! One thousand words can replace a photo!
If I like to you will be pleasant for me!
I shall not write much about myself in first letter. If I not like you - you will not write me. But I shall hope for yours respond!
It is a little about itself. I to live in village Shihany (Saratov area) It is small village.
Shihany - The closed territorial formation, divided on "Shihany-1" - for civil chemists, and on "Shihany-2" - for militarians.
My Height is 166 cm (5 feet 5 inches). My Weight is 51 kg (105 pounds).
I was born on September, 22 1976. (28 y.o.)
If my letter and my photo has interested you - write to me! Write me about itself, hobbies!
In next letter I shall write more about myself! I shall answer your questions.
It not game. At me serious intentions. I do not have children.
I never have been married.
I with impatience shall wait your letter! Dinara
Letter 2

Hi Alejandro!
Hi my new friend!
I receive your letter! It's good to hear from you again.
First. I want more inform about myself. I'm Russian. I not live in your country.
I live in Russia. Sorry. I not inform you about it in the first letter. I hope you not touchiness...
If afflict you this news - it is a pity to me. But distance for me not important.
I want to get acquainted with foreign men. To me interestingly correspondence with the foreigner.
I search the kind and reliable partner for correspondence. Probably I can meet the prince!
I see your profile on Yahoo! And I write to you. I remove my profile. I want correspondence with you and I shall not receive the letter from others men.
It is a little about the city. It is small city (the population 9 thousand). It is 800 km to the south Moscow.
Tell about the city.
Our city - military-medical. But I am a chemist. At me higher education.
Earlier I work in confidential chemical laboratory. I work for a war industry.
But now I development various medicines for treatment difficult illnesses.
I am proud my work! I help people. Tell about your work?
I write to you from the work. We do not have telephone lines. I use the satellite Internet.
I not have a computer of a house. Therefore I can write to you from work.
I hope you write to me still! Tell about itself, the family.
I live alone. I shall tell more about myself in next letters.
I shall wait your letters! Good luck! Dinara
Letter 3

Hi my dear friend Alejandro!
Privet moi dorogoi dryg Alejandro (in Russian)
I have an opportunity write to you today!
I not so many work and I have time write to you. Generally speaking I work much.
I make new medicines. Recently our laboratory makes medicines for the American soldiers.
These medicines send in Iraq and Afghanistan. I hope it will help your soldiers and local population.
Our countries cooperate in struggle against terrorism.
I work with 8 AM up to 5 PM. In the evening I and my girlfriends go from work on houses.
Sometimes we go to club. But in our city is 1 club. Teenagers there have a good time....
We like look a melodrama or a comedy. Sometimes I look a fantasy from Hollywood... This interesting!
I like listen different music - American Country or Russian pop. It is dependence on my mood.
In weekend I like to visit or invite girlfriends to myself.
I prepare different meal. I like Russian meal. But still I like the Italian or Japanese meal.
I like a pizza or Sushi. But the most important in meal - taste! I like any tasty meal!
Alejandro.Tell about the life still: friends, cinema, and meal?
At me interesting it!
In next letters I tell to you about the private life...
Thanks for letters. Each letter - new opening for me!
Write me! I wait! Goodbye Alejandro!
Dosvidania Alejandro (in Russian)
Your Dinara... p.s.
My girlfriend make its photo! It not the sea! It is the River! its VOLGA!
Letter 4

Hi my dear and the distant friend Alejandro!I hope you O.k.!!!
Yesterday I look news. I look news about America.
Now at you it is hot. But in some states of a tornado!!! I hope you well!
In our area it is hot! A week at us good weather!! Yesterday was +30C.
This is hot. I with girlfriends go on a beach and bathing. I like warm weather.
I very much like summer! This is favorite time in the year. It is a lot of flowers and the sun!
I like roses and wood flowers! We to go on a wood and I to collect many flowers for a house!
Since I started talking to you, I just cannot stop thinking of you.
I have a very warm feeling inside from all the things you said about how you feel when you think of me.
My day brightens tremendously whenever I see an e-mail from you.
My boss pleases me today. He has told about vacation. Probably in it year I receive vacation in the middle of August!
This warmest time in my area... But I not know - where I spend vacation.
Sometimes I miss in vacation. I vacation to not coincide with vacation my girlfriends.
Therefore I a rarity go on a resort. Frequently I to carry out holiday alone in the house.
How you to spend the holiday?? At me interesting it.
Thanks for the story about the life! To me interesting to read it!
Thanks. I hope you to understand me and my letters.
I try to answer your questions. If I not answer some questions - excuse me.
Do not take offence. My English - not ideal. But each your letter to help me to learn English! I shall wait your letter! Kisses Dinara.
Letter 5

Today I excitement for a writing letter!
I think about the feeling to you for a long time . I not feel similar earlier.
It is sometimes terrible to me to think of it... But I cannot think in another way...
My heart and my reason says me that I should tell what I feel now because it is a part of our friendship and I should share it with you. I should tell that it was required two days to write and think over this letter, because I wanted to say just the right things to you. I didn't want to offend or upset you in anyway, and it really bothered me that saying something wrong may do that. I normally speak directly from my heart, and I am right now, but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost when I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I feel contentment and joy when I think of you.
Please! Do not think that I the silly Russian girl.
My feelings to you - sincerity. I love you Alejandro!
It is love at first sight. Each new letter from you - a happiness for me.
All last week I think of you! Only of you....v It is difficult to express feelings in the letter! We is far! I cannot tell to you it personally.
It is sad for me..... There Can be we can a meeting?
My vacation will be in the end of this August.
I work on the government organization. Therefore I have the big vacation (40-50 days!)
I shall not know that I make.. What you advise me?
Can we meeting?? My government can help me go to any country.
Probably I a pressure of you in this letter. Please! Not take offence!
But my feelings are mixed now. You fill my ideas.
It is pleasant for me!
For love there are no distances! My heart flies to you on wings of love! I feel pulsation your heart!
I with impatience shall wait your letters! The hope you not reject me!
You for ever in my heart! Your Dinara
Letter 6

Hi my heart and my soul Alejandro!
How are you? I'm wonderful!
I have put a hard aim, the aim of all my life-to be with a man who loves me and I love him by all my heart. I thought what I can do to see you. I decided to spend this vacation with you. I thought what I can do to meet you. Simply to meet. That's all what I want now.
I'm thinking about you. I'm thinking about you constantly. At my job everybody are surprised why I'm so merry. They don't know that I'm corresponding with you. Do you believe in love? One love and forever till the end of life. I believe. I can change holiday and arrive october 12 to 17!!!
I can get a visa in America. I have some privilege. Therefore I not have difficulty get visa in America.
It can be made for 2-3 weeks. I have passport. Therefore the visa issue faster.
If you not against, I shall interpellate for the visa. I know is expensive. But I can pay expenses for the visa.
The most important for me - your consent. We can meet and talk about all!
I can remain with you some weeks!
You to show me your city! We shall be walk!
I want to look in your beautiful eyes!
We shall keep for hands and have a romantic supper.
Day our meeting will be the greatest day during my life! Your love forever Dinara.
Praying and Thinking about you always
Letter 7

Privet moya lyubov Alejandro. (Russia)
Hi my love Alejandro. (English)
Excuse me, that my letter will not be so long(smile). I have not enough time with official registration of papers. I spend all my lunch time for this purpose. To begin carry out our meeting I'll be engaged in the international documents, passage of a medical commission and other things to prepare the document of travel in your country.
To me have told that is possible to avoid set of problems and to make all in faster terms if to use Full Package of Service (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, preparation for Interview with commission, interview.
I shall be payment it! It will be sped up with our meeting.
I hope is to make you joyful! I very much pleasure!
I to not hurry you! I shall go to America on October, 12. everything you see cant be real...
everything you hear you cant feel...
we come from different hills... i've come so far yet so alone...
but when i look into your eyes...
i fall in a web, some kind of spell...
i tried to fight it off the feelings i have...
but the harder i try the harder i fall... i cant seem to feel any other way...
i want to you to came and stay...
how am i to live...
if i cant have you to myself... you took my heart...Alejandro
you took my soul... Alejandro
now i give you my all...
my love...
my trust...
my resect...
my honesty...
my everything...
Letter 8

My Alejandro!!
I am so glad to hear from you!!! I hope you well!
Yesterday, I told with my girlfriends. I to tell about our relations.
Earlier, I speak about you a little. My girlfriends very joyful!
They wish at us good luck at a meeting. If I shall find out new details about meeting.
I shall be inform you about readiness of documents for our meeting.
Yes! I shall wait for 4 weeks!
It will be possible it is readiness faster. I to not hurry up.
I not want pressure upon you.... But emotions overflow me.
Sometimes, seems to me - we are familiar long time.
From the first the letter I feel heat in my soul!
I want to speak with you! I want tell to you about my country, about my city.
It is a pity, in letters it tell difficult. Especially difficult to issue the emotions.
My heart strongly to beat, if I think of you!
Remember Alejandro, I think of you each second!
"Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" Your queen Dinara.
Letter 9

How are you, my love Alejandro?
I continuation work and to preparing to our meeting.
In the morning, I go in hospital. At me give medical reference.
My health is fine! I wholesome and i not have a problem with health!
Process of registration the visa is well! My government help to me!! I every day and every night call happiness. I have lost the way in a dark wood. Only you in my ideas. All my hopes and dreams are connected only to you. I want to be with you.
I would like to give you Alejandro the sky together with the sun which is born in the East. There where dreams, not reducing flight achieve its purpose, and are embodied in a reality. There I and you will not be lonely.
I would like to lead you Alejandro in a garden, there where my good dreams ripen.
Only hardly I can go beside you, because I will become transfixed with your breath.
I would like to give you Alejandro happiness, that nobody will challenge.
But frequently my heart torn on parts, because between us ocean.
I happiest woman in the world!
I want make you the happiest man in the world!
Letter 10

Hi my love Alejandro!
Hi my prince Alejandro!!!
I think that you are a honest, understanding and kind person.
From my life I have understood, understanding and respect the most important in Relations between the man and the woman. It so is important for understanding and respecting not only The opinion, and even opinion of other person. I studied psychology, and the main mistake Married couples is that everyone proves the correctness and does not want to recede from The opinion. Each person can be mistaken. In most cases because of Such trifles there are quarrels and scandals. In fact it is much more convenient to discuss a problem in To quiet conditions and together to find the best exit. We in Russia have saying One head well, and two is better (smile). I am right?
I think of you every day! Today, at us a rain. The sun closed by clouds.
But your letter for me - a ray of light in darkness! I very happy!
I shall inform you about preparation for trip!
Now all to pass well! Do not worry! If there will be problems - I shall inform you!
I can fly to you in October! When convenient for you? Write to me! Dinara
Letter 11

Hi my love Alejandro! That would be great to meet you. Now I to think of it each minute!
What weather now at you? At us +15C. warmly! It is pleasure for me.
Even more pleasure - to see your letters! If I to not see your letter - I to sorrowfully...
My work well! Mine vacation it will be fast. Documents for trip will readiness soon!
It is the big news to me! I hope for you too!
Once again excuse if I to not write every day. Or I write short letters....
Sometimes I leave work earlier. I go in other cities for official registration of papers.
But it is pleasant cares. You to make me the happy woman!
I can fly to you October, 19. We can be together some days!
I can arrive to you in Nashua NH. It is the closest to you? Dinara
Letter 12

Hi my gentle, hotly loved Alejandro. i like your pics!
Thanks for your love. If you were now with me, I were very glad to your affinity.
I would like to share our first day of a meeting. I dreamed of it. at us the romantic supper was, I noticed gazing in your eyes, and was lost, hypnotized, felt your heart beating. Yes, we talked a lot at dinner, drank wine, and danced slowly, our faces close, cheek to cheek, each of us whispering in each others ear, kissing tenderly, our bodies firmly together moving gently to the music, desert was mouth watering. I took my spoon and fed you a piece, as my spoon approached your lips, you slowly slipped your tongue over it while looking in my eyes, and drew in the food with an umm sound. At this time I felt your foot gently rubbing my leg under the table. You invite me on slow dance, during dance your hand on my thigh squeezing. Again, you reach over and kiss me, the stars lit up as fireworks. We continue to dance and kiss from lips, to cheeks, neck, ears, hands, fingers, arms, until our bodies have been consumed by lips. Then we go in a bed, I think about touching your strong body and feeling your heat close to me. I want to hold you tightly in my arms. I kiss you soft and deep. We lay in bed holding each other closely. We'll look into each others eyes as if we are the only two people on the earth. We make love all of the time and I will satisfy you in any way.
You will shake and shiver with joy as a feeling you have never felt before. Our eyes locked in sheer amazement of the explosive passion between us. We are in love and nothing else exists. We fall back feeling exhaused and satisfied. You wipe the sweat from my head as you ask for more. I give you more and more until you scream with happiness. My kisses so deep it takes your breath away. I love to look at your **** body lying ***** on my bed. As you slowly take me into your soft lips, you sense my pleasure and me. The pleasure you give me is like nothing I've ever felt.
I want you to love me forever.
I do not wish to embarrass or offend you. It was a wonderful dream; hot passionate, ****, and lustful but also beautiful, tender and loving. When I shall arrive to you, you should save up many forces for ***. I did not have man for a long time. In me has collected a lot of love and tendernesses for you. I think we shall not be get out from bed some days. (big smile)
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