Scam Letter(s) from Oksana Parasyukova to Ricky (United Kingdom)

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Letter 1

I am very happy, that you have answered my letter. My name is Oksana.
Would you like to know some more information about me. We can correspond. Write to me on this box. I am the usual Russian girl, not different from others. May be if I didn't say enough information about me for the fist time, I'll do it right now.
Excuse me if I write something wrong, it is because i excite a little bit (it is my first acquaintance through the Internet). As for me I am good at sports. I try to do my best and spend a lot of time doing sports since my childhood. I like it very much. And what about you? I am 27 years old.
I am very glad that people can communicate to each other living in different countries, cities... I live in Kazan, It is a very beautiful city. I live With mum and dad in an apartment with two rooms. I have my own room,it is very cosy with a lot of flowers in it. I can say that i am a very cheerful person, and at the same time I am very serious with everything connected with the work. Unfortunately i can't say that i can speak english perfectly that's why i have a lot of mistakes. Buti learn it.
My dream is to have a family with a serious interesting person. You know i have no internet at home and that's why i must go to the internet cafe. I will be waiting for your letter. Please write to me soon

Letter 2

I am very glad, that you did not ignore my letter. I am very pleased.
So i will say some more information about me. As I have already said , that I live with mum and dad. I provide myself all necessary. I have no children because i have never been married. In my life i haven't got a lot of men, I left my last boy friend because he lied to me. I hate dishonest persons.
And now i hope that you are the right man, and you will never hurt me.
My dream is to find a serious interesting man, and to have a good family. As for me my hobby is listening to music. I am crazy about it. I listen to different kinds if music.It doesn't matter what kind of music it is as music plays an important part in my life. But to tell the truth classical music touches me, my soul. What about you? I am very interested in your favourite music.
I don't know why but i think that you are an interesting person.
Nowadays It's very difficult to find a man with whom you will be able to talk about different themes. Do you agree with me? I hope that our letters won't be only just simple words. Tell me everything connected with you, EVERYTHING, i am really interested in you.
I like to travel very much. And you? Unfortunately i have never been to different countries. But some day i will visit different countries all the same. What about tourism? I remember i used to spend much time near the fire in the forest singing songs. It was great!Especially when i was at school i was crazy about camping.And I like to ski. You know our winter is very severe, but for skiing and skating it's good.
I will be waiting for your letter. Write to me soon.

Letter 3

I am happy to receive news from you again. How are you? Hope you are all right
You know, I have decided to use service of the Internet, because I have a dream to create a good family.
Unfortunately I didn't find a right man here in Russia.
They do not care of our women, and I dream of the person who will love me and take care of me. Russian men are very severe, they are not reliable. But i can't live with a man whom i can't rely on. May be there are some but i didn't meet any
Sometimes i imagine about my future. I want to have a man with the same interests, habits, a man who will take care of me, and i will take care of him. It's very important for me. Tell me something interesting about you. I don't know why but from morning till night i think of your letters. Write to me soon
Yours sincerely

Letter 4

Hello, my best friend! Thank you very much for your letter.
I was waiting for him and was worrying a lot that you won’t answer my letter.
I like you more and more. I left my work earlier to go to the internet cafe to see if the letter is in.
And I was very glad to read it. Hope you understand that I try to answer all your questions.
You are a clever man and you understand that my aim is to find the right man with whom I can get over all difficulties, to be happy together, to look after him and our children.
I dream of it. I can’t say exactly but I think and hope that our life aims are the same.
What else I can say about myself? I want to tell you about my working day.
I get up usually at 6.30 in the morning and then go to work. I work from 8.00 a.m. till 17.00 p.m.
Sometimes I with my friends go to the cafe after work and then of course go home.
On the one hand my job is very interesting but on the other hand it is very difficult.
And our boss curses very often.
I want to tell you that sometimes the internet cafe doesn’t work and that’s why I can’t write to you every day, but you know it’s not my fault. On weekends I try to do my best and spend much time with my family, because family is the best thing in our life, it must to be?. I go to the cinema, read interesting books and prepare tasty things for my family, relatives and friends.
You know in our cruel life it’s very difficult to trust someone, and people very often lie to me.
You are different, aren’t you. I hope so. And we must trust each other. Tell me please something about your life, about you friends, how you spend your weekends.
I’ll be waiting for your letter.

Letter 5

Hello, my dear TheTranceMasterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to get your letter again.
And I am not tired of these words, because it’s true.
May be you don’t believe me but I was thinking of you all night?.
How are you, how is your heath? Hope it’s ok. I am all right.
As usual I was at work and went to look through my mail and o-la-la-la your letter.
You know I am very happy that we are friends, can I say that?
And happy that I found such a man as you. I think I am lucky that I found you.
In men I want to see a good person, a clever man and at the same time a passionate lover and a reliable man.
May be it’s silly but never the less.
What is the weather like today? In my place it’s a little bit cold, and the cold wind is blowing and of course the mood is not good.
You know today I tried to imagine myself you when you were a little child?.
Funny isn’t it? I want to say some words about my childhood. My parents were very strict and now I can thank them for it.
I had a lot of friends, and we played with them in the evenings.
And everything was very calm, interesting and even exciting.
And what about you? I studied at school very good, I got only good and excellent marks.
I am a good girl, am I not? :)???. I even remember my first teacher. Did you like to study at school?
I want to know as much information as possible about you, because I am very honest with you hope you are too.
No, I don’t hope, I am sure that you a very honest person, because all your letters are true to life.
Everything will be all right. Think of me a little bit, when you are alone with your thoughts, ideas, with your soul.
I want to see you in my dreams.
Your friend. (kiss) OKSANA!!!

Letter 6

Hello, my sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was very glad again to get your letter.
The first Parasyukova
The second Oksana
And I am very glad that you want to communicate with me. Really!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to have the same interests. Every time when I get your letters I become very happy and I smile.
Thank you for it. I am very glad that I have such a friend. It’s true.
And even I can thank your parents that they raised you.
I don’t know why but I think you are a man that can be able to understand you, help, calmed you down, a man that can be a man’s man. It was my dream:
to meet a man’s man and at last my dream came true .
In our cruel life it’s very difficult to meet a good reliable person. Honestly.
What about you? Do you think so? The only thing I am upset of is that you are not next to me.
I would give everything in my life to see, to feel you next to me.
May be these words are very… I don’t know how to say it in English, but you understood what I mean, just I want to say these words to you, just to you and to nobody else.
I told my friend and even to my mother about you. They all told me not to be so naive, that people can be very cruel, but I told them that you are different then anybody else.
How do you do? What was interesting in your life? What do you do in the evenings?
Imagine that I am next to you and you are next to me. Now I must finish my letter and go home, you must know that I miss you and hope that you miss me too.
Yours, Oksana

Letter 7

Hi, darling TheTranceMasterz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to have a letter from you. It is becoming a habit.
And what about you? Do you think of me very often? Just imagine I don’t want to go to work because I didn’t see your letter.
My friends told me that I changed a lot, and one friend said that I fell in love with somebody.
I didn’t tell her anything, because it’s only my secret, no, it’s our secret.
I worry a lot when I don’t get letters from you. Please try to write as often as possible.
It’s really very important for me. You know it perfectly.
And I understood one more thing – it doesn’t matter where your man is from, it’s much more important what person he is.
Do you agree with me?
Do not take offence at me. My address: 20-5, Lenina str., Kazan, Russia. In the near future I shall try to call to you.
I want to boast. Remember, I told you that like to cook.
So, I learnt my friend to cook different tasty things, she wanted it just to cook to her boy friend.
May be some day I will prepare something tasty for you. Do you want it? ???
Yesterday I went swimming to the swimming pool. I like swimming very much. And you? I have a question.
Do you like Russian baths? Just imagine the smell of the baths. It is great.
If you have never been to it, go there, it’s really worth it. I like to go to the baths.
I am very happy that we are friend now, I liked you from the first sight.
Now you should know that you are not alone you have me.
Your difficulties are my difficulties, your problems are my problems. People should help each other.
Sometimes I think that we are native.
I will be waiting for your next letter. Kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you, kiss you……..

Letter 8

Hello my love.
How are you doing???? Mine it is very bad. I wish to be with you. But I do not have money for arrival to you. I very much to cry. You can help me???
I went to learn. And I cannot find to myself a place. I am very upset. You the unique person who is necessary to me. But I very much to cry, because I can not embrace you.
The visa costs 150 dollars. And travel to Moscow 250 dollars. If you to help me I to do the visa. I very much love you. Tell to me, you will help me???

What to send me of money, through the western union. My address: 20-5, Lenina str., Kazan, Russia
The first Parasyukova
The second Oksana
Then you should send me the address and a surname and a name. And 10 signs which will give number to you in the western union.
On always yours Oksana.



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