Scam letter(s) from Maya G. to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, hello, hello!

What a wonderful day, do you agree with me? I am sure that today is a wonderful day for you and me, I have a mind our lives will change to better side since today!! Why do I think so? Because till today you and me were single and we were looking for our second halves in our big world. But we met each other and since today we could be together. We could start relations so this wonderful day could change our lives in better side for always!! I have a big hope that you have a big interest in me and you want to know me better. So now from the very beginning of our communication I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am optimistic, I am young, I am a kind funny girl and it will be always interesting for you to be with me. I am single but I am tired to be alone without my beloved man, without my second half so some time ago I decided to start to my search in our big world via Internet. And I met you so now I want to continue our communication further! If you are interested in me you could write me a letter, to ask me questions and I will tell you more about myself with a big pleasure. And I wait that in your letter you will write me about yourself and your life, of course!! So I hope that you will write me soon, you will write your letter to your Ukrainian girl! I give you my e-mail address now and you could write me there.


I hope that you will write me soon and I will wait for your letter not for a long time!:))

your Ukrainian girl.
Letter 2
Hello again!!

I am very happy to receive your letter today and to see that you want to continue our communication!! Thank you for your interest in me and you have to know that I have very deep interest in you! I like very much to look at you at your photos. I want to tell you that you are very smiling optimistic guy, you have so kind open sincere loving smile!! You are very strong respectable person, you look very good both in your suit and your ordinary clothes. You have cats, it's great and they are very funny:)) What are names of your pets? Thank you very much for your sweet words, for your beautiful compliments which you wrote me in your letter. I am very happy that you like me, my appearance and you will see all my inner world reading my letters. I am very interested in you too and may be it was a destiny that we met each other via Internet!! You know, I like your name very much and it's very interesting for me to know how you received it...;)) I hope that you will write me your story in one of your letters!! I like your name very much, i think that you are a real king and i don't want to give you the other names. It's very interesting for me to know about your life, past, likes and dislikes reading your letter. i feel how we know each other better and better!! You are so good positive guy, you don't have bad habits at all you are completely not like men in my country!! You are so tender romantic guy, you have so many beautiful dreams which I like and I am sure that they will be real very soon! I am sure that it's very interesting for you to know who I am. I will write you facts about myself and my life and if you have questions to me I will answer all them with a big pleasure! So, I start now. My name is Maya and my name is quite rare in my country Ukraine. I was born in Labor Day, on the 1st of May, 1983 so my parents didn't spend much time thinking but they called me as a month I was born in :)) So I am Maya and I hope that you like my name. I live in a little town Aleksandrovsk with my mom and dad. I don't have any sister and brother so as you see I am the only one child of my parents. My parents are workers at the factory, they are very kind optimistic persons :) What about me, I work as a manicurist at a little beauty salon which is situated in my town. My work is very simple and I don't have a big salary but I like my work very much because I have an ability to communicate with people (I am very communicative optimistic person and I like to meet different people) and to present them beauty. Also I chose this work as a manicurist because I finished an ordinary school and College then. Many modern jobs need knowledges in English and in computers but I don't have them at all, I didn't learn these things either in school or in College. May be you have a question now how can I write you letters if I don't know English and I can't use computers? An answer is simple, I use services of the translation company and I pay for translation of our letters. Workers of the company translate our letters from Russian into English and from English into Russian but I seriously think about learning English in the future. I know that it is very needed for me to learn English and without it we couldn't communicate with you. What else do you want to know about me? I think that it's interesting for you to know about my hobbies. But I will write you about it in my next letter because if I don't finish this letter now it will be too long and you will be tired to read it :)) So I finish now and I hope that you will reply me soon!! I feel deep interest in you and I want our relations will grow being stronger and stronger!

Your Maya,
your Ukrainian girl.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear!
So wonderful day is today!!

Today is a new wonderful day for me and a reason of it is your letter, your interest in me!! My days are always wonderful and bright now since we met each other!! It's very important for me to know about yourself more, about your past. You have to know that I will like your whatever appearance because your inner world and your feelings are the most important things for me! You have so much love and care in your heart which you want to present me, you are the same wonderful guy whom I need so much! I like your philosophy very much, you are very clever intelligent guy and I completely agree with your looks at life and relations. Your past was very hard but you are very strong guy and you could come through all difficulties. And we met with you finally, i think that it was a destiny!! You know, the workers of the translation company showed me all photos at site and I liked them very much!! So beautiful picturesque nature, i like it so much and i want to tell you that we don't have such amazing nature in Ukraine. You are a lucky guy that you live in so wonderful country! Do you remember that in my previous letter I promised you to write you about my hobbies? I didn't forget about my promise and now I want to write you how I spend my free time when I have it. I like very much to listen to different good music and I choose it depends on my mood :)) To tell the truth I like to listen to all music from classic to modern pop, the most important thing is that music has to be good. I like very much to cultivate flowers and I even have 5 flowers at home... I think to have more them but it will be later. Also I like to spend free time in my aunt's village, I like to be in the nature but only when the weather is good :)) I like reading, also to swim and run. So you see I am very active person and it allows me to keep my body in a good shape. My work as a manicurist at a beauty salon allows me to see how clients, women cares about their beauty so I make my best to be pretty always. All Ukrainian women care about their pretty and it is natural here. So as you see my work helps me to be pretty but I thank my parents for my beauty too :)) I am pretty but you know, my appearance presents me not only joy but sadness too.... I tell you about private life. My communication with Ukrainian men was always unhappy. Our Ukrainian men saw only my pretty and they wanted to have me only as a toy. I didn't want to be it... from the childhood I dreamed about deep strong love but all these years I didn't meet it in Ukraine. I didn't know what to do till one of clients of the salon advised me to look for a soulmate in the other country via Internet. I heard much and my client told me too that men abroad were completely the other men with more serious intentions and deep feelings and not like men in Ukraine! So I decided to try.... and I met you!! I met you and now I see that my dreams about my strong deep love started to become real!! You are my man, I feel it and now I am happy smiling seeing how we build our lovely relations!! :)) I finish my letter now but I will never stop to write you because we have to tell so much to each other!
I wait for your reply, for your thoughts and words!!

Your sweet Maya
dreaming of you.
Letter 4

My sweetheart guy!!

Today is a new day for you and me and I started it with thoughts and dreams of you. Since we met each other via Internet you are already a part of my life and your every letter is a huge joy for me!! I am very happy and I like very much two new beautiful photos which you sent me with your letter! I see you made your photos in different time but you are very always stylish and strong man. I like very much what clothes you wear and hairstyle you have!! You have so kind loving smile, I look at you with a big joy and happiness always! I am very happy that you like to look at my photos, you can see me in all my pretty at them and I hope that you will like too two new photos which i send you with my letter today. It's very interesting for me to read your long letter about your life. i see that your life was not easy but very difficult but you could come through all hard period of life. You have a big life experience and I am sure that you can easy solve whatever problem! I hope too that my weekend will be good, I will spend well my free day tomorrow:)) And i wish you to spend very good weekend too! You know, I thank a destiny that it presented me a meeting with you and I know that you are the same guy whom I was waiting for all my life since a childhood! You are so unique, your heart is full of love which you are ready to give me all and I know that you and me will be happy always. I am sure in it because the most important thing that we have love to each other in our hearts!! Of course, I understand that we could have difficult periods in our life too so as the other pairs, we could have problems and they could be solved. But you and me have understanding, much common in our interests so we will solve together all our problems, if we have them, discussing and they will be moved off very quickly!! I so want to be with you right now, not in the other country far away from you but very close... I have so many dreams and fantasias about our future life, what lovely sweet days and nights are waiting for us in the future!! I have so much feelings to you in my heart and I know that it is a real love. My love to you will never be ended, you are the same man whom I need and I want to be with till the end of my life. My love to you will grow more and more day by day and it will be always strong till the last day of our life!! I so miss you and I want to be with you right now, my darling man, my honey!! I hope that you will reply me soon, I am waiting impatiently for your lovely letter!

Your Maya
with love.
Letter 5
Dear Sir,

Welcome to the translation company

We are writing this information letter to you by a petition of your lady Maya G.

Our company "ProfTransCompany" has relationships with many regular clients. Your lady Maya G. is one of our clients, we translated your correspondence with Maya G. some period of time. Maya G. paid for our services herself in time always but now she can't pay us because of her financial difficulties. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence with Maya G. we will send you prices and conditions of our company.

***************************************** ABOUT OUR SERVICES:

We successfully serve our clients on-line placing at the client's disposal such translation services:

** personal and corporation documents;
** negotiations, business, personal meetings;
** telephone talks;
** foreign travel interpreter service;
** interpreter-guide;
** notary authorised documents translation;



We determine competitive prices and flexible payment system useful for all our clients. Our goal is to provide the professional translations with the minimal prices and time consumption. We emphasize on quality and reliability of our services and always consider all customers' request. In our translations we always retain what author says and accurately keep author's style and privacy.


If you have questions concerning our translation services we will gladly answer all them.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation company
Ksenia Romanova.
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