Letter(s) from Anna to Hugh (USA)

Letter 1

Hi sweety,

What can I tell you about myself... Not an easy question... But I'll do my best and try to explain you ))) Sure you'll have a lot more questions to ask. So you're welcome and I'll answer all of your questions with a great pleasure. But now... you need to go with me to a short journey. For you to understand me, you need to feel me first of all. You need to feel my inner world. That is the way how everything is going on inside of me. When I like someone, my heart is bitting faster and faster until I feel such a pain that I can't help it, cause love is not a great happiness only, but a sweet pain as well. Then I feel that tremble penetrates my body and... everything is as being befogged and you lose self-control... that is a way I feel when I like someone really a lot. These are my first feelings... what about you? How do you feel when you like someone? I'm really interested to know and to go with you to a short journey into your inner world. To love is to share the same interests in the life, in filling up each other. I hope very soon we'll get to know each other better and we'll realize that we have enough in common to share. I'll be waiting for your next letter on this e-mail address: goldenprincess@ua.fm


Letter 2

Hi my new friend,

A little naughty, a little serious, a little extravagant, clever enough and very purposeful girl is got interested in you!!! I always know what I want and try to reach my goal. But sometimes I'm tired to do everything in my life by myself only and then I understand that it's the time to find my the only one beloved and to divide with him all the happiness, sorrow, laugh and tears with. As all the other people I can be mad or angry, but I prefer to solve all the problems just speaking, I don't like quarrels or arguments... when you speak with your partner all the time, you can avoid a lot of problems. I hope you agree with me that it's a good way to build the family relations. I wish to tell you "thank you" for the photo you have sent me, my dear. I liked it really a lot. When are you going to come into my country to meet with me ??? I'm waiting for you. You are very nice and I wish to be the only woman you have relations with and I'm not going to share you with anyone. I wish to tell you that I have read your letter very attentively and I liked everything is written there a lot. I think that we should try to be together. We both needs it. We both are lonely and looking for love and not just for fun. I wish to tell you that your letter was very interesting and I'm sure that such your letters will help me to get to know better what kind of person you are. So, when we'll meet, we'll be a close to each other already. I hope that my letters mean the same to you, my dear. As for me, my name is Anya, I'm 24 years old, was born on the 18th of January 1984 in Bondarovka. It's not a big village in the Lugansk's region. Now I live with my family in Lugansk. I'm working at the wedding salon and make a lot of different affairs there. If you're interested, just ask me and I'll tell you more about it. I live with my Mom and Dad. I have an older brother, but he is with his family in Russia. My parents work at the plant in my city as engineers. My main hobby is my job, cause it gives me a lot of joy and pleasure. I wish to tell you more about my job, cause job is my life, and I'm living by it. It's my hobby, my likes and dislikes... everything... it's my life. But as I have told you already, I wish to change my life and to find another sense in it, not a job only. I wish to create a family and to make happy one person in the world. But I can promise that this person will be the happiest in the whole world. Do you want to be him? :-))) I'm sure you wish!!!!!!!!!! OK, I don't want to be bored, if you have any questions, I'll answer them with a great pleasure.

Bye for now,


Letter 3

Hello my friend,

I see that you also got interested in me as much as I'm in you. I'm happy that my photos give a pleasure for you and I'll try to keep you to be pleased. For us, being for so far from each other it's the only way to please each other. Of course we can do it with a help of our words also, but photos are visual and it's very important. Do you agree with me? Thank you a lot for the bunch of flowers ))) I liked the picture a lot. I hate to be alone... There are so many things I want to do, but most of it is connecting to family life... I want to wake up beside you, I want to make love to you, and to take you to heaven with me... I want to be good to you, and to take care about you... Sometimes I want to wake you up with breakfast in bed, I want to look into your eyes when you meet a new day... I want to feel our lips meet, and give you a soft tender kiss and wish you a wonderful day... I wish to always love you... I am very serious about this!!!!! I feel strong and smile to the world... I am sensitive and very loving, and if you take a chance to look into my heart, please be careful, because it is filled with love and care for the right man... We need to give our love energy, we need to understand and accept things.. We need to feed the beautiful rose in our soul so it bloom over and over again.. Maybe I will show you what I mean? Today I'm sending you 2 of my photos. Any comments of them? :-))) The first photo is made at the place I work, the office where I'm preparing wedding celebrations and the celebrations for other holidays as well. So, you have an opportunity to see me in every day situation and cloths. As soon as I don't have a photo camera by myself, I don't have a lot of such photos... I have some photos that were made at studio and hope that you won't be disappointed looking at them :-))) My second photo is the example of such photos ))) As for me, I can't tell you that I know any foreign language, maybe it's cause I was growing up in the village, I don't know, but we didn't study it at school. It's my dream to learn it and to have an opportunity to understand people from the other countries. I hope that you'll help my dream to come true. It's really necessary for me. I goes to the firm that translates my letters. I pay money for my letters to be translated, but at the moment I don't have any other opportunity to get in touch with you, my dear. Of course in the future I'll learn your language with a pleasure, but now we can communicate only with a help of such firm. It's quiet expensive for me to pay for their services, but I do my best, cause I wish to be with you and I know that our communicatoing is really important for both of us. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of money to support this correspondence for a long time, so I hope that you have some idea about how for us not to be separated and continue to build and develop our relations with the help of our communicationg at the Internet. Do you know how I'm got to know about such firm? I was arranging a wedding for a girl from my city with one foreigner, he is American and she told me how she has found her husband. I decided to try my luck the same way and took the coordinates of that firm, came to them and told about my desire to find my beloved here. They told me that they need me to answer their questions in written form and to bring some of my photos. They also said that they'll get in touch with me when someone is interested in me. So I'm here reading your letters, dear. I sincerely hope that very soon I'll organize my own wedding with a help of this firm as well. I believe in it!!!

Your Anya.

Letter 4

Hi my dear,

I wish to tell you that today I was very afraid to come to the firm, on the one hand I was running here and came the first one, but on the other hand I was afraid that all my expectations are just my dreams and at one moment I'll open my eyes and feel just pain... I hope you won't hurt me... It's very good when you wish something in life, cause just to live and to see how the things happens in life is too boring, you should do something, to get a lot. You need to fight for the things you want to get and not only to be aside and to look how the life passes. After your letter I wish to tell you that we have so a lot in common with you. As I am looking at the words I am writing now, I begin to picture my eyes looking into yours, so deep, as though when I look into them I can feel the very essence of you deep inside. I speak to you while you sleep. I call out to you, yet you have not heard me, yet. It’s a comforting and soothing voice, yet this voice may cause you to become very aroused and causes you to pay close attention to my words. Instantly, my thoughts wonder to how magical it would be if you were able to look my eyes, and notice the same feelings begin to come over you now. It may be like a spark, that slowly builds and builds into a fire, a flame of passion spreading through each and every part of your body now. I know the loneliness you sometimes feel, as you go though your daily routine. Like me, you long to find someone to fill that special place inside your soul, that wondrous place where anything is possible and where dreams come true. Right next to the very center of who you truly are. You don't know yet who I am. However, you have always known me. My philosophy is this: "There are 2 kinds of people in the world: the one who study and investigate the roots and those who pick and eat the fruits. Good things happen to people who show up. Everything that happens, should have happened and happened for the best (even if we cannot see it immediately)." What my philosophy means is that there are men who will send endless letters to me and ask me all the right questions in the world, and there is one man who will (show up) follow his heart, show me his interest, serious intentions, loyalty, faithfulness, love and devotion. He will win my attention and affection while the other men stop getting letters from me and I will never question what have happened and my choices (because, everything that happens should have happened and happened for the best). There's no better time than the present to start doing something you want, so if you have found your special lady, it's time you show it to me, otherwise I will not know, and let's start our special journey to the future - challenges and roadblocks is what you see when you take your eyes off the target...


Letter 5


We represented the bureau of the translations OHWords which located in Ukraine. Some time ago we've opened a filial in Ukraine. Your lady came to our firm and made contract with us for the next services: providing of Internet connection, her own e-mail address, translation of any kind of different texts. Today Anya came to us and asked to inform you that she won't be able to pay for the correspondence with you for some period of time. She doesn't want you to get worried about her silence or decide that she left you by yourself. If you are interested to help your lady to pay for your correspondence, please, contact us, and we'll send you our price list.

Sincerely Yours,