Scam letter(s) from Konstantina Skulkin to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Billy,
I am very glad to receive your letter.
It is very pleasant to receive the invitation from you and i will be happy to visit you.
It will be very interesting to me to learn you, yours a family and your country.
It is very pleasant to me to hear from you warm words.
You are very lovely at me not there were men very much for a long time and I wish to make love as.
I would like to tell to you about travel.
Today i have gone to travel agency and have studied all about the trip to you.
In travel agency have informed that there are not expensive tickets for 2310$ in this sum my visa which joins will issue for 3 weeks and two return tickets.
Unfortunately i have no such money it is very expensive to me and i cannot pay this trip.
My family experiences financial difficulties and they cannot help me as.
I understand now in the world an economic crisis and it not the best time what to travel.
But my holiday only time in a year i cannot travel to other time and i very much wish to spend some days near to you.
For me it is very unpleasant to ask the help from you, but unfortunately i do not see other variant.
I when would not began to ask whom that about the help, but it seems to me that we approach each other and we can probably create a family in the future together.
If you can help me with my trip to you, i will be happy to visit you and to get acquainted with you more close.
It will be pleasant to me to get acquainted with your family, to study culture of your fine country.
I wait for your fast reply.
I love you Koty.
Letter 2
Hello dear Billy,
I am happy to see your letter every time when i open the mail box.
To me it is very pleasant that you can help with my trip i will is happy to visit you.
My visa will be issued by travel agency!
I will arrive to you as the tourist.
My visa is given to me for 10 days we will spend together 10 days I think for this time we will get acquainted and we will solve that we will do further.
It is necessary for me to buy return tickets.
In travel agency have informed, that all my expenses do 2310$.
As soon as you can help me with this sum I will mourn over all my expenses in travel agency and i will start to make out my tourist visa and the reservation of tickets.
Unfortunately i have no bank account.
It will occupy a lot of time for its creation.
What betray to me necessary money you can to take advantage of system of remittances western union.
It is system works all over the world and has good reputation as reliable system.
You send me money from the city i receive them in Moscow.
I ask you to visit the bank and to learn about it in more details.
To be necessary for you for remittance the following information:
Russia, city St. Piterburg.
The address: Lenina street 74/15
Further i will inform you exact date and time of my arrival in the airport and you can meet me.
Hurrah our first meeting will occur at the airport it very romantically:)
I wait for news from you.
Hotly whole yours Koty.
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